Chapter 33: Aren’t You Supposed to Hate Me?

The busy day was over as the sun sets.

Griwk… A crowd of hungry people were now waiting for food.

Fuji felt a bit dizzy and walked unsteadily. He hadn’t eaten for a whole day already, not to mention that he had worked the whole day. It was too much, even for a beastkin like him.

He couldn’t fall down now, for that catty of wheat. He needed to bring the wheat back to his companions, and Anri was about to faint from hunger.

Others took about 0.7/0.8 catty of wheat to eat a meal on the site, but Fuji saved all the wheat.

He saw double images when looking. He moved mechanically, following the flow of people numbly.


Fuji couldn’t hold on anymore and fell down to the ground. When he fainted, he heard the female voice that made his heart beat today.

“Everyone, go and get your wheat. I’ll take care of him.”

When Fuji opened his eyes, he subconsciously licked the corner of his mouth and tasted wheat. Before he could indulge in the aftertaste of the wheat, a girl’s voice came from the side.

“You’re awake?”

Fuji’s body suddenly stiffened. He turned mechanically turned his head and looked at the girl staring at him. He recognized her as the freckled girl that had helped him register for work.

Fuji broke out in cold sweat, because he was facing an unprecedented crisis. He felt more uneasy than when he faced a tiger beastkin, because he had been exposed. The cloth on the side was the one used to cover his horns.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” the girl tilted her head, looking at Fuji weirdly. Her eyes looked at the bull horns on Fuji’s head.


Fuji’s throat squirmed a bit. “What do you want to do? Do you want to sell me as a slave?”

“Hey, you spoke,” the girl smiled. “Why would we sell you as a slave?”

“Uh…” Fuji was speechless and looked at the girl in disbelief. He said bitterly, “I’m a beastkin. Look, I have a pair of horns, aren’t you supposed to hate me?”

He remembered that there was a rumor in the human race that the existence of beastkins was the god’s punishment. Beastkins were the combination of humans and beasts, they were a hybrid race.

The reason that many people in the human race didn’t have enough food to eat was the existence of beastkins, because beastkins ate too much food.

Fuji also thought it was right. If he was allowed to eat as much as he wanted, he could at two or three times the amount of food that humans could eat.

“Why should I hate you? You’re so weird!” The girl said, giggling. “I remember that you name is Fuji, right? Do all beastkins look like you?”

Fuji couldn’t hear anything. The only thing in his head right now was the sentence, “Why should I hate you?”.

She actually doesn’t hate me? Fuji suddenly felt that the girl’s smile was full of holiness. At this moment, Fuji felt that the ordinary freckled girl in front of him was more beautiful than Big Sis Anri and Second Sis Mina.

Maybe this is the beautification effect of being in love?¹ Fuji felt his heart beat faster. He had never had this feeling before.²

This was the first time in his life where a human told him that they don’t hate him. Previously in the other cities, as soon as he was exposed, the humans would try to chase him down.

“What’s wrong?” the girl asked worriedly. “Do you still not feel well?”

“Ah? N- no…” Fuji hurriedly shook his head and immediately sat up. He was a little dazed right now.

“Are all beastkins as weird as you?” the girl chuckled and said softly. “Everyone calls me Lan Er. You can also call me Lan Er.”

This was the second time she had seen a beastkin. The first one she saw was Mina, who had been following Lord City Lord, as there were hardly any beastkins that came to Xi Yang City. She thought that beastkins aren’t really that different from humans, all they had was just a pair of horns.

Or like Mina, who just had a pair of cat ears. She thought that Lady Mina was actually quite pretty instead, more pretty than all the girls she had seen.

“Not weird, we’re not weird,” Fuji waved his hand quickly after he heard her. He was a clumsy teenager. He didn’t want Lan Er to think that beastkins were weird, but more importantly, he didn’t want her to think that he was weird.

“Why didn’t you eat today. You even fainted from hunger,” Lan Er said, making a face.

“Right, where’s my wheat?” Fuji shouted anxiously, looking around.

“It’s here,” Lan Er pointed to the corner of the bed.

Fuji grabbed the wheat and held it tightly in his arms. “Thank you.”

Lan Er shook her head. “I have to leave; there are many things that I have to arrange.”

She was a manager. Literate people had a 20% increase in salary and could be a manager. She thought that that was Lord City Lord’s greatest decision.

After Lan Er left, Fuji sat there in a daze for a while, and then hurriedly wrapped the cloth around his head and covered his bull horns. Then he carefully walked out with the wheat in his arms.

He discovered a series of shed behind him when he walked out. He had slept in a small shed.

Fuji quickly found Lan Er’s silhouette at a place not far away. She was currently allocating the sheds. They were the people who had moved out to rebuild the houses and they had to temporarily live in the sheds.

Fuji stared at Lan Er’s back in a daze, and then walked out of Xi Yang City under the setting sun. His footsteps were lighter and faster than ever before. He wanted to go back immediately and tell Big Sis Anri that there was a human girl who didn’t hate him.

Moreover, while he worked today, he had gotten the news that he wanted, and that was that Second Sis Mina had been caught by Liu Feng, the noble of Xi Yang City. He wanted to quickly tell the news to Big Sis Anri.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 情人眼里出西施. Basically means that a person in love with someone will see that person as much better than they actually are. Like those scenes in anime/manga where the girl’s point of view has the boy be more handsome compared to others point of view.

² This guy has such a bad memory. He literally just felt that earlier in the day (Previous chapter). At least it’s better than mine I guess

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