Chapter 5: The Temptation From the Tip of the Tongue

Mina was a beastkin from the cat race. She hadn’t eaten anything for three days.

Mina already knew what her ending would be when she was caught and put into the dungeon. She would either be killed or toyed with by the humans. Today was the day to meet her fate.

She was filled with regret as she remembered how she had believed in the hypocritical¹ humans. She regretted believing that humans would actually be kind enough to give her food. She hadn’t thought that she, a dignified cat warrior, would be caught by the humans, even though she hadn’t eaten anything for 2 days and didn’t really have any strength to fight.

She had been sold to the nobles for the price of one silver coin and was subsequently locked up in this cold and smelly dungeon. Today was the third day she had been caught, and she once again heard the sound of a human.

She tried to stand up by using the wall. Her movements were so slow that it seemed like she would fall at any time. However, she stood up completely in the end and staggered from the corner to the front of the human.

Appearing in front of her was a human who was holding a tool that was emitting a strong light. She tried hard to open her eyes. I will not succumb to humans!

It didn’t matter to her that the human in front of her looked quite handsome, was very young, and emitted a faint, fresh fragrance. Three days ago, she could fight 10 of him, but right now, it was hard for her to even stand. Why do I see two of him? No, there are four of him now…


The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched. He sighed as he looked at the catgirl who had passed out in the dungeon. He once again started to smash the old lock, deciding to bring some locks with him next time.

When Liu Feng came to the catgirl’s side, he checked her pulse and found that she was still alive. He took out a bottle of water from his storage space and fed the catgirl a bit of water and carried her out of the dungeon.

Warmth. That was the only thing that Mina was currently feeling. It was much better than the cold dungeon, and it felt as if she was in the embrace of her mother.

Eh? Wait a minute. Dungeon?

Mina abruptly opened her eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling. She wanted to get up, but she didn’t have the strength to do so. She scanned the surroundings with her eyes. She was in a room that she hadn’t seen before, and she was lying on a bed with a soft quilt covering her. This quilt is really warm, wait, no, that’s not what’s important right now.

Mina yanked the quilt and looked at her body. Upon seeing that she was still wearing the same clothes, she patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.


The door opened, and Mina immediately became vigilant.

Liu Feng came in with a bowl of porridge in his hand. He looked at Mina and said with a smile, “You’re awake?”

“Yes!” Mina nodded seriously. Her tight face and continuously shaking ears indicated that she was nervous.

Liu Feng raised his eyebrows as he had expected her to ignore him.

“Come and eat something, you must have not eaten anything for a few days.” Liu Feng said, putting the rice porridge on the table.

“I’m not…” Mina wanted to refuse, but her stomach growled.


It instantly made Mina’s face red. She screamed in her head. The great cat warrior will not accept human alms! Besides, the hypocritical humans would definitely put sleeping drugs in the food. Even though this human doesn’t have a hateful, unpleasant stench, he is definitely scheming something.

“You won’t eat?” Liu Feng asked. He shrugged, picked up one of the bowls, and started to eat. The tempting rice porridge emitted a pure rice fragrance.



Her stomach growled again, which made Mina’s face even redder, and her cat ears drooped.

“You really won’t eat?” Liu Feng kept putting rice porridge in his mouth, and his eyes were flashing with laughter. I can’t believe that this catgirl is getting embarrassed.

“Really, no…”


Her stomach growled again, and her mouth began to secrete a lot of salivae. Her eyes were staring at the bowl of porridge in Liu Feng’s hands.

Liu Feng shook his head, got up with the rice porridge, and went to the catgirl’s side. He shoved the porridge into the catgirl’s hands, smiled, and said, “Eat. In life, you can have nothing, but you cannot starve.”


Without waiting for Mina to reject him, her stomach growled again.

The next second, a spoonful of rice porridge was shoved into Mina’s mouth, making her eyes widen in surprise. As she tasted polished rice porridge, she thought about the last time she had eaten porridge made with polished rice. It had been many years since then, and she hadn’t expected to be able to eat it again in this place.

Liu Feng looked at Mina, who was in a daze, smiled, and walked away silently.

When Mina regained her senses, she glanced around and didn’t see Liu Feng, so she swallowed her saliva and started to eat the bowl of rice porridge in her hands.

“Delicious, so delicious…”

Mina shoved spoonful after spoonful of porridge into her mouth as her eyes started to water. She indulged in the taste and smell of the rice porridge.

She remembered that polished rice porridge was something that only the high human nobles could eat. She had only eaten it once by accident, and she instantly fell in love with it.

Mina quickly finished the bowl of rice porridge in her hands. She turned her head and stared at the other bowl of rice porridge on the table. She secretly glanced at the door and then at the empty bowl in her hand, and an argument began in her head.

“You already ate a bowl, so why not eat another one?”

“No, just because this bowl is safe, it doesn’t mean the next bowl is safe. Did you forget that humans lied to you?”

Mina felt that there was an angel Mina and a devil Mina arguing in her head about whether or not to eat another bowl of rice porridge.

“Are you stupid? If the human wanted to harm Mina, he would have already done so…”

In the end, devil Mina won the argument…

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 虚伪. False, basically a way to describe people who pretend to be kind but are actually not.

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