Chapter 17: Three Levels of Soldier Assessments

“Failed, the next group.” Niu Wu’s loud voice sounded and the ten commoners left, dejected.

This was already the tenth team, or also 100 people. No one had passed the obstacles and ran through the full course.

The person with the best score had only completed two-thirds of the course, which was 200 meters. Liu Feng had not expected this at all. Wasn’t this too weak?

“Young master, the commoner’s bodies are too weak. It’s quite good to have such a grade,” Niu Ben said.

“Hu… change the rules. Those that complete 100 meters pass. Those that complete 200 meters will have a 50% increase in salary. Those that complete 300 meters will have their salary doubled.” Liu Feng said helplessly. He could only bring out the soldier ranks in advance.

Originally, he had wanted the soldiers to train for a while before dividing them into ordinary soldiers, elite soldiers, and special soldiers. Currently, it seems like it could already be implemented.

“That’s fine, in the army, the strong are respected,” Niu Ben agreed.


At the end of the day, only 8 people completed 300 meters, 32 people completed 200 meters, and 108 people completed 100 meters.

Liu Feng was very dissatisfied with this number, especially the amount of people that completed 300 meters. There were actually only 8 people, much less than the amount that he wanted.

“Young master, the 8 people who completed 300 meters are all top hunters in the territory. They are all people who can hunt wild boars, wolves, and dogs alone.” Niu Ben looked at the familiar faces in the crowd and said happily.

As someone who lived in the same territory, Niu Ben knew these people. He also recognized the skill of several of the people.

He named a person named Xin Ke. Liu Feng looked over and found that he was only about 20 years old. Niu Ben said that he dared to hunt a tiger alone.¹

“En! Very good!”

Liu Feng looked at the one hundred and forty-eight people in front of him. They didn’t look so good right now. All of them were hugging a bowl and devouring their food. Even if they choked, they were reluctant to spit it out. They would instead forcefully swallow it, like the reincarnation of a bunch of people who starved to death.²

“After they are full, take them to the military camp and start training today.” Liu Feng ordered.

The military camp wasn’t far from the castle. Two days ago, Liu Feng ordered people to get them out.³ Although it was very crude, it was still a military camp.

Niu Ben took the people to the military camp. Liu Feng heard that Niu Ben had served in the army, so he temporarily gave these people to him.

Under the lead of Niu Ben, 140 people were taken to the military camp. According to the requirements, they raised their heads and chest, closed their legs, and put their hands right next to their legs, standing in a line.

Xin Ke looked at all this curiously. The reason that he came to join the army was because he was tempted by the bowl of roasted pork noodles. After all, he was a top hunter and didn’t lack food to eat.

Now he was a little curious. Everything in this military camp was full of novelty, which aroused his curiosity heart.

Xin Ke looked at Niu Ben, who was on the platform. He knew how strong Niu Ben was. It was said that he had made contributions to the military when he was young, and even went to the capital to become a knight.

It could be said that Niu Ben is one of the few people that Xin Ke admired. Lord City Lord was also someone that he admired, especially the bowl of roasted pork noodles, which he was unable to forget.⁴

“Cough cough…” Niu Ben’s original calm eyes immediately became sharp and full of killing intent, which made the originally noisy team quiet down in an instant.

“You are the ones who passed the assessment. Some of you have very good grades and some of you have very poor grades. Of course, there will be differences in treatment.”

Niu Ben immediately said what everyone cared about. “The salary you get when you first joined the army is based on your performance during the assessment…”

When these words fell, many people breathed a sigh of relief. The reason they came to join the army was for the high salary.

“Now, line up to confirm your names and family members and addresses. If you unluckily die in battle, then the pension will be paid to your family.”

Niu Ben left after he finished speaking. He wanted to study the training method that young master gave him again. Even though he had used his 5 sons to practice in the past 2 days,⁵ he was still a bit rusty.

“Everyone, come with me.” The Niu brothers shouted from the side.

Everyone immediately followed, and then came to a warehouse. Niu Da handed over a warrant before they ere allowed to enter.

There was a middle-aged man sitting inside. He was one of the three clerks that was recruited. He was now in charge of logistics in the military camp.

“There are a total of one hundred and forty training uniforms, including shoes, hats, towels, wooden cups, wooden bowls, and other stuff!” After reading the warrant, the logistics clerk immediately bought over the supplies.

Niu Da turned his head and shouted loudly. “Now, all of you line up one by one to get supplies.”

Xin Ke was the first in line. He went to the front of the logistics clerk. He held a pen and was at a loss because he was illiterate.

“Illiterate? You say, I’ll write.” The logistic clerk smiled kindly, took the pen and wrote on the sheepskin roll. Literate people could see 2 words on the sheepskin roll: military files.⁶

“My name is Xin Ke. I am an orphan, I live in Xi Yang City…”

After the logistics clerk finished writing, he took a wooden token from the side and wrote Xin Ke’s name on it. There was also a number 001 on it.

These things were the two things that Liu Feng got out in the past 2 days. He had especially wasted a lot of energy on the military camp.

The logistic clerk handed the wooden token to Xin Ke and said seriously, “You must not lose this token. This is the proof of your identity.”

“Thank you!” Xin Ke smiled shyly, and then went to Niu Da’s side.

“This is your training uniform. Everyone will wear this uniform in the future. People who don’t wear it will be punished.” Niu Da shoved a bunch of things into Xinke’s arms and said sternly.

Liu Feng had spent a lot of silver coins to get these items. He wanted to make the military camp have the feeling of a real and standard military camp.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Roasted tiger meat anyone?

² 饿死鬼投胎. Literally, starved to death ghost reincarnation. Basically saying that someone is eating so unsightly as if they’ve starved to death in their past life.

³ 弄出来. Literally, get it out. Maybe the author meant to write make or build?

⁴ Admired someone for a bowl of noodles? Dude a foodie or something?

⁵ Sons = free training bags.

⁶ It’s 4 words in Chinese. Also, since Chinese doesn’t really have capitalization, Idk whether or not the words were supposed to be capitalized, so I didn’t capitalize it.

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