Chapter 12: More Noble-like Than Nobles

Early in the morning, Liu Feng woke up and felt that someone was watching him. He groggily turned his head and his eyes made contact with a pair of light blue eyes. The sudden appearance of a person made his heart skip a beat and his sleepiness completely disappeared.

Mina smiled mischievously and said, “Lord Liu Feng, are you awake?”

“Why did you come in?” Liu Feng raised his eyebrows, looked at Mina’s dress, and nodded in satisfaction, “This dress suits you well.”

Mina was currently wearing clothes that Liu Feng brought from the supermarket. It looked like a maid outfit in the 2D world. It unexpectedly suited the catgirl very well.

“It does look good, but it’s a bit inconvenient to move in. I still prefer leather armor.” Mina grabbed the dress and shook it a bit, not very satisfied.

Although this dress is more beautiful than the ones that noble ladies wear, her duty was to protect Lord Liu Feng’s safety, so she couldn’t be too concerned about beauty.

Liu Feng sat up and waved his hand, “En en¹, you can wear this dress in the castle. I will help you get some leather armor next time.”

“En, and I also need weapons.” Mina nodded. Her weapon had long been lost.

“What kind of weapon do you like?” Liu Feng asked curiously. He glanced at the catgirl’s slender arms.

“A short knife would be fine. If there are, you should give me 5 short knives.” Mina’s eyes glowed and she fixed her gaze on Liu Feng, and she unconsciously licked her lower lip.

Hey hey hey… don’t make actions that can give people wrong ideas in the morning. Liu Feng pointed at the door and smiled bitterly, “Okay okay, you go out first, I’ll give you a short knife later.”

“Lord Liu Feng, you should find some maids.” Mina’s face was slightly red, and her blue eyes scanned a certain raised spot. Her cat ears shook severely, and she pretended to be fine and walk out of the room.

“Hu²… What a different morning!”

Liu Feng yawned, stretched, and took out a black Hanfu³ from his storage space and put it on.

“Maid or whatever, I’ll leave it for later.” Yes, it was a Hanfu. He had prepared it a long time ago. He didn’t have the noble clothes of this world. He was a noble, so he couldn’t not wear noble clothes for show.⁴

Fine! To be honest, he just thought the other world clothes were too ugly, especially the ones that the nobles wore, which were extremely weird.

As soon as he wore the Hanfu, Liu Feng took out a mirror from his storage space and looked at himself in the mirror. “Nice. Next time I’ll keep the hair long, get a crown to wear, and that’ll be perfect.”

When he opened the door and left the room, he saw Mina slightly open her eyes, stared at him, and exclaimed, “Lord Liu Feng, could you be the prince of a certain country?”

Liu Feng waved his hand elegantly, and smiled lightly. “This is the clothes worn by nobles in my hometown!”

“You are the most noble-like person of all the nobles I have ever met. You are more noble-like than a duke. You’re simply a prince.” Mina exclaimed.⁵

Liu Feng smiled slightly. He wanted this effect. In this world, nobles have great rights. If a noble’s behavior isn’t up to standard, than their authority will be questioned.

However, Liu Feng was a transmigrator, completely ignorant of the noble behaviors of this world, so he just created his own, no, he just brought over some ancient rituals of ancient China.

Even Mina, who had seen many nobles, had praised him to be noble-like, than he had succeeded, and other nobles wouldn’t dare to look down on him.

“Here, this is the short knife that you wanted.” Liu Feng took out a box from his sleeve.

Another advantage of Hanfu is that it has a long sleeve, which can block other people’s sight, allowing Liu Feng to take out things from his storage space.

Mina excitedly opened the box, eagerly opened it, and shouted in surprise, “Wow! Such cool short knives!”

“These are called military knives!” Liu Feng said helplessly. The short knives of this world aren’t comparable to it at all.

“So sharp!” Mina took out a military knife and probed it with her slender fingers, with “I like it” written on her face.

She found that the gorgeous short knives she had obtained from the nobles in the past were not as good as these military knives. This was the weapon for killing.

“Swish swish swish…” Mina flicked her hands, and the five military knives⁶ was thrown out in an instant, nailed onto a pillar that was a dozen feet away, and it formed a plus sign.⁷

“I picked up a treasure.” Liu Feng looked at the catgirl who went to pull out the knives. He was amazed by the catgirl’s knife throwing skill.

He took the catgirl to the study, put a document in the her hands, and said with a smile, “This is a contract for hiring you. If there is no problem, you can sign it.”

Mina knew about contracts. Nobles all did this. However, she now dumbfoundingly looked at the white paper and black word contract in her hands. She realized for the first time that there was this white thing that could be written on.

“Lord Liu Feng, what is this thing?” Mina asked while shaking the white paper.

“This is white paper, something that my hometown uses to write on. It’s much easier to use than a sheepskin roll.” Liu Feng said with a light smile.

What is much easier to use? Even if Mina haven’t used it before, she still knew that this white paper was a hundred times better than the yellow sheepskin rolls.

Mina received a lot of surprises this morning. The extremely sharp military knife and the white paper for writing were all things she had never seen before.

She could guarantee that she had been to many big cities, sneaked into the study of many nobles, but had never seen these things.

Therefore, she knew the value of these items, and it could be said that many people would use any means to obtain these two items.

Mina said solemnly, “Lord Liu Feng, don’t disclose these items for now, otherwise it will attract many people’s prying eyes.”

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 嗯. Sound of agreement. Idk if I wrote this before so I’m writing it again.

² 呼. Breathing sound.

³ 汉服. Hanfu. A type of traditional Chinese clothing.

⁴ If you’ve read a lot of Chinese novels, then you probably know this. If you don’t know, then basically (probably most) Asians care a lot about their “faces” and no matter how bad things are going many of them would do things to keep their “faces”, basically no matter how bad you are on the inside you should always at least pretend to be good in front of others.

⁵ Do clothes really have that effect? Or is the author just writing whatever for the story?

⁶ Plural and singular words isn’t really a thing in Chinese, and the author never wrote how many knives it was previously, so I thought there was only one. I went back and fixed the previous ones and changed them to plural, so if you see any mistakes then please inform me.

⁷ Author writes ten, and in Chinese, ten is a pretty much a plus sign, so I put plus sign for convenience.

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