Chapter 10: Returning to Earth to go on a Shopping Spree

“Pa pa pa…” Ba Fu was so angry that his eyebrows were raised, and his hand slapped the people in front of him like the wind. The heads in front of him all got hit by the hand, and he angrily roared, “Shut up!”

Everyone was stunned and blankly looked at the angry Ba Fu.

“Heng!¹ There are some words you can’t randomly say. You haven’t even figure out the situation yet and are already ruining my reputation, that’s a villain behavior.” Ba Fu pointed his finger at the noses of several people and shouted.

“Also, if you dare to say something bad about lord city lord² again, I will fight him to the death.” Ba Fu’s serious face made everyone know that this old man was telling the truth. Now, no one dared to randomly talk nonsense.

This is what someone who haven’t received education was like. They would only try to guess others based on their personally preference rather than trying to understand using logic.

Ba Fu glanced around, opened the sheepskin roll and said loudly, “Lord Baron Liu Feng, today instructed the abolishment of the following taxes: entrance tax, wheat passing by tax, childbirth tax…”

Many people widened their eyes in disbelief the moment Ba Fu started speaking. Even after Ba Fu had finished speaking, everyone was still in a daze.

“Mr. Buff, please read it again.” Some people said with disbelief.

“Okay, listen carefully.” Ba Fu knew that everyone’s lives was too bitter and had been exploited too much. They were suspicious now that someone suddenly treated them better.

After Ba Fu finished reading it again, many people knelt on the ground and cried and loudly yelled.

“Wa wu wu wu…³ my son, he was… wa wu wu wu…”

“Why has lord city lord only come now, my brother was starved to death in order to pay taxes.”

“A dozen copper coins can be saved a month, long live lord city lord, long live…”

Everyone went crazy from joy. This was one of the few good news for the poor residents.


In the City Lord’s Mansion, Liu Feng sat in the study, listening to the cheers outside, and the corners of his mouth rose silently.

You can’t make much money by exploiting the poor. Also, it would force the people to rebel.

Anyone who has seen the history of China on Earth knows that they cannot exploit the people; otherwise, they would only dig their own graves.

“I can still transmigrate today. It seems that I’ll have to go on a shopping spree. Especially the things here, I can throw all of them away.”

Liu Feng looked at the things in the study, disgusted. Many of them were broken, and it was obvious that that Carter didn’t leave him with anything good.

The transmigration chance refreshes at midnight. He spent yesterday at Niu Ben’s family’s house, so he still didn’t use his transmigration chance today.

Liu Feng got up to lock the door of the study. After all, there was a catgirl in the castle. He then silently said transmigrate in his heart, and in the next second, he disappeared from the study.

When Liu Feng opened his eyes again, he found that he had returned to his room. He looked at the familiar furnishing and breathed a sigh of relief.

He immediately changed the other world clothes that he was wearing. He put on a casual outfit and sat on the bedside, thinking.

“I don’t have to worry about the number of recruits. Then there is only the weapon aspect left. There is no need to think about the hot weapons, I can only start with cold weapons right now.”

Liu Feng took out his cell phone and searched cold weapon crossbows on Du Niang.⁴ He had already thought of arrows and crossbows when when he was at the other world.

Archers need to be able to use the longbow proficiently. A powerful archer requires at least one year of training.

But the crossbow doesn’t need that. As long as they practice, they can form effective lethality in just a dozen days. That was the reason why he valued ​crossbows.

There were only about 20 days from before the autumn harvest. If they couldn’t stop the thieve’s attack, then more than half the people in Xi Yang City would probably starve to death.

Bow and arrows and crossbows both have their own strengths and weaknesses. The former can shoot arrows quickly, but takes a long time to from an army, and the latter takes a long time to load the arrows. Thus, he decided to buy some of both.

Liu Feng opened Taobao⁵, searched on it, and immediately saw a few powerful crossbows, and immediately communicated with the seller. After spending a lot of money, the seller agreed to some of his rude requests.

It would be difficult to produce even iron with the craftsmanship in the other world, let alone crossbows.

Liu Feng placed several large orders on Taobao. Since he has a base in the other world, he can use some things.

After placing the orders, Liu Feng tidied up and prepared to go out to buy some things, including some daily necessities.

Liu Feng was an orphan. After getting the transmigration chances, he brought precious metals from other world to Earth and changed them into money. He then found a relatively remote place and rented a house.

He planned to change places every year so that he wouldn’t be noticed when buying some things. The ability to travel to the other world was his biggest secret and safeguard.

After all, his focus would be on the other world. On Earth, he was just an ordinary person, but in the other world, he was the lord of a city, a noble.⁶

After leaving the house, Liu Feng went to the supermarket to buy a lot of things, and then found an unobtrusive place without a camera and put the things in the storage space.

Just like this, Liu Feng changed several supermarkets and brought things several times in a row. He finally returned to his house after filling up the 2 cubic meters of his storage space.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 哼. A sound indicating anger or annoyance, kind of like hmph.

² 城主大人. Literally city master lord. 大人 means lord, and I’ve always wrote city lord, so… lord city lord.

³ 哇呜呜呜. Crying sound. The first character might be a typo though, since 哇 means wow.

⁴ 度娘. Apparently it’s a cutesy way to say Baidu, the most popular Chinese search engine.

⁵ To be honest, the author actually writes 某宝, which means certain treasure, instead of 淘宝. It’s most likely because many websites censor 淘宝. Taobao is one of the most if not the most popular Chinese online shopping platform, kind of like Amazon and eBay.

⁶ The author writes 一城之主, which is the lord of a city, not city lord. There’s a different between the two. City lord is more of a title and lord of a city is more of a description.

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