Chapter 3: Goods From Earth

Liu Feng carelessly put the two things to the side, and said calmly, “Then let’s check the goods and settle the price.”

“Okay!” Carter nodded and immediately called over a middle-aged man, his butler, who was a shrewd man.

“Butler, help us estimate the cost.”

“Yes!” The butler replied respectfully.

Liu Feng put a box on the table, opened it, and took out five glasses from the inside. The glasses were the kind that cost about a few bucks each in the supermarket.

“Hiss…” Carter, Fez, and the butler all sucked in a mouthful of cold air, their eyes staring at the glasses in Liu Feng’s hands. They hurriedly went forward with two hands in front of them, carefully taking the glass cups.

“These are crystal glasses! I had been fortunate enough to see one at a Duke’s Mansion, but they weren’t as pure and gorgeous as these ones.” Carter exclaimed, his eyes full of greed.

Fez’s breathing sped up as he held the glasses tightly with his hands. The only thing he wanted to do at this moment was to claim them as his own.

“How many gold coins do you three think these crystal glasses are worth?” Liu Feng said, instantly making the price of the glasses on the level of gold coins.

The currency of this world was divided into three levels: copper coins, silver coins, and gold coins.

1 gold coin was equal to 100 silver coins, and 1 silver coin was equal to 1000 copper coins.

According to Liu Feng’s investigation, 1 copper coin had the same purchasing power as 1 dollar on Earth.

Carter took a deep breath and carefully placed the glass cup on the table, and said with a smile, “My friend, I will give five gold coins for one crystal glass.”

The value of the item was too high for a butler to estimate.¹

Liu Feng silently looked at the glasses. What? 5 gold coins? And here I am thinking that 2 gold coins for one glass would be ridiculous enough!

One gold coin, if converted into Earth’s money, would be about $10,000. One glass only cost a few bucks, so the profit was terrifyingly high.

Carter saw that Liu Feng was silent for a long time, and he quickly added, “Of course, these crystal glass cups are of very high quality, so I can add another gold coin.”

“Uh…” Hearing that, Liu Feng knew that Carter had misunderstood him. He sighed, “I received these five crystal glasses from a desolate nobleman. At that time, I used five gold coins and twenty silver coins to buy one crystal glass. Now that I’m selling you these glasses for six gold coins each, I’m making a loss!”

“Ha ha ha…” Carter laughed mysteriously. “Baron Liu Feng, my friend, I won’t let you take a loss. There’s a gift for you later.”

“Oh?” Liu Feng raised his eyebrows and gritted his teeth. “Okay, I’ll sell it for 6 gold coins each.”

“Ha ha ha…” Fez laughed excitedly and quickly took the five glasses and put them in his arms like they were some treasure.

“5 glass- cough cough- 5 crystal glasses cost a total of 30 gold coins, which is just enough to pay for the territory, so we are even.”² Liu Feng said, his mouth twitching.

“That’s right!”

Carter nodded, his eyes fixed on the two boxes. He calmly said, “Baron Liu Feng, can you let this old man look at your other goods? If I am satisfied, we will buy a few of them.”

The words made Liu Feng’s heart shiver. He knew that Carter had gotten greedy. If there really were items that Carter liked, they would most likely kill him and take the goods.

“Of course!”

Liu Feng put his hand on the box for a short time before quietly opening the box, revealing some clothes and a few ceramic products.

Disappointment flashed across Carter’s eyes when he saw the items. He forced a smile and said, “Are these exquisite ceramic plates the same as the ones you sold to me last time?”

“Yeah! Only these things are left. After all, these goods were transported from the Far East and took a long time. A lot of them were broken on the way.” Liu Feng made an excuse that he had used before.

He had just put the mirror and a few items back in his storage space. He was afraid to let the other party know about the existence of mirrors and baijiu³ since just one glass was worth so much money.

In the past, he sold salt, polished rice, ceramic products, wooden combs, and other similar stuff. This was the first time he brought out things like glass.

There was only a small amount of naturally made glass in this era. Fortunately, he had discovered this loophole in time⁴.

Carter had bought several ceramic plates from Liu Feng before. He had even complimented that these ceramic plates were better than some that were used by high noble families.

“What a pity,” Carter said, sighing. As for whether he was disappointed about there not being more valuable items or disappointed about some other things, only he would know. “My friend, sell all of these ceramic plates to me!”

“Sure. There’s a total of 12 plates, 1 silver coin for 1 plate, a total of 12 silver coins.” Liu Feng said, rapidly calculating the cost.

Carter nodded, and the butler quickly walked forward, handed 12 silver coins to Liu Feng, and carefully took the ceramic plates.

“Then Baron Liu Feng, please come with me. I’ll introduce you to the residents,” Carter stood up and said.

“Okay!” Liu Feng got up and followed him.

“Dong dong dong…”

Before they got outside, they heard a bell ringing a few times. Carter explained that it was a signal to gather the residents.

¹ I’m guessing that it means that the butler can only estimate the value of items that costs less than a certain amount of money.

² 两清了. Literally, two cleared. It means that no one owes each other anymore.

³ 白酒. Literally, white wine, but for some reason, it’s called baijiu and not white wine in English.

⁴ Probably refers to being able to find the loophole before Carter sold him the city. That, or before people learned how to make glass.

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