Chapter 44: A Divine Item That Could Tell the Time

There wasn’t any moonlight tonight. Dark clouds covered the sky. From time to time, there was a flash of light, signaling that it was going to rain.

Liu Feng stood next to the window in the study and looked at the dark night. Nicole, Mina, and Anri were behind him.

Mina looked at Nicole with questions in her eyes. Liu Feng had been like that for half an hour already, and she was afraid that Liu Feng would feel guilty.

Nicole shook her head. She knew that Liu Feng had many plans and wasn’t feeling guilty at all. Liu Feng was just thinking about a few things.

Anri had a lollipop in her mouth, which she had snatched from Mina. She tilted her head and looked at Mina and then looked at Liu Feng. She had a feeling that these two had a complex relationship.

Time passed by slowly. No one said anything.

Knock knock. A knock interrupted the silence. After getting permission to go in, Niu Ben walked into the study.

Clang clang.

Niu Ben put on his armor. Tonight would be the first time that the City Lord’s Mansion would use its troops. Even if he didn’t have to personally be in the battle, he still have to be prepared for it.

Chain mails were the main kind of armor in this era.

Niu Ben wore an advanced type of chain mail. The whole armor was made with thin iron cylinders put together.

That armor was something that only knights of high nobles could afford to wear. It was very expensive and required an expert blacksmith half an year to make one set of that armor.

The armor could protect a knight in every aspect and was only about 15 kg, which was pretty light. However, the armor’s general defensive ability was bad and could easily be broken by a swing of a sword.

However, this armor was one of the best armors in this era, as it can perfectly block arrows.

Of course, the premise was that they didn’t encounter Liu Feng’s army. Equipped with recurve bows, crossbows, and specially made arrows, they could make the knights question their lives.

There was no such thing as heavy armor in this era. All the armor were light armor. Liu Feng had told people to make plated armor based on some of the ancient armors from Earth.

“Young master, the War Wolves have finished preparing. They can strike at any time,” Niu Ben said.

“What about the locations of those people? No news have been leaked, right?” Liu Feng asked.

“Nope. They didn’t notice at all,” Niu Ben said, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

“Then let them attack. Some bugs need to be cleared,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand.

“Understood,” Niu Ben said, saluting. He walked away to keep an eye on them. He couldn’t let those rookies make mistakes and let Liu Feng down.

“Young master, do you want me to go as well?” Mina asked. She had been affected by the atmosphere.

Liu Feng shook his head and smiled lightly. “They’re all just weaklings good for war wolves to use as practice targets. Letting you move would make be overestimating them.”

“En!” Mina didn’t really wanted to go anyways.

The War Wolves were fully armed and ready to move in the military camp. They were waiting for the order.

Clang clang.

The sound of iron armor clashing came, making Xin Ke and the others to become highly focused.

Niu Ben came in front of the eight people. He said, “You guys know what to do for tonight’s mission. Do not disappoint Young Master.”

The eight of them were silent, but the killing intent they were emitting showed their determination.

“The targets’ information are here. You have only 10 minutes to prepare.”

Niu Ben gave a document to Xin Ke, which had the targets’ information and what to do with them. Giving them the information right before they started was also a test.

Xin Ke took the document silently and immediately looked at it.

10 minutes soon passed, and they burned the documents. They organized their equipments again and left the military camp.

Niu Ben took out a watch from his pocket. After looking at the time on it, he carefully put it back in his pocket and patted it gently.

The watch was something Liu Feng had given him. To Niu Ben, it was a divine item that could accurate tell the time, and he would not sell it for a thousand gold coins.

Liu Feng gave him his life, so his life was Liu Feng’s.

Why are people never satisfied? To even go after Young Master, you must not want to live. Niu Ben waved his hand as he looked at the black sky. Several figures silently slipped into the darkness.

He learned the idea of having a backup plan from Liu Feng. If the War Wolves failed, these people would complete the job for them.

Translator’s Notes:

First of the 2 chapters that I promised. I think I might be able to get the next one within 3 hours or so. Not a promise. I’ve also deleted the note post, just to keep the chapter posts clean.

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