Chapter 24: A Divine Artifact??

Niu Ben and Mina followed Liu Feng curiously. They went to the logistic warehouse. Except for the logistic clerk, no one could enter the warehouse without Liu Feng’s warrant.

“Lord Liu Feng,” the logistic clerk saluted respectfully. He then helped to open the door and stepped aside.

Liu Feng nodded and brought the 2 people into the warehouse. There was a wooden frame with and a bunch of large boxes. The boxes were all safes.

He went in front of a box and took out a key to open it. He took out a recurve bow and gave it to Niu Ben. “This is a bow from my hometown. It’s call a recurve bow. Uncle Niu Ben, come feel its power.”

“Oh?” Niu Ben took the recurve bow and felt that it wasn’t very heavy.

Niu Ben was a knight. There were high standards for knights in this world, and longbow shooting were one of the requirements. His aim was extremely accurate and was comparable to the people that hunted frequently.

The recurve bow was one of the bows that Liu Feng brought from Earth. He had prepared it for his army.

“Yi? How?” Niu Ben looked at the recurve bow in his hand in surprise. The bowstring was extremely hard to draw. It was several times harder to pull than the longbows in the capital.



Niu Ben used a lot of effort to pull the string. The arrow flew out and hit the target on the wall and passed through it. Half of the arrow were submerged inside the Earth wall.

“Si…” Niu Ben and Mina suck in a breath of cold air. They quickly ran up to observe, and they became even more surprised.

“This recurve bow is so powerful. It can actually pierce through so much of the Earth wall from 50 meters away. Then the knights’ armor…” Niu Ben stopped speaking, but everyone knew that knights’ armor couldn’t stop this recurve bow.

“Recurve bows like this one requires too much force to pull. Not many people can use it, and even if they can, they will at most only be able to shoot a few arrows. On top of that, it needs to be paired with specially made arrows for it to be able to penetrate armor.” Mina immediately found the recurve bow’s weaknesses.

Liu Feng had already considered these points. He came to another box and too out another recurve bow. “There are still a few recurve bows here, but they aren’t as strong as the one in Uncle Niu Ben’s hand. However, at a distance of 30 to 40 meters, paired with specially made arrows, it should have no problem penetrating armor.”

“Let me try it.” Mina ran over and took the recurve bow. She didn’t use much strength to pull the string. The arrow hit the bullseye, and the whole arrow passed the target.

“Strong!”² Niu Ben praised.

“I only have a few recurve bows that has the same power as the one in Uncle Niu Ben’s hand, but I have dozens³ of recurve bows on the same level as the one in Mina’s hand.”

Liu Feng opened up another box. It was filled with special arrows. “These arrows are all specially made. They can easily penetrate armor. However, I don’t have a lot of these arrows, so we need to use them conservatively.”

Afterwards, Liu Feng continuously opened several boxes. One of the boxes only contained 3 bows. He took out one and said, “This is a bow one level higher than the recurve bow. It’s called a compound hunting bow. I spent a lot of effort to get these bows. They are more powerful than the recurve bow in Uncle Niu Ben’s hand, but their bowstrings are easier to pull.”


Niu Ben and Mina opened their mouths wide and quickly put down the recurve bows. They ran over to pick up the compound hunting bow and were a bit confused.

“How do I use this? There are so many bowstrings.” Mina was a bit confused. She found out that the bow in her hand was actually not made of wood and that there were a few small circles.

“This one is the main string…” Liu Feng pointed. The two were both experts and immediately knew how to do it.



“Peng! Peng!”

The two continued to shoot arrows. There were only holes on the target, and only the arrow tails could be seen on the Earth wall.

“This… this is so terrifying. It can probably shoot through a knight, right?” Niu Ben said. He couldn’t help but shiver at the thought.

“Young master, we can’t put these killer weapons here. Otherwise, if someone gets hold of it, it will harm you a lot,” Mina said anxiously. The first thing she though of was assassination. If someone got hold of a compound hunting bow like this one, they could easily kill someone a hundred meters away.

“Indeed, these must be guarded strictly,” Niu Ben said.

Liu Feng waved his hand and said indifferently, “Okay, of these 3 compound hunting bows, 1 will be given to Uncle Niu Ben and 1 will be given go to Mina. As for the remaining one, we’ll just keep it and then reward it to a benefactor. Hiding it is a waste, and it’s much better to just take it out and use it.”

“No, we need to keep it as a last resort, ” Niu Ben immediately objected and said. He wouldn’t accept the compound hunting bow no matter what. Liu Feng could reward him generously, but he couldn’t not know his own limits.⁴

In his eyes, these compound hunting bows were basically divine artifacts. If it was sold in the capital, it would be sold for at least thousands of gold coins.

This was too precious and was comparable to the money that a large noble makes in a few years. He didn’t dare to accept it.

“Young master, this compound hunting bow would be wasted in my hands. How about I accept this recurve bow instead?”

“Young master, I can’t accept this either. The military knives that you gave me are good enough for me.” Mina turned her wrist and a military knife appeared in her hand.

Liu Feng was helpless. Compound hunting bows were to advance for the people of this era. Even the slightly worse recurve bow was much more advance than the bows of this era.

Even Niu Ben and Mina thought they were too precious. This was the reason Liu Feng only brought 3 compound hunting bows. Recurve bows were good enough for people of this era.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 砰. Idk if I wrote this before, but if I didn’t, it’s just an onomatopoeia for 2 things hitting each other. In this case, it’s the arrow and the target.

² 厉害. Strong, nice, awesome, etc. Depending on whether Niu Ben was talking about the bow or Mina’s skills, the meaning changes. I think he was talking about the bow so I used strong.

³ 几十个. This is just like “十几个”, but instead of being an estimate of between 10 to 19, it’s an estimate of an amount anywhere from 20 to 99, which is insanely large for an estimate. Writing 20 something to 90 something feels stupid and is a hassle, so I decided to go with dozens.

⁴ 自知之明. Means knowing one’s own boundaries, limits, skill, authority, etc.

Great. I accidentally double tapped the power button again. Well, I did save most of my work before that happened, though, so that was both lucky and unlucky. Still, I wish whoever made the chromebook would change that feature.

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