Chapter 15: The Beginning of the Elite Soldiers Plan

Two days have passed since the allegiance of Niu Ben’s family. Today was the day of interview and conscription.

In the past two days, many changes have taken place in the castle. The entire castle was well organized by the Niu Ben family.

Liu Feng’s castle was divided into 3 courtyards, front, middle, and back courtyard.¹ The front courtyard was where the servants or guards live. Niu Ben and his sons lived in the front courtyard. They refused to go to the back courtyard no matter what.

They also helped Liu Feng set a rule that with the exception of Liu Feng, only women could go into the back courtyard.²

The middle courtyard was the place for discussions and accepting guests. Liu Feng’s study was also in this courtyard, and it was also the most guarded place.³

The back courtyard was the place where Liu Feng slept. There was also a garden. The back courtyard only had Liu Feng, Mina, Nicole, and a few newly recruited maids. They were the only people who could go in and out of the back courtyard.

Niu Da was now Liu Feng’s butler, managing the castle’s safety and stuff.

May was the castle’s female manager. After Liu Feng taught her a bunch of dishes, like hot pots and others,⁴ the kitchen became May’s favorite place to stay in.

Nicole became the head maid. She personally serviced⁵ Liu Feng. Her eyes were full of tears when Liu Feng rejected her, which made Liu Feng helpless.

The Niu brothers became Liu Feng’s knights. They were in charge of patrolling the castle, and when they weren’t doing so, they were training.

Ba Fu and 2 other people became the 3 clerks of the castle. They dealt with taxes and criminal disputes.

Xi Yang City’s administration finally standardized after two days, which made Liu Feng breath a sigh of relief.

In the study, Liu Feng stood at the side of the window, silently looking at the people below.

“Young master, I’m afraid there won’t be many people if we choose according to your requirements,” Niu Ben said while standing in front of the table. After he finished speaking, he scanned the study. It could be said that this study was the most luxurious study he had ever seen.

On the wall, there was a black and white painting, and on it were 8 majestic large horses and a some weird words. Next to the table, there was a water-tank like item that was made of ceramic, and rolls of calligraphy were on top of it. There were bottles of crystal glass cups filled with drinks on top of the bookshelf.⁶ Even the palace might not be so luxurious.

If there was someone from Earth here, they would definitely say that this was the decoration of a CEO’s office.

Liu Feng turned around and looked at the organized office. His feeling was extremely refreshed, except for a certain catgirl sitting on his table and chewing on a pig’s trotter.

He helplessly knocked on Mina’s head. “You just haqd to sit on my table even though there are chairs to sit on.”

“Also, I’ve said it many times before, Uncle Niu Ben, you can directly call my name,” Liu Feng said helplessly.

“Young master, you’re now a noble. Some etiquette must be met, or you’ll become a laughing stock,” Niu Ben stubbornly said. “Also, some etiquette were made by you. Etiquette cannot be broken, this is a noble.”

Mina continuously nodded at Niu Ben’s words and said seriously, “Young master, we are all your spokesperson right now. We must keep some etiquette.”

Everyone in the castle now called Liu Feng young master, and Mina wasn’t an exception.

However, Mina looked at the catgirl whose mouth was full of oil and was sitting at the table. He did not see one bit of the etiquette that she had mentioned.

“Alright!” Liu Feng was helpless and sat on the chair with the wolf skin. “It doesn’t matter if we don’t have too many recruits, what I want are elite soldiers, preferably on Niu Da’s level.”

“Young master, you’re being unrealistic.” Niu Ben rolled his eyes. The Niu brothers were strictly trained by him since they were young, and all of them can fight 10 people at once.

“Therefore, I want people with a strong body, so we can form our military strength quickly. I would rather lack quantity and quality.” What Liu Feng wanted were elite soldiers and strong generals. Beside, if there were too many people, it would be hard to feed them.

Niu Ben shook his head. He had seen Liu Feng’s planning book two days ago. He had even did some things by himself. He thought that it would be good if even 50 people managed to pass.

“Young master, we can’t defend Xi Yang City if there are too little people,” Niu Ben reminded.

“Ha…” Liu Feng raised the corner of his mouth and smiled lightly. “Who said that we’re defending the city?”

“Ah? We’re not defending the city? Are we going to attack?” Niu Ben and Mina were both stunned.

“Don’t rush, you’ll know when the time comes. Now go down and pick people,” Liu Feng smiled mysteriously and walked out.

Mina followed him with the pig’s trotter dangling from her mouth, leaving behind Niu Ben, who was frowning. Niu Ben followed after a while.

When they came out of the castle, they saw the Niu brothers shouting, “Today, Lord Liu Feng is recruiting soldiers to guard Xi Yang City. Anyone that can pass the assessment can eat meat everyday. Large pieces amounts of meat.”

Niu San and Niu Si came over while carrying a wild boar as soon as the words fell. It was an already killed wild boar.⁷

Niu Er lit a fire at the side and grilled the wild boar on top of the fire. May was on the side, adding seasonings and spices according to the method Liu Feng taught.

After a while, the rich fragrance of meat spread, causing the surrounding people’s eyes to glow green⁸ and breathing to quicken.

The price of meat in Xi Yang City was about a dozen copper coins for 1 catty, and it could be said that some people haven’t eaten meat for a few years already.

And now, there was a fat pig in front of them. If it wasn’t for Niu Er and the others holding a sword at the side, they would probably have rushed up and rob the meat.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Nice names.

² Ah yes, a whole courtyard for Liu Feng and (his) women. Large af harem foreshadowed.

³ Not sure if it was talking about the middle courtyard or the study.

⁴ Yes, the author literally only includes hot pot as an example.

⁵ That’s what it’s called, right? Right?

⁶ Author wrote, “水晶琉璃打造的酒水”, which means, “drinks made from crystal glass, but it doesn’t make sense, so I assumed it was a typo and put “crystal glass cups filled with drinks”, which is what I think the author meant to write.

⁷ Uh, so apparently people can carry live wild boars and not get hurt?????

⁸ Yes, green, not red. Idk, is that really a thing?

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