Chapter 38: Young Master isn’t Human?

Early in the morning, when the sunlight shine on the sleeping people.

Mina opened her eyes. She had been up with Anri late last night, up till around two or three in the morning, and then finally fell asleep when she got so sleepy that she couldn’t stay awake.

“Eh?” Mina frowned. She yanked the blanket and saw the little hand in front of her breasts that were “doing evil”.¹ She curled her lips and looked at the person that was still sleeping peacefully.

Mina remembered the two/three years that she had slept with Anri. During that time, Anri’s small hand had always been “doing evil”. That might be why her breasts were so big.

“En?” Anri was woken up when Mina yanked the blanket. She rubbed her eyes, and said lazily, “Morning, Mina!”

“Morning!” Mina said, yawning.

The two lay there without saying anything, enjoying the silence. It was as if they were back to the winter when they first met.

“Mina, are you really not going to leave?” Anri said suddenly. “That Liu Feng might not be as good as you think. Everything could be fake.”

“No, Young Master is a good person.” Mina said anxiously, “He doesn’t discriminate against beastkins at all.”

“Maybe he just likes your beauty? You know, you are very beautiful.” Anri said, pouting. She had seen too many corrupt nobles.

“No, Young Master isn’t that kind of a person,” Mina said quickly. “You just don’t understand Young Master. After you understand him, you won’t think like that.”

Mina knew that Young Master definitely wasn’t greedy for her beauty. If he was really like that, he could have done her in the dungeon, and she wouldn’t have been a free person today.

“Really? Mina, you’ve changed. Before, you hate nobles the most, but now…” Anri said, her eyes flickering.

“Because Young Master Liu Feng is different from those corrupted nobles. He isn’t human- ptui ptui ptui – he isn’t an ordinary human.”

“Alright, I’ll observe him today. If I find out that he has a scheme, you must leave with me immediately,” Anri said.

“There- there is absolutely no scheme. I believe in Young Master,” Mina said.

“You were seduced by Liu Feng’s masculinity. Only things that I see with my own eyes are real.” Anri said something indecent with a decent face.

“What? You’re the one who got seduced by masculinity,” Mina said angrily, her cheeks slightly red.

Growl… Anri’s stomach suddenly growled. She looked at Mina and even blinked her eyes to act cute.

“Then get up and wash, and then I’ll take you to eat break- cough cough- eat lunch.” Mina looked at the sky and hurriedly changed what she was saying.

The two entered the bathroom. Anri was like a curious baby, asking all kinds of questions. Especially the toothpaste, which made her mouth full of bubbles, and she even accidentally choked on it. She had a lot of fun.

It was the first time that Anri learned that the nobles were so extravagant that they use something called soap when they bathed². After they finished bathing, their whole body was fragrant. She realized just how dirty she was the moment she saw her dirty bathing water.

After bathing, Anri felt that even the air was fresh. According to Mina, soap was something that only Liu Feng had. Other nobles don’t have soap.

There was even things called toothbrush and toothpaste for teeth in the morning. Previously, she just rinsed her mouth with water. Now, after brushing her teeth, she felt fresh just by speaking.

The god d*mn evil nobles, but why, why am I so envious? Anri said in her mind. Who doesn’t like these kinds of days?

Mina glanced at how Anri was acting like a bumpkin, and the corners of her mouth raised involuntarily. She had acted just like that back then.

“The toothbrush and toothpaste are also something that only Young Master has. Other nobles don’t have them; they just rinse their mouths with water,” Mina praised, raising her chin slightly.

“Oh!” Anri pouted with her small mouth. She didn’t really want to talk right now. This was completely different than the noble life she had learned about.

Hmph! “The Love Diary of a Noble Girl” is a complete lie. That Lucy, is she actually not a princess? Otherwise, she wouldn’t mess up the nobles’ lives and customs, right? There were many thoughts in Anri’s mind right now. Even with how smart she was, she couldn’t imagine that in this world, only Liu Feng’s noble life was like this.

“Come on, it’s time to eat.” Mina took Anri’s hand and walked towards the dining room.

When the two arrived in the dining room, the food was already on the table, and Liu Feng had just returned.

“Good afternoon, you two!” Liu Feng greeted them with a light smile.

“Good afternoon, young master!” Mina quickly returned the greeting with a salute. She put one hand on Anri’s head and pushed down, making Anri lower her head slightly.

“No need for too many courtesies, let’s eat.” Liu Feng said, laughing. The foxgirl had puffed her cheeks and looked very cute.

Anri stared at Liu Feng blankly. Anri couldn’t feel any malice or lust from him; his eyes were pure and black.

“This… does he really not discriminate against beatkins?” Anri could feel other people’s malice or kindness. If the other party had ill will towards her, then her hair would straighten.

Liu Feng wasn’t a native of this world, and wasn’t brainwashed by the culture of this world. He ha been washed by the norms and values of the Han society and the multiple animes from his world.

He could say that being able to see a catgirl and a foxgirl in real life was such an amazing thing that he might have been a good person in his previous life.

Anri didn’t dare to be presumptuous right now. Even though she had been suspecting Liu Feng a ton in front of Mina, she was still shocked by Liu Feng at this moment. Especially that gorgeous and exquisite clothes. Of all the clothes that she had seen before, she couldn’t find a single one that could compare to the clothes that Liu Feng was currently wearing.

Could he be a prince who has now revealed himself in this remote place?³

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Means that they were rubbing her breasts, probably.

² In Chinese, bathing and showering are the same word, so I don’t really know which is which. Most Chinese take showers instead of taking baths. I decided to use baths here instead though, because I don’t think that showering would be possible with the current technology.

³ Seriously, I don’t get how clothes can have such effect. Sure, clothes make you look nicer, but that’s it, right? Well, I don’t really care much about how clothes look, as long as they are comfortable to wear.

I had to study for an exam, so I didn’t have time to translate. Sorry. Also, I’m pissed. I spent 10+ hours studying the things the teacher told me to study for, and guess what? Half of the stuff on the exam wasn’t on the list the teacher said to study for. And less than 25% of what I studied for was on the exam.

I was going to translate yesterday, but I thought that I had an exam tomorrow and studied for that instead, only to realize that the exam was next week…

And no, I usually don’t have chapters stocked up.

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