Chapter 35: The Start of the Plan to Rescue the Cat Girl

Anri’s heart settled down after eating the wheat porridge. However, after Fuji described what he experienced, Anri’s heart almost popped out of her breasts, even though she had none. Well, no, she had breasts, they were just slightly flat.

“What- what did you say? A human girl named Lan Er discovered your identity as a beastkin and let you go?” Anri said, staring at him, her ears shaking.

“Old Pig Head, Cowardly Bear, you guys go out and stand guard.”

“Yes!” A response quickly came from the outside.

“Ye- yes, Lan Er was very kind to me. She was the only human that was kind to me,” Fuji affirmed.

Anri was silent and stared at Fuji blankly. Everyone else told her that bull beastkins were simple and honest, and she finally affirmed it today. However, she wanted to say that Fuji was just simply stupid.

“And, you were quite brave today. I told you to inquire for information, but you actually went ahead and worked? Let me tell you, if you got caught, you’ll become a slave that carries cow dung.”

Anri said, trying to scare Fuji. She didn’t want to let Fuji think that just because one human was kind to human, many humans would also be kind to him. That kind of thoughts were very dangerous.

“Big Sis, can we not mention cow dung?”Fuji was a bit helpless.

“Nope. You’re a bull,” Anri said lightly. “You can’t despise yourself.”

The corner of Fuji’s mouth trembled. He wasn’t that 4 four legged animal. But he didn’t dare to talk back, or else the beastkins outside would drag him out and beat him up for talking back to their big sis.

“Right, Big Sis, I have a piece of good news. You will definitely want to hear it,” Fuji said hurriedly, changing the subject.

“You have information about Mina?” Anri was smart and immediately thought of Mina. She said excitedly, “Quickly speak, otherwise I’ll tell others the story of you falling into a dung pit.”

“Uh… yes, I heard about her.” The corner of Fuji’s mouth twitched so much that it got a cramp. “I heard that Xi Yang City’s noble, Liu Feng, has a cat beastkin in his castle. I suspect that that beastkin is Second Sis Mina, she was probably captured by that Liu Feng.”

“How could Second Sis Mina be captured? She is a ghost walker.”

The beastkins outside that were eavesdropping immediately raised their voices and shouted in disbelief. In their hearts, Second Sis Mina was the strongest.

“Yeah, Second Sis Mina was stronger than many human knights. She was a strong warrior, how could she be caught?”

“That noble must have used some kind of scheme or trick. We must go and save Second Sis.”

At this moment, Fuji somewhat didn’t want to live. The people outside were eavesdropping, which meant that the story of him falling into the cow dung pit…

“Alright, we need to carefully discuss this. We will act tonight,” Anri said softly, comforting everyone.

Little kitty Mina, please be safe. I’m coming to rescue you. If something happens to you, I’ll kill the noble to keep you company. The whole Xi Yang City will die. I swear by the fox race and the name Anri.

Anri called over a few beastkins and arranged a few things. Ignoring the protests of the other beastkins, she left with Fuji at night to go to Liu Feng’s castle.

By the time Fuji brought Anri to Xi Yang City, it was already nighttime at around 9 o’clock. There weren’t many people on the road. Everyone had worked for the whole day, so they all went to rest. Of course, the main reason was that there weren’t any entertainment activities.

The only activity, of course, was creating people. Liu Feng passed a new policy that encouraged giving birth. Even if people were tired, they were willing to move. After all… cough cough…

Fuji and Mina walked in the shadows of the houses. This was something that Mina had taught them.

“Ahhhh… harder… I’m almost coming…”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice came out from a house, which made Anri’s face red. She cursed in her heart that the woman was shameless, as that yell could be heard a few dozen meters away.

“Big Sis, do human women like being hit?”

The innocent Fuji scratched his head and asked for advice in a low voice.

Slap! “Shut up!” Anri slapped the back of Fuji’s head. Her embarrassment turned into anger, and she said viciously, “All human women are perverts, including that Lan Er.”

“Ah???” Fuji’s eyes widened and his body stiffened. A scene appeared in his mind. In the scene, he had tied up Lan Er and used his hand to slap her, and Lan Er was shouting “harder”. That scene made Fuji shiver.

“Im- Impossible. Big Sis Anri, you’re lying, right?” Fuji asked.

“Hmph! There’s nothing impossible. Human women are all perverts,” Anri said, raising her face arrogantly. She urged, “Quickly lead the way, that little kitty is still waiting for us to save her.”

“Oh oh…” Fuji hurriedly shook his head. He decided that the next time he met Lan Er, he would ask if she also liked to be hit.

He was very strong. Thinking about that, Fuji looked forward to the next time they met.

Anri didn’t realize that the words she had said in anger and embarrassment screwed the innocent Fuji.

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