Chapter 22: Mina’s Killing Intent

On the beam, Mina took out 2 military knives. She had already wanted to go down to exterminate these people when she heard them scheming against Liu Feng. If she hadn’t heard the information she had wanted to hear at the critical moment, the food merchants would have already been dead.

“Everyone, don’t forget, we are working for Baron Omar and the other nobles. This new city lord wouldn’t dare to offend them. Otherwise, Baron Omar and the other nobles could send out soldiers together and easily kill this new city lord,” the fat food merchant said complacently.

“Ha ha ha… Should we leak the news that we are Baron Omar’s people?” a food merchant said and laughed wildly.

“Yes, and then a few days later, we’ll raise the price again. Before the autumn harvest, we’ll raised the price of unpolished wheat to 6 copper coins per catty,” the fat food merchant sneered.

“Ha ha ha… That works, we’ll do as you say.”

Mina stopped listening at this point. She took out a notepad and wrote down the things that she heard.

She wanted to quickly send back the information. These food merchants are just here to harvest money. It should be known that unpolished wheat only cost 2 copper coins per catty and polished wheat only cost 4 copper coins per catty.

Now that the price of unpolished wheat had been raised to the price of polished wheat, it would kill many people. And now, they were going to raise the price again.

Mina silently came down from the beam and easily walked out of the house under the cover of the shadows. She even took a piece of pork on her way out.

“Pei…” Mina spat out the pork on her way. “This meat tastes disgusting.” She had thought that the meat was delicious when she saw those people eating as if they were eating delicious food.¹ However, when she ate the food, she found that it was salty and fishy, tasting the same as the ones in her memory.

Mina returned to the castle quickly, and she familiarly went into the study.

As soon as she went inside the door, she smelled a familiar smell, and heard a voice that warmed her heart. Liu Feng smiled lightly, “You’re back. I’ve cooked some lean meat porridge for you, come and eat.”

“En en!” Mina nodded obediently and her ears shook. She put the notebook in front of Liu Feng and sat down on the table.

“Meow! So delicious…” Mina took the lean meat porridge and took large bites, shaking her head from time to time.

Liu Feng looked at the information on the notebook and turned his head to ask a few things from time to time. After all, the catgirl had terrible handwriting.²

“The situation is about what I excepted. There is one thing that’s unexpected. I didn’t expect that the nobles from other cities had already extended their hands here for a long time already.” Liu Feng closed the notebook and started to think. The events today gave him a reminder.

“Young master, should I go kill all of them?” Mina put down her 3rd empty bowl and said, full of killing intent.

“We can’t kill them yet.” Liu Feng shook his head. He had just recently enlisted his soldiers and they had no combat power. Once he killed these food merchants, those nobles wood find excuses to send troops to Xi Yang City. He currently lacked time. Give him 20 days, and he wouldn’t be afraid of those nobles’ knights.

“What about the food price?” Mina asked.

“No need to hurry. They want to raise wheat prices, I’ll let them taste the scene where no one buys wheat about 3 days later.” A cold light flashed across Liu Feng’s eyes.

Mina’s blue eyes blinked, and she thought for a moment while tilting her head. She couldn’t think of any ways to make people not buy any wheat three days later.

“Okay, you’re full now, go wash up and go to sleep. You’ve been tired for a day.” Liu Feng squeezed Mina’s constantly swishing tail.

“Ying…”³ Mina’s cheeks instantly became red. Her blue eyes were full of tears, and she hurriedly pulled her tail back and ran out of the study.

“Uh…” Liu Feng’s stood there, stunned. He scratched the back of his head and said, “What’s up with Mina? Why did she suddenly become shy?”

“Right, I squeezed her tail… this… cough cough…” Liu Feng remembered an article he read on Earth. It said that if humans had kept their tails when they evolved, then tails would be one of human’s most sensitive parts.

“It seems like I just molested⁴ Mina!” Liu Feng smiled bitterly. He took out a roll of sheepskin from his drawer and looked at it carefully. It was a map of xi Yang City and the surrounding landscape. He had asked Ba Fu to obtain this map.

At the west was the Secluded Forbidden Mountain Range. Liu Feng had heard from Nicole that this mountain range had blocked the extremely cold snowstorm, which allowed this area to not get trapped in a world of ice ad snow.

The Secluded Forbidden Mountain Range spanned several kingdoms. It was an extremely large mountain range and was now a barrier that blocked the Wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow.

Of course, these things didn’t concern Liu Feng. He wanted to change Xi Yang City. Looking at the crooked streets on the map, Liu Feng almost couldn’t hold in the urge to fix them and make them become straight with a pen.

“There are still 20 days until the autumn harvest. There should be enough time, but I wonder if the thing is made yet,” Liu Feng muttered to himself.

“Whatever. I’ll go look at it tomorrow. If it’s made, then I’ll have the foundation that is needed. There’s also the food. I wonder if it could be delivered back here 4 days later. It’s related to the next step in my plan.”

Liu Feng felt that it was time to find someone that knows about internal affairs to help him. Otherwise, he would lose his hair if this continues.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 吃的有滋有味. Literally, have nourish have taste of eating. Not really sure how it would be translated, but I think it’s pretty close to the meaning.

² 猫扒. Literally, cat grab/crawl/dig. Not really sure, how to translate it, but it’s basically saying that her handwriting is terrible.

³ 嘤. Some sort of cutesy crying sound, apparently.

⁴ 调戏. Molest, tease, flirt, etc. Something like that. I chose molest in the end (cause, you know, he touched her sensitive part).

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