Chapter 6: You Will Let Me Go?

When Liu Feng returned to the room again with a few things, he found the catgirl sitting on the table with her hands on her stomach. It was obvious that she had eaten until she was full.

After living in this world for a month, Liu Feng knew how barren this world is, and it was because the poor were very poor.

Polished rice could only be eaten by the high nobles and had to be transported from the east. Wheat was the only food crop in the west. As such, Liu Feng wasn’t very surprised at Mina’s expression, especially since it wasn’t the first time he saw something like that.

“Kuang dang…”¹

Seeing Liu Feng’s appearance, Mina abruptly stood up like a frightened kitten and looked at him vigilantly. She was now full and had the strength to fight and had decided to try to find a chance to escape. She looked behind Liu Feng and didn’t see anyone else.

Should I hold him hostage so I can escape easily? Mina immediately rejected the idea. No, that method is unreliable.

“What’s your name?” Liu Feng asked. He was still quite curious about the cat ears on the catgirl’s head and the swaying tail behind her.

Beastkins, except for having some characteristics that are different from humans, were no different from humans.

Catgirls, for example, except for a pair of cat ears and a cat tail, were no different from other human girls.

“Mina!” Mina said her name just for that bowl of rice porridge.

“You have a nice name. Why were you in the dungeon?” Liu Feng asked with a light smile.

“Uh…” Mina froze. Wasn’t it your fault that I was in the dungeon? She blinked her eyes and looked at Liu Feng blankly.

Liu Feng saw the catgirl’s blank face and said, “The previous nobles here have left. I bought this territory and am the current noble here.”

Mina realized that that was why the human had taken her out of the dungeon and gave her polished rice porridge to eat. She remembered that Carter had said that he was going to starve her for a few days to make her obedient and then train her a bit and sell her to the nobles in large cities.

Mina became less vigilant when she realized that, but she still refused to get closer to Liu Feng and stood far away. She had already been deceived by humans before, and she was afraid to be deceived again. She didn’t want to go to that dark and damp dungeon again. If the noble was going to do something bad to her, she would take his head down.

“Cough cough! Can you tell me what happened?” Liu Feng tried to make his voice sound gentle.

Mina nodded and began to tell her story.

It was a very cliché story. A catgirl had been deceived miserably. When she was starving, she met a greedy human, and while she was dizzy and drowsy from starving, she had been offered some food and she had eaten it. However, the food was drugged, and she was knocked out by it.

After that, Mina was sold to Carter. Liu Feng could guess what had happened afterward. If he hadn’t bought the territory and became the noble of the territory, Mina would have been sold to the high nobles to be played with.

Mina was quite indignant after she spoke. If it wasn’t because she was starving and couldn’t think properly, she would have never believed the humans.

When a person was starving, he would always eat food offered by someone else, even if there was something wrong with the food.

“Okay, you are safe now.” Liu Feng said with a smile. “You should go and take a bath.”

“Take a bath?” Mina asked. She sniffed her body and instantly felt a stinky smell filling her nose. The smell on her body made Mina’s face red.

“Here, I didn’t find any girl clothes, so just wear my clothes for now. This is soap, after you wet it you can apply it to your body to clean it.”

Liu Feng put down the clothes and soap in his hands and left after giving a brief introduction, leaving Mina dumbfounded.

“Huh? Could he be a good person?”

Mina frowned. Anri said that there were good humans, but they were few in numbers. Could he be one of them?

“Sigh! I wonder if Anri has left. I hope she leaves quickly, this place is getting more and more dangerous,” Mina sighed, picking up the things on the table.

After Mina was in the bathroom, she took a bath² and found that soap was a magical thing, which surprised her.

“Is this the life of a noble? The scent that good-looking noble was emitting seemed to be this fragrance.”

Mina tilted her head and thought for a bit, but then shook her head. “That’s not right, other nobles also have a bad smell; only this good-looking noble had this fragrance.

She had secretly observed many nobles, and all of them had a different, faint bad smell. She had a keen sense of smell, so she could smell things from quite a distance away.

She now became more and more curious about Liu Feng and softly muttered, “This good-looking noble is different from other nobles.”

After Mina finished taking a bath and walked out with Liu Feng’s clothes, she couldn’t help but twist a bit and said, “This clothing is so strange.”

Liu Feng’s eyes were full of surprise when he saw it. He gave Mina a shirt, and the lower hem of the shirt just barely covered Mina’s butt, giving people unlimited imagination.

Long wet hair, light blue eyes, red cheeks, the hands holding the lower hem of the shirt, and the catgirl’s constant twitching. A scene that could only be seen in the 2D world appeared right in front of Liu Feng’s eyes.

“Cough cough…” Liu Feng openly glanced a few times and said, “After your clothes are dry, you can leave.”


Mina’s eyes widened and she looked at Liu Feng in disbelief. “You will let me go?”

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 哐当. Sound of things hitting each other. Not sure what it is here though.

² In Chinese, bath and shower are the same word, but I’m pretty sure this is a bath, and I seriously doubt they have the technology to take a shower.

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