Chapter 36: Isn’t It Just Ear Cleaning?

After an hour of sneaking around, Fuji and Anri entered the castle from a hidden place and got into the back yard.

“It seems like Mina had taught him quite a bit of skills,” Anri muttered to herself. She knew that these infiltration type missions were some of the things that Mina was skilled at. Now that Fuji could also do that, it means that he had been taught some core skills by Mina.

An Li and Axe came to the bottom of a second-story house. The 2 slightly heard a voice from the house and decide to capture a person to ask where Mina is.

“Climb up, this house is relatively remote, there shouldn’t be many people coming here,” Anri instructed. She had previously seen the layout.

“Okay, Big Sis, you stay behind me. If something goes wrong, you escape first,” Fuji said solemnly.

“Okay, don’t worry. I will leave.” Anri was smiling. “I will go to the cow dung pit to rescue you.”

“Eh…” The corner of Fuji’s mouth twitched. He crawled up the corner of the house nimbly with his hands and feet.

Anri followed closely behind. She was more nimble than Fuji. The 2 got to the window of the house quite quickly and her a familiar voice.

“Mina’s voice?” Anri’s eyes widened with joy.

“Fuji, quick, rush in to save her.” Anri slapped Fuji’s back.


Fuji, who was waiting for the order, immediately put strength into his arms, smashed the window, and rushed into the house.

“Mina, I’m here to rescue…” Anri rushed in right behind Fuji, but the next second, it was silent.

“This…” Anri looked at the three people in front of her, dumbfounded, with her jaws dropped.

Mina had laid her head down on Liu Feng’s lap. Liu Feng had one had on the cat ears and one hand on an ear picker. The current scene was obviously Liu Feng cleaning Mina’s ears.

Yes, it was just ear cleaning. Mina’s ears were so sensitive that she couldn’t stand a bit earwax picking, and Anri knew that.

“An- Anri?” Mina shouted excitedly. She got up suddenly and rushed over to hug Anri. She picked her up, like a mother hugging her a little girl.

“Just now…” Anri’s eyes were a bit dizzy.

“Ah? What happened?” Mina was a bit confused and hugged Anri tightly.

“No- nothing…” Anri replied, a bit dizzy.

“Ai ya ya ya… Our fox girl isn’t pure anymore!” Mina’s cheeks flushed. The screams that she had made earlier could make people think a bit dirty.

Liu Feng blinked his eyes, still confused about the current situation. Could it be that Mina’s friends love to come in through the window as guests?

Nicole walked in front of Liu Feng and covered him with her eyes staring at Fuji and her soft body trembling. No one can hurt young master! Unless I fall! Those were the only thoughts in her mind right now.

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