Chapter 43: I Swear on My Life That I Will Complete the Mission

“Baron Liu Feng, how many cattle, sheep, and horses do you want?” Tory asked. The request was so simple that he would agree to any number of these requests.

“100 cattle, 200 horses, and 300 hundred sheep,” Liu Feng said.

“That’s too many cattles. Bei Feng City can only provide 30 cattle at most.” Tory wiped the sweat on his forehead. Although cattle were just sources of meat, there hides were precious, so many rich nobles would raise cattle. His father had 20 cattle. As for the other 10, he had to go to other cities to get enough.

“Only thirty cattle? Then I want 300 horses and 500 sheep,” Liu Feng said with a slight smile.

Tory looked at Liu Feng dumbfoundedly, since Liu Feng had increased the numbers even though he was trying to decrease it. “Lord Liu Feng, Bei Feng City does not have that many horses. We can hardly even provide half the amount you asked for.”

“Oh,” Liu Feng’s smile disappeared. Then how many cattle, horses, and sheep can you give?”

Tory’s heart sank, and after thinking for a while, he said, “30 cattle, 120 horses, and 300 sheep.”

“That’s fine!” Liu Feng said, nodding his head.

“Huh?” Tory froze. He agreed just like that? Tory couldn’t believe it. He had even prepared a bunch of excuses.

In reality, the amount of animals had surpassed Liu Feng’s expectations. Besides, it would be hard to raise too many animals.

After the animals grew big, there would no need for him to bring steak from Earth anymore and he would be able to eat beef and mutton without having to bring them from Earth.

Horses were one of the most valuable animals in this era. It was unimaginable to be able to obtain 120 horses, even if they were just foals. However, it was easy to see just from this that Bei Feng City’s situation wasn’t optimistic.

“I’ll go back to Bei Feng City right now to gather the cattle, sheep, and horses. Can you gather the hides? We will bring the cattle, sheep, horses, and wheat to trade with you,” Tory said, standing up.

Bei Feng City situation was extremely bad. It was in a life or death situation. Tory’s father, Bei Feng City’s City Lord, had obtained information that a powerful group of horse thieves had decided to target Bei Feng City.

As such, Bei Feng City was currently in an urgent need of troops. There was no way they would be able to hire enough knights in time, and so they could only draft the territory’s citizens as guards.

Guards need to have proper equipment. Iron armor were impractical and chain mails were too expensive. As such, leather armor was the best choice.

“Sure,” Liu Feng said. That request was simple for him.

“Then, Lord Liu Feng, I will return to Bei Feng City immediately,” Tory said, getting up.

“You may go,” Liu Feng said, ordering people to pack the snacks on the table for Tory to take away.

Tory left hurriedly and got on the boat and left Xi Yang City immediately.

Liu Feng sat in his chair for a while before he turned his head to Niu Ben, who was standing next to him “What do you think happened to Bei Feng City?”

“Horse thieves!” Niu Ben said.

Niu Ben only said 2 words, but Liu Feng understood immediately. It seemed that some horse thieves had already begun to move.

“Come on, let’s go and see the results of their training. Tonight is their first mission.”


The two soon arrived in the military camp. At this time, there were only 8 people in the plaza aside from a few watchers.

These eight people were the ones that ran the entire obstacle course. Xin Ke, who had the best score, became the leader. He was currently standing straight with his arms sticking to his body. He held his head high and looked straight ahead.

The others were the same. They learned how strict the discipline of the military camp was after experiencing it for a few days. A tiny mistake can lead to corporal punishment and banned from a meal.

They were fine with corporal punishment; real problem was being banned from a meal. Xin Ke had tried making a mistake before, and he was banned from a meal. What was even worse was that his instructor, Niu Ben, had took out a bowl of roasted pork and ate it right in front of him.

All eight of them knew that they had a mission today. Mission means merits, and merits means better food to eat. What more was that merits would allow them to obtain good jobs in the future after they retire.

Liu Feng had set many rewards and punishments in the military camp. If they had enough merits, they could obtain houses and statuses.

These eight men also had very good equipment and could be said to be the best equipment in this error. Even Niu Ben had said that they had better equipment than the king’s knights.

These eight people were the Other World Special Force Soldiers Liu Feng had created. Of course, they were currently just Special Force Rookies.

All eight people had a military knife, made based on the design of Mina’s military knife. Of course, because of technological limits, they were much weaker Mina’s military knife, but they were still better than the weapons in this era.

They also had miniature crossbows that within a 7 or 8 meter ranger, could immediately kill enemies if the arrows hit their vital spots. There were also large crossbows and recurve bows, depending on which one they prefered.

They also had Tang Dao¹, which Liu Feng had brought from Earth. They also had claw hook and ropes.

Their armor were also created by the Department of Scientific Research according to Liu Feng’s requirements. There were iron parts to protect important parts of the body.

One of the requirements was that the armor must be light. Armor that was too heavy were unsuitable for Special Force Soldiers. If it wasn’t because it was currently just the cold weapon era, Liu Feng would have wanted the Special Force Soldiers to go out with normal clothes for their missions, since they weren’t soldiers who that just charge into the battlefield.

Liu Feng came in front of Xin Ke and looked the badge on Xin Ke’s chest. On the badge was a wolf that was howling at the sky. It was the symbol of this Special Force; its name was War Wolves.

“You’re the leader. I do not want to see any deaths for the mission tonight. Otherwise, you do not deserve this badge,” Liu Feng said.

“Yes!” Xin Ke yelled, straightening his body. “I swear on my life that I will complete the mission!”

“I swear on my life that I will complete the mission!” the other seven members yelled after him.

“Good!” Liu Feng nodded in satisfaction. He had been aiming to inspire their sense of glory. He wanted them to feel proud to be a member of the War Wolves.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 唐刀. Yes, apparently the English name is literally just the ping yin. It’s not even Tang Blade or Tang Sword.

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