Chapter 41: The Arrogant Tory

The envoy from Bei Feng city was Tory, Bei Feng City’s City Lord’s youngest son. He was extremely fat and seemed to weigh at least 170 or 180 kilograms. He literally looked like a meatball.

Tory didn’t really want to come. If it wasn’t because his father had forced him to come here, he would have never come to this barren land.

Look at those people demolishing their houses. The autumn harvest was near, winter would follow soon after, and the weather would get extremely cold. They must have something wrong with their brains to be demolishing houses right now.

It takes 7 or 8 days just to build a house made of wood, not to mention houses made of rammed earth walls or wooden bricks.

Tory shook his head. He hadn’t even met Xi Yang City’s City Lord yet, but he had already labeled him as a foolish noble.

He was worried about the task his father had given him. But remembering the information he had gotten about Xi Yang City, he wasn’t worried anymore and thought that he could quickly finish the task.

According to his sources, Carter, Xi Yang City’s former city lord, had sold his noble title and territory to a merchant named Liu Feng at a high price of 30 gold coins.

Carter’s scheme wasn’t a secret in the noble group, and a few nobles had even copied him.

First, he would sell his territory in secret. Then, he would create problems and cause troubles for the buyer in secret. Finally, he would either buy back his territory and noble title at a low price or even kill the buyer and then take back his territory and noble title.

Tory believed that the guy named Liu Feng was currently bankrupt. He had even brought a ton of wheat, so there was no way he could maintain his noble lifestyle.

Tory believed that if he expressed his willingness to sponsor or make transactions with Liu Feng, Liu Feng would agree to his request very quickly and he would be able to return to Bei Feng City immediately.

Tory felt his heart ache when he thought about the wheat he had to gift to Xi Yang City. In his mind, he blamed his father for being too generous. He thought that nobles in this barren land would be satisfied with just about anything.

“The other party is so disrespectful. He made Young Master wait for almost 15 minutes already,” one of Tory’s guards said, a little unhappy.

Tory was being carried by several guards. After hearing the guard’s words, Tory’s face darkened as he looked at the closed gate. He had indeed been waiting at the door for about 15 minutes.

“Disrespectful. Very disrespectful. Merchants will be merchants. Even if they become nobles, they are still merchant nobles full of stinky copper odor. They have no etiquette at all.”

Tory was arrogant. After his ancestors brought a noble title and Bei Feng City, many generations had passed, so he had become a pure noble, not a greedy and disrespectful merchant.

It was common to buy and sell noble titles in the western land. Real nobles don’t really bother to care about these barren lands.

Of course, only the noble titles of barons and viscounts were allowed to be sold. Higher ranked noble titles could only be granted by royals.

Just when Tory was getting impatient, the castle gate opened. Niu Ben came out, wearing the butler uniform Liu Feng brought from Earth.

“Sir Tory, welcome to Xi Yang City,” Niu Ben said politely.

Tory blinked and glanced at Niu Ben’s clothes. So this is Xi Yang City’s city lord, Liu Feng? The clothes he’s wearing are more expensive than the ones I’m wearing. Also, didn’t they say that Liu Feng was only about twenty years old? How come he got so much older?

Tory mistook Niu Ben for Liu Feng. “Baron Liu Feng, I am happy to be able to arrive at Xi Yang City.” Tory hurriedly made his guards put him down and saluted Niu Ben.

“Uh…” Niu Ben was dumbfounded as he realized that Tory had mistaken him for Liu Feng. A strange look flashed through his eyes, but his expression remained unchanged as he said, “Sir Tory, Young Master has ordered people to prepare refreshments. Please come with me.”

“Young master? Cough cough…” Tory wasn’t stupid, and he immediately realized that he had lost face, as he had even mistaken someone else as the master of the house.

Niu Ben turned his head and led the way. The corner of his mouth twitched. Who does this short fatty think he is? How could Young Master lower himself to meet him?

A descendent of a noble? To be able to even mistaken a butler as a young master, the nobles of Bei Feng City doesn’t seem to be a big deal after all. Tory’s expression was ugly. If he knew that Niu Ben thought that he was a useless noble, he would probably not be able to control himself and would kill someone.

Tory realized that the castle wasn’t simple as he traveled through the castle. Many of the facilities inside were made for war.

In the living room, Tory sat on the chair, staring at the refreshments on the table.

“These are refreshments?”

There were a few small and delicate pastries inside an exquisite ceramic plate. The pastries were made by a maid.

May and Nicole could make even more delicate pastries, but Nicole would only make pastries for Liu Feng to eat.

“Yes, Sir Tory, please take your time to enjoy them. Young Master still has a few affairs to tend to and will come over soon.”

Niu Ben was trying to hold in his laughter. He was afraid that if he kept looking at Tory’s bumpkin-like appearance, he would burst out in laughter, so he hurriedly left the living room.

“How could these be pastries? They’re so beautiful.” Tory carefully picked up a pastry and slowly stuffed it in his mouth.

“This taste… amazing!”

Tory found that the pastries that he had eaten in the past weren’t even 0.1% as good as these pastries. Those pastries tasted like dog sh*t.

“Wow! This pastry has a different flavor!

“Hm? This smells so fragrant, and it gets more fragrant the more I chew on it. This is a delicacy of the human world.

“God d*mn, why is there no more pastries left? This… can this plate also be eaten?”


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