Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord Chapter 1: Selling Me a City?

“What? You want to sell me a city?” Liu Feng said, widening his eyes in disbelief.

“Yes, my friend, I will sell my territory and a city to you,” Carter said, his voice full of sincerity.

“Let me think about it,”¹ Liu Feng said, frowning. He was a bit surprised. He did a lot of transactions, and this was one of the most outrageous ones.

A light flashed through Carter’s eyes. “My friend, what are you worried about? Is it your status?”

Without waiting for Liu Feng to answer, Carter continued to speak. “Don’t worry about your status, I’ll also sell you a nobleman’s title.”

Liu Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was a bit tempted by the proposal, but he still cautiously said, “Carter, I don’t understand. Why would you sell your land and even go as far as abandoning your nobleman’s title?”

“I’m getting old!” Carter said, sighing. “I’m already 70 years old and I don’t have much time left to live. My descendants don’t live up to my expectations, so my best choice is to sell my territory and go to one of the big cities to develop.”

Liu Feng didn’t believe a thing Carter had said, but he still said, “What’s the price?”

“One hundred gold coins for everything!” Carter grinned, showing his black teeth as he demanded an exorbitant price.²

“Puuu…” Liu Feng spat out the water that he had just drank and glared at Carter. “Old man Carter, why don’t you just rob someone???” He had been in this world for a month already and knew just how much 100 gold coins were worth.

Carter wiped the water on his face and said indifferently, “It’s a territory, a city, and a nobleman’s title of a baron. 100 gold coins isn’t expensive. In other places, the price would be several times greater… cough cough!”

Liu Feng smiled as he looked at the somewhat awkward Carter. “You also know that it’s worth that much in other places. 30 gold coins, that’s all I have.”

“That’s too little…” Carter wanted to bargain a bit more, but seeing Liu Feng packing up his stuff, he quickly said, “Okay, just 30 gold coins, deal!”

Liu Feng glanced at Carter and said, “Carter, I suspect that 30 gold coins is still a loss for me.”

“Ha ha ha… my friend, it’s not a loss. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be a baron, most importantly, a baron with a territory.” Carter said, smiling and showing his large black teeth.

“I don’t have 30 gold coins, only goods that are worth 30 gold coins. If you’re willing, then let’s trade,” Liu Feng said, sighing. He looked at the 2 large boxes behind him with eyes full of reluctance.

“Of course, deal!” Carter said hurriedly.

After saying so, Carter immediately went to open the boxes, but Liu Feng stopped him, and said, “Old man Carter, don’t rush, you need to make me believe that what you said is true.”

“Ha ha ha…” Carter showed his black teeth and waved his hand. “No problem, you can go to the territory with me right now. I will publicly announce you as the new city lord and pass you the title of a baron. You can move into the castle tonight.”

“That fine!”

A smile flashed across Liu Feng’s eyes. He went to the horse carriage, carried the boxes onto the carriage, and drove the carriage to follow Carter.

He looked at the dozen³ of people in front of him. They were dressed in simple clothes and behaved strangely. He felt a sense of disbelief⁴ every time.

Liu Feng was a transmigrator who can go back and forth between Earth and the Other World.⁵

One month ago, he stayed at home and was watching anime when he unexpectedly transmigrated to this world after being electrocuted.

He then discovered that he could traverse back and forth once a day, and he also had a storage space of two cubic meters. That was his golden finger.⁶

Liu Feng quickly became a second-hand dealer between the two worlds. He brought ordinary things from Earth to this world to sell, which allowed him to accumulate a bit of wealth. After one month of researching and prying for information, Liu Feng reached a conclusion.

This world was in the cold weapons era. The level of civilization was similar to the level of civilization during Earth’s seventh century, which was the time when slavery and feudalism existed.

Carter was one of his old customers. There was, however, no point in hoping that Carter would trade with him generously.

Liu Feng’s impression of Carter was that he was a stingy nobleman. He found it hard to believe that Carter would sell his territory and nobleman’s title.

Liu Feng had thought of the possibility that it was a trap, but Carter currently hadn’t taken people to rob his goods.

Liu Feng didn’t care about the rest. He urgently needed a place to live and a legal identity. He would worry about the rest later. He believed that he would easily be able to take care of some other world natives.

“Being a noble doesn’t seem like a bad idea,” Liu Feng said to himself, raising the corners of his mouth. “It’s not comfortable having to sleep out in the wild all the time.”

He decided that he would buy the city as long as it wasn’t too much of a fraud. With his ability to travel between two worlds, being a city lord in this world seemed like a pretty good idea to him.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 你让我缓缓. Literally, let me slow down. Kind of means like let me process it. I put think about because it made sounded better in this case than process.

² 狮子开大口. Literally, lion opens its mouth wide. Means that someone is demanding a price much more than the actual worth.

³ 十几个. This means 10 something. Like 11, 12, 13, up to 19. A way of saying there are about 11 to 19 of something when the exact number is unknown. There isn’t really a word for that in English, so I just put dozen for convenience.

⁴ 不可思议. Unbelievable.

⁵ 异界. Other world, but the author uses it as a proper noun, as the name for the other world.

⁶ 金手指. Literally, golden finger. Basically means cheat or special ability. Well if you’ve been in the light novels/webnovels world long enough you should probably already know that. If you’re new to light novels/webnovels, welcome. Most novels are trash but if you search long and hard enough you’ll probably find some good ones.

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