Chapter 39: How They View Beastkins

Mina took Anri to sit on the side after Liu Feng sat on the primary seat.


Anri looked at the food on the table. The rich, meat-filled aroma kept flowing into her nose, causing her to keep secreting saliva.

Today’s food was fried vegetables, braised pork, spicy chicken nuggets, tomato scrambled eggs, and a dozen other dishes.

“Mina, did they make that much food just to welcome me?” Anri asked, gently tugging the hem of Mina’s clothes.

“Ah?” Mina licked her lips and shook her head. “Nope! This is the daily meal in the castle. This is how everyone normally eats.”

Well, fine. Mina was the sole reason their daily meal had a dozen dishes. After all, Large Stomach King Mina wasn’t a joke.

If there was only Liu Feng, he might not even be able to finish 5 or 6 dishes.

Anri didn’t know that, so in her mind, she said, Freaking evil nobles really know how to enjoy themselves. They even make a dozen dishes just for a meal. But why am I so envious?

“Quickly eat, the food won’t taste good once they get cold.” Liu Feng was the first to move his chopsticks.

“Mhmm!” Mina wasn’t going to be courteous. She gave Anri a large piece of braised pork and said, “Quickly eat. This braised pork is made from a secret recipe, which can only be eaten here.”

“Eh…” Anri held the chopsticks in her hand. She tried to learn how to use the chopsticks, but she found that it was really hard to pick up the meat with chopsticks, as they kept crooking to one side.

She was very hungry and wanted to use her hands. But she saw Mina use chopsticks to eat and didn’t want to lose face.

“Let someone bring a fork and a knife,” Liu Feng said to a maid next to him.


A knife and a fork were quickly brought to Anri. It was obvious at first glance that the fork was used to fork food. Anri quickly learned to use it and finally ate the first piece of the meal. “So- so- so delicious.” Anri’s eyes were narrowed, her ears were shaking, and her tail kept swaying from side to side.

Liu Feng saw Anri’s joyful expression, which was similar to Mina’s expression when they first met. The difference was that Mina had been done in by a few bowls of polished rice porridge.

Anri was completed attracted by the food. She had never eaten such delicious food in her whole life before, and she found that her previous life wasn’t for beastkins.

Anri wouldn’t be polite when it comes to food. Of course, she would only be like that in the castle. After all, Liu Feng had saved her when she was in her worst state, so she didn’t have to pretend to be an elegant lady.

Liu Feng was full after eating two bowls of rice. Looking at the catgirl and foxgirl who were fighting for food, he realized that even Anri, who had a petite body, ate more than him.

“Huff…” Anri slumped down on the chair and patty her belly. This was the happiest and most comfortable meal that she had ever eaten.

“Hmph! Stinky Anri, you ate too much,” Mina said, pouting. She was only about 70% full, as Anri had eaten a lot of the food.

“You’re already fat. You can’t eat anymore, or else you would sink.” Anri glanced at Mina’s breasts and pouted.

Mina lowered her head and looked at her breasts. She saw Liu Feng look at her out of the corner of her eyes, and her face immediately turned red. She put her hand under the table and pinch Anri’s waist. “You want to die? How could you dare to say such things?”

“Hmph!” Anri smiled proudly. She then said seriously, “Lord Liu Feng, how do you view beastkins?”

Liu Feng knew that the main point came. If he couldn’t give a good answer, then the other party would probably leave Xi Yang City.

“Which side are you talking about?” Liu Feng gave Mina a reassuring smile. “For your information, I don’t know much about beastkins. Mina was the first beastkin I saw.”

“What?” Anri’s eyes widened, and she looked at Liu Feng in disbelief. “Mina was the first beastkin you saw?”

Mina was also stunned. She didn’t expect that she was the first beastkin Liu Feng saw. So that’s why Young Master was so curious about me back then.

“Yes, Mina is the first beastkin I saw when I came to this world,” Liu Feng affirmed.

“How could that be? You’re a noble!” Anri couldn’t believe it, but her intuition told her that Liu Feng was telling the truth.

She would never be able to imagine that Liu Feng had only come to this world for a month. Anri thought Liu Feng hadn’t seen a beastkin in all the 20 years he was alive.

“I just became a noble not too long ago,” Liu Feng said, shrugging his shoulders. He looked at Mina and smiled lightly. “Actually, I think beastkins are quite cute.”

Mina blushed, feeling happy in her heart. She was the first beastkin Liu Feng had seen.

“But… but other humans don’t think like that.” Anri looked at Liu Feng with a complicated expression, and said bitterly, “They treat us like wild beasts.”

“I don’t know how other people will deal with beastkins, but in my territory, beastkins are no different from civilians,” Liu Feng said, crossing his arm over his chest.

“No different from civilians?” Anri was stunned, and she stared at Liu Feng blankly. That was not something that anyone could say.

“Yes, beastkins are also members of humans; they just have a bit more differences.”

Liu Feng stood up, walked to the window, looked outside, and smiled. “I may not be able to control other people for now, but in my territory, as long as they don’t break the laws, then beastkins are my subjects, and I will protect them.”

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