Chapter 18: The Other World Version Military Camp Rules

Xin Ke dumbfoundedly stared at the things in his arms: shoes, hat, towel, wooden cup, and wooden bowl. These things would cost at least a few hundred copper coins to buy, and they gave it to him just like that?

“What are you standing there for? Quickly get out of the way, don’t block other people from receiving their things.” Niu Da said.

“Oh oh…” Xin Ke nodded blankly and walked away.

In fact, other people had similar reactions to him, and some others fared even worse.

When there were 11 people by Xin Ke’s side,¹ Niu Er took them away, and went to a house.

“This is the place where you will live. 12 people live in one house. Now you come in with me.” Niu Er said, leading the way into the house. He distributed the rooms.

Xin Ke looked at the bunk bed and was surprised. It was much better than the bed in his house. He had originally thought they were going to sleep on the ground, at most have some hay to make a bed. He didn’t expect there to be a bed.

“Listen up, the military camp is not your house. Everything has rules here. Everything must be put neatly; don’t put them in random places. Otherwise, everyone in the house will be punished if one person fails an inspection.” Niu Er said with a serious face.

Then under the guidance of Niu Er, they all listened carefully to things like how to fold towels and where to place shoes. Everything must be neat and organized.

When Xin Ke saw the blanket that Niu Er had folded into a square, he was dumbfounded. Did he had to fold his blanket like this every time he got up in the future?

“You saw what I taught. In the future, you will have to do this when you get up in the morning. Now you can start organizing.” Niu Er left after he said those words. He needed to lead the next group of people to go to their rooms.

Liu Feng brought over the military training from Earth. In his words, everyone should taste the tortures that he suffered back then.

“Dang!”² After they heard a bell ring, a few loud sounds came. “Everyone get out here right now! Those who are slow won’t have dinner to eat!”

Xin Ke and the others immediately went out of the house, and they saw Niu Ben and the Niu brothers yelling outside, and they were holding wooden sticks in their hands.

They now realized that everything was spoken by rules in this military camp. Everyone immediately went down and lined up, waiting for the instructions.

Niu Ben saw this and admired the young master even more, and thought, Young master said to used details to subtly changed these people, to make them obedient and orderly.

“Next time when the bell rings, you will only have 30 seconds to gather. If you pass the time limit, you will have to wash the restroom for 1 month,” Niu Ben yelled. “There must be someone who is asking what a restroom is. You see the house over there? In the future when you go pee or poop scram in there to do so. Whoever dares to poop or pee in whatever places shall go and swallow it themselves.

He didn’t know why young master wanted to make a restroom. As long as it was Liu Feng’s order, Niu Ben would carry it out as much as he could.

If Liu Feng knew about this question, he would definitely swear. There were no such things as restrooms in this era. Urine and feces could be seen everywhere on the ground. The bad odor could be smelled just by walking on the streets. Some girls just find a hidden place to solve the problem.

He heard from Niu Ben that it was the same in the capital, which made him remember a certain country that could use cow urine as drink.

Xin Ke opened his mouth, but when he saw the warning in Niu Ben’s eyes, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t know why there was such an unnecessary thing. After all, they just go to a corner to settle their problems. They would at most make a hole and then buried the hole after they were done.

“Right now, all of you line up and go over their to cut your hair, and then go take a bath in the bathroom and put on your training clothes.” Niu Ben pointed to the chairs a short distance away. There were about a dozen people sitting there. They were invited from the city to cut hair.

Whether they were willing or not, under the threat of the wooden sticks of Niu Da and others, they all obediently went to cut their hair.

Xin Ke touched his one inch long hair and felt very cool. He took his training uniform to the bathroom. There were large buckets inside.

“What’s in it? So many bubbles?” Xinke asked curiously.

“Things that can make your body clean, quickly go in.”

Under Niu Wu’s gaze, Xin Ke went into the barrel.

Smells good. It was the first feeling Xin Ke had. Then his whole body was slippery. Especially when he rubbed with his hands and black things came out, which made his face red, and thought, So my body is actually this dirty.

“This is what Lord Liu Feng uses to take a bath. He cares about everyone, so he took it out to let you use it. Remember Master Liu Feng’s kindness.” Niu Wu said in a loud voice.

Xin Ke nodded. He could feel the nobleness of the bubble. Something that could give off a good smelling fragrance wasn’t something that anyone could afford to use.

Once everyone cut their hair, took a bath, and stood in the plaza wearing their training uniform, they gave off a completely different spirit.

“Tomorrow, you will be formally participating in the training. I don’t want to see some of you being kicked out of the military camp. Because if that happens, you will lose your face.” Niu Ben shouted. He currently had no doubts about Liu Feng’s military training methods. “Answer me loudly. Do you want to be kicked out?” Niu Ben yelled.

“No!” People shouted one after the other, and it gave out a weak feeling.

“Are you ladies? Even ladies shout louder than you,” Niu Ben yelled.

“No!!!” This time, it was so loud that even people in the castle could hear it.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The author wrote that there were 12 people besides Xin Ke, but based on the context, I thought that it was probably a typo so I wrote 11.

² 铛. Sound of bell ringing. It’s spelled dang, but the “an” is actually pronounced the same as “on”, like in ping-pong.

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