Chapter 40: The Envoy From Bei Feng City

Anri stared at Liu Feng’s back blankly. A ray of sunlight shone on Liu Feng’s back, putting a golden cloak over Liu Feng’s back.

“You don’t have to believe me right now. You can experience it first, and then tell me your answer.”

Liu Feng turned his head, smiled gently, and walked away.

“Huh…” Anri lowered her head to think. Smart people usually think more, and she now understood why Mina would stay here willingly. The charm that Liu Feng showed had almost made her agree.

“Anri, please stay. Young Master won’t lie to us,” Mina said with a slight smile, locking eyes with Anri. “We have nothing worthy enough for Young Master to deceive us for.”

“…” Anri was silent for a long time before sighing. “I’m not one person right now. I must be responsible for my companions who call me Big Sis. If I was just one person, I will be with you wherever you are, Mina.”

“I understand. I will experience it with you,” Mina said, rubbing Anri’s head.

“By the way, Mina, do you have copper coins? Fuji and the others need wheat,” Anri said anxiously.

“Young Master gave me coins, but I didn’t accept them,” Mina said timidly.

“You…” Anri lowered her head, disheartened. “Now what? Fuji and the others have been hungry for many days.”

“Go find Young Master. He will definitely agree to give us wheat,” Mina said, pulling Anri to find Liu Feng. She knew that Liu Feng would always go to the study after he ate, either to deal with affairs or just sit there in a trance.

“Slow down, slow down…” Anri said while being pulled to the door of the study.

“Cough cough…” Mina tidied up a bit, and under Anri’s shocked eyes, Mina lightly knocked on the door and waited until she was granted permission before pushing open the door and walking in.

After entering, Mina and Anri saw Nicole reporting things to Liu Feng, so they stood at the side quietly.

“Young Master, the wheat has been transported back safely and has been secretly transported to the warehouse,” Nicole said while holding her notepad.

Liu Feng nodded his head. “What about the wheat count? Is it enough for 3,000 people to eat for a month?”

“There’s enough for 3,300 people to eat for a month,” Nicole said.

“Oh? What happened?” Liu Feng asked, a little curious.

Nicole turned a page and said, “Young Master, Bei Feng City has an envoy that came back with the ship crew. The extra wheat was the gift from Bei Feng City.”

“Oh?” Liu Feng was a little surprised. In this western land, a city was the main gathering place for people. There must be something wrong for a big city to send an envoy to another city.

“Where is that envoy right now?” Liu Feng did want to meet that envoy, as it was an opportunity to get to know his neighbor.

“He’s still outside the castle waiting for Young Master’s summon,” Nicole said.

“Okay, take him to the living room and serve him some refreshments. I’ll be there a little later,” Liu Feng said.

“Okay,” Nicole immediately went out to make arrangements.

Liu Feng turned his head and smiled at Mina and Anri. “What do you two need?”

“Young Master, we have a few beastkin companions. They have been starving for many days. Can you give us some wheat?” Mina asked cautiously. “Just deduct it out from my salary.”

Her face was a little red as she said that. It hasn’t even been a month yet and she was already talking about her salary. If it was someone else, she would have already gone ahead and “borrowed” some wheat.

“Sure.” Liu Feng said. He was completely willing to give a little bit of wheat, but…

“Young Master, you’re so nice,” Mina said, jumping up and waving her cat tail happily.

“But Mina, are you going to keep supporting your companions?” Liu Feng said seriously, looking at the two girls.

“This…” Mina hesitated, thinking about her salary. It doesn’t seem like she could support too many companions.

Anri couldn’t help but slap her forehead. “Lord Liu Feng, is there anything that I can do for you?”

“No, you’re misunderstanding. I know that you two care about your companions, but…”

Liu Feng stood up and walked to the window, looking at the people working outside. “But, did you two think about it? Everyone has their own way of life. They cannot rely on you two forever. Even if you two are willing to do so, their pride would not be willing to be taken care of forever.

“What if, one day, you two left them? What would they do? It’s not necessarily a good thing to support someone too much.”

Anri thought for a moment and immediately understood what Liu Feng was saying. “Lord Liu Feng, what do you want to say?”

Liu Feng turned back and said, “Let them take care of themselves. That is the best for them.”

Anri and Mina looked at each other. They had never thought about this problem before. They had always been in charge of gathering and managing the people in the group.

“Lord Liu Feng, they can’t live without us,” Anri said bitterly. She knew the seriousness of the problem, but she and Mina had supported and protected their companions way too well.

“Also, Lord Liu Feng, my companions don’t know how to do anything. The only qualities that they have are that they are strong and eat a lot…” Anri said.

The more Liu Feng listened, the brighter his eyes became. He smiled and said, “Being strong is good enough. I need a lot of strong people to help me with my work.”

Under Anri and Mina’s puzzled eyes, Liu Feng pointed to the people outside the window and said, “Tell them to work for me. I will pay them a salary. As long as they work hard, they can definitely support themselves.”

This was Liu Feng’s first attempt at making humans and beastkins coexist peacefully. He must take that step.

After a while, Anri said, “Won’t those humans hate us? Also, they will capture us beastkins as slaves. That way, there’s no need to pay a salary.”

She had seen too many instances of beastkins being abused.

“You will never know the result if you don’t try it. I will help you solve that problem,” Liu Feng said, smiling confidently.

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