Chapter 26: We Only Want to be Your Servants

“Young master, I’ll go ask what’s going on.” Mina took out her military knife and quickly walked forward. She wouldn’t allow any existence that would harm the young master. After a short while, she waved her hand show Liu Feng that he could come forward.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Feng frowned and asked, looking at the noisy crowd. He had an ugly expression.

“Young master, they insisted that they must see you,” Niu Wu said respectfully.

He wasn’t afraid at all. It was Liu Feng who gave him the authority to supervise this valley. No one can go in or out unless they have a warrant. This was a top secret valley.

“Lord Liu Feng, we succeeded, we succeeded in making mud to stone technique.” The person who took the lead was an old man who was holding a stone.¹

Liu Feng knew the old man. He was a relatively good stonemason in Xi Yang City. People called him Craftsman Head Lu, and Liu Feng had recruited him to craft something.

“Oh? It really succeeded?” Liu Feng’s eyes lit up, and he asked quickly, “Where is it, take me to see it.”

“Lord Liu Feng, it’s here!” Craftsman Head Lu put down the stone in his hand and said excitedly, “Lord, we didn’t eat your food and meat for nothing.”

This sentence made Liu Feng understand why Craftsman Head Lu and the others were so excited and in a hurry to see him.

Craftsman Head Lu and the others felt like they were in heaven for the past few days. They had large steamed buns and large pieces of meat to eat everyday. It was much better than there previous lives where they had to eat a meal and starve a meal.

They were afraid that they didn’t make the thing that Lord Liu Feng had requested them to, which would disappoint him, and they would be kicked out, which means that they wouldn’t be able to eat the steamed buns and meat.

After spending these few days nervously, Craftsman Head Lu and the others finally made the thing called cement. They had also tried to put the two stones together with cement according to the method Liu Feng said before.

Then they stupidly stared at the 2 stones for the whole night and went to pull the stones in the morning. They found that the 2 stones really became 1, which made them crazily happy and they quickly carried the stone to find Liu Feng.

Liu Feng squatted down and looked at the stones that were connected by the cement. He touched it with his hand and said, “Niu Wu, smash it open.”

“Yes!” Niu Wu held a stone and smashed it at the large stone. The stone finally got separated after many smashes, and one part was still glued to cement.

“Qualified!” Liu Feng smiled with satisfaction. Although the cement created was soil cement, it was still something ahead of the current era. For infrastructure madmans, cement were one of the necessary items.

Craftsman Head Lu and the others were so happy that they had tears on their faces. They didn’t disappoint Lord Liu Feng, which meant that their large steamed buns and large pieces of meat were safe.

“Very good, what kind of reward do you want? You can speak it out. I’ll listen.” Liu Feng said generously.

Craftsman Head Lu and the others looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that they had already discussed it.

“The reward we want is to be your servant.” Craftsman Head Lu and the others shouted in unison.

“Presumptuous!” Niu Wu scolded coldly.

In his opinion, there were too many people who wanted to be servants for the young master. And for a craftsmen to want to be young master’s servants, it was a bit too much. Everyone in Xi Yang City knew that being young master’s servant was the best job, without needing to worry about food or clothing.

Craftsman Head Lu and the others quickly knelt down. They knew that this request was a bit excessive. After all, as servants, Liu Feng would be the one who would have to raise them. Of course, their lives would be Liu Feng’s.

Liu Feng smiled helplessly. These people were too simple. As long as they had food to eat, they would gladly give their lives. “Okay, I agree. As long as you work hard, then you can eat as many meat and steamed buns as you want.”

In fact, they were basically Liu Feng’s servants the moment they walked into this valley. They were just formally becoming servants right now. After all, cement was one of his secrets.

“Yes, we will work hard,” Craftsman Head Lu and the others said respectfully.

“Very good. Expand the output of cement. I will need a lot of cement in three days,” Liu Feng said. “Also, the safety procedures must be done well. No one can take off the mask.”


“You’re dismissed,” Liu Feng waved his hand to let them leave. Today was a happy day. With the appearance of cement, he would begin to transform Xi Yang City. “Let’s go to see the other thing,” Liu Feng smiled and walked to another courtyard.

When the two came to another yard, they saw many shelves in the courtyard with things drying on them.

“Lord Liu Feng has arrived,” someone with sharp eyes spotted Liu Feng and called out.

Seven or eight people ran over immediately and respectfully saluted Liu Feng.

“How is it? Are there any results?” Liu Feng said, looking at the things that were basking in the sun.

“Lord, the first batch has already come out and is being cut into shape,” someone said respectfully.

“Very good, bring it over and let me take a look.” Liu Feng’s eyes slightly lit up.

Someone immediately ran into the house and soon came over with a large pile of things.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ No idea what that is, so I’ll just put the literal translation.

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