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I Just Wanted to Live, but I Somehow Became Better Than the Male Lead

Author: ☆ Crazy → Mosquito ★

My name is Ye Yong, and I’m panicking right now. I was just reading a novel and accidentally got hit by my phone and I transmigrated and became an antagonist.
Right now, every day, my thoughts are occupied with how to avoid the male lead and how to make the female protagonists fall for me.
I think and plan my actions carefully, and I make every move according to plan. However, the development seems to have gotten off track. The most obvious changes are the female protagonists, who became different than how they were in the novel. They-
Crap, I gotta run, talk to you later.

Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers!

Author: Rem’s Confession

Oh no! They’re all eyeing me like tigers!
Wake up! They’re not eyeing you, they’re eyeing the position of your attendant!
Ye Tian Ming had transmigrated to another world, and he had been planning to experience the lifestyle of the other world, but he had unexpectedly contracted a large number of problem attendants!
The clumsy and cute assassin beastgirl: “Master~”
The masochistic world-destroying dragon lady: “One more round!”
The blind Goddess of Punishment: “That day, I saw the light!”
The alcoholic demon girl: “That night, the gale swept away the leaves and the rain destroyed the bananas!”

Erm, this also seems to be part of the “lifestyle” of the other world…?

Reborn: My School Beauty Wife is Actually This Cute

Author: Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Wine

Suddenly reborn, Xia Yuan found that his originally gentle and virtuous school beauty wife was a bit different.
I’ll see how cute my wife really is!
My wife, my job to spoil! Oh no, my wife is getting cuter and cuter!

Starting Today I’ll Work as a City Lord

Author: All-nighter Big White

Liu Feng unexpectedly possessed the ability to travel between two. He also has a storage space and became a second-hand dealer of the two worlds.
He began his life as a city lord in the other world when he used a glass from earth to purchase a city.
This is a wonderful world in the cold weapon era. In this world, Liu Feng can see catgirls, fox girls, rabbit girls, and elven princesses any time he wants.
Princess: Liu Feng’s city is the world’s most fortunate city.
Princess: I will definitely move in and live there, even if I have to ** the status of a princess.
Graduate: The technology and ideas used by Liu Feng’s city surpass this world by a thousand years.
King: That place has the world’s tallest buildings and has the world’s strangest things. That place is the world’s wealthiest and most magical city.

What Do I Do if the Whole World Looks at Me With an Invincibility Filter

Author: Reverse x Black White

Xia Zheng became invincible after transmigrating!
According to the rumors, his unparalleled demeanor subdued millions of fairies, his cultivation was so profound that he could easily overpower the heavens, the stuff he learned was ahead of the time, and he was a peerless and beautiful man.
Xia Zheng put down the glass of wine in his hand and asked the beautiful ladies around him, “If I said that I’m only in the Qi Refining Realm, would you believe me?”
“Don’t joke around, young master.”
Xia Zheng shook his head, you’re the ones that are heavily misunderstanding!