Chapter 37: You Freaking Mutated Catgirl!


Fuji shouted loudly, opened his hands, and rushed towards Liu Feng and Nicole. When he was outside, he kept hearing Second Sis Mina scream, and it was obvious at a glance that it was this noble bullying Second Sis Mina.

Slap! A slender arm suddenly slapped Fuji’s head. “Why are you howling in the middle of the night?”

Mina held the 1.5 meters Anri with one hand, and she looked at Liu Feng worriedly. Her face was a little timid because it was her friends who had broke in tonight.

Moreover, because of the ear cleaning, she actually let people entered the backyard and into the young master’s room. That made her uneasy.

She was the one in charge of the security of the backyard. She didn’t expect that a little bit of unfocus would let someone slip in, even if they were her friends.

“Ah? No? That? I…” Fuji was stunned and scratched the back of his head. He looked at Anri, waiting for her order.

Anri could now see that Mina’s heart had been taken by that noble. No, it should be a little bit of good impression, which was driving Mina to help that noble.

“Fuji, you go back first and tell them that we’re safe,” Anri said. She was carried by Mina and waved her hand helplessly.

“But, he…” Fuji looked at Liu Feng with his face full of worry. He was afraid that Liu Feng would do something bad to them.

“Scram. Who do you think taught you your third-rate skills?”¹ Mina said angrily, glaring at Fuji.

“He he… Of course it’s Second Sis Mina.” Fuji said flatteringly, slightly shrinking his neck. He was the most afraid of Mina as he had beaten up by her quite a bit.

“Then scram.” Mina raised her hand as if she was going to hit Fuji, scaring him so much that he immediately rushed out of the window.

“…” Liu Feng’s eye slightly twitched. There’s a door but he just had to use the window.

“Alright, it’s fine, they’re Mina’s friend,” Liu Feng said gently, stroking Nicole head. “They’re just a bit weird when being guests!”

“He he…” Seeing Anri being hugged by Mina with her hands waving in the air, Nicole couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.

“Young master, she is my best friend, Anri, a fox beastkin. She is very smart and know many languages… And when she was 10 years old…”

Without waiting for Liu Feng to ask, Mina put her hands around Anri and held her in front of Liu Feng and started introducing Anri.

“Stop, stop stop stop… Mina, if you keep speaking, I’ll expose you that you like to steal food to eat,” Anri threatened loudly, waving her hands and legs.

“Who- who sto- stole- who stole food to eat. That absolutely did not happen. I used my ability to borrow things, that can’t be called stealing.” Mina opened her mouth and bit Anri’s eat.

“Ying ying…” Anri immediately became obedient.

Liu Feng looked at the catgirl and foxgirl that were quarreling, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly. It was his first time seeing that kind of Mina.

“Alright, it’s late tonight. Mina, take your friend to rest,” Liu Feng said gently. He had saw 2 new types of beastkins today, which was a great harvest for him.

“Okay!” Mina replied obediently, carrying Anri away.

“Hey! Mina, put me down! I want to walk by myself!” Anri said, struggling.

“Don’t want to.”

Liu Feng and Nicole looked at the 2 with dark expressions. They didn’t know whether to call them enemies or good friends.

“Young master, I’ll clean this room up, you can go to sleep in my room,” Nicole said shyly, blushing.

“I’ll let the servants clean the room tomorrow. You should go to sleep now,” Liu Feng said gently.

“Then what about you, young master?” Nicole asked, curious.

“I’ll go to the study. There are still a few things I need to do. I’ve slept this afternoon already, and I’m not sleepy at all right now.”

Liu Feng waved his hand and walked away. Since he couldn’t sleep here today, then he would just go back to Earth to sleep, and he could bring over some things while he was at it.

“This… okay!” Nicole felt a bit down.

Mina and Anri quarreled all the way as Mina walked to her room. Mina then threw Anri onto the soft bed.

“Wow… so soft!”

Anri’s entire petite body sank into the bed, making her feel more comfortable than she had ever felt.

“Anri, weren’t you supposed to go to the South by now?” Mina asked in a low voice.

Anri lowered her head slightly, her fox ears dropped, and her entire body showed signs of depression².

Mina was silent. She could easily guess the reason why. Anri was probably worried about of. If it wasn’t for Liu Feng, she might have starved in the dungeon and they might not ever have had the chance to meet again.

“Wa wuuuuu…”

Anri jumped up from the bed and hugged Mina tightly and cried loudly.

Her backbone was back. Her support, her foo… cough cough, her sense of security was back.

“Alright, don’t cry. I’m fine, am I not? I had planned to go to the South to go find you, but to think that we met now.”

Mina gently patted Anri’s back. Although Anri was older than her, Anri was extremely dependent on her, just like a little sister. Of course, that was only when Anri was in front of her.

“Mina, what actually happened to you? Why didn’t you come back to us after such a long time?”

“I’ll have to start back 8 or 9 days ago. That day, I… and then young master saved me and got me out of the dungeon…”

The 2 started chatting.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Isn’t that just saying that her own skills are third-rate?

² 低气压. Not really sure. Literal translation is low pressure.

I have no idea what the title has to do with the chapter. Also, I made an index; all the chapters are there. It was painful. Took me about half an hour to link everything.

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