Chapter 7: The Wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow

“Is what you said true? Will you really let me go?” Mina asked again.

“Yes,” Liu Feng answered with a bitter smile. He had answered the question three times already.

From the time he had said he would let the catgirl leave, she had repeatedly asked in disbelief several times.

“Why? Am I ugly? Don’t you nobles all like beastkin girls?” Mina said, frowning.

“Yes, you’re ugly.” Liu Feng said jokingly, the corners of his mouth raised.

“That’s impossible!” Mina said, glaring at Li Feng. Anri had praised her as a cat warrior that was more beautiful than a human princess.

The next second, she saw Liu Feng’s smile and realized that Liu Feng was teasing her. She angrily flicked her tail and glared at him.

Was Mina beautiful? Liu Feng could only say that she was several times more beautiful than the girls on Earth who had gone through surgery. The pair of cat ears and cat tail gave her extra points.

“Is it really that hard to believe that I will let you go?” Liu Feng asked, shaking his head. Mina had been following him since he came out of the room and had been asking him questions nonstop.

“Uh…” Mina couldn’t say anything. She looked at Liu Feng’s face and suddenly couldn’t say anything.

She had rescued many beastkin girls and all of them had been imprisoned by nobles to be played with. It was as if the nobles were keeping pets. She had also been chased by many nobles before, but her skills were so good that she had always been able to escape.

However, there was currently a noble in front of her who wanted to let her go. The contrast between the behavior was so large that it made her not want to leave.

The conversation stopped, and the only sound left was the sound of climbing stairs. They were in the tallest structure in Xi Yang City- a building that was a dozen meters tall. It was made of stone bricks, and on the topmost floor was a study.


Liu Feng pushed open the heavy door, and he frowned upon seeing how messy the study was.

“You’re a very special noble,” Mina said suddenly.

“Eh?” Liu Feng was stunned for a bit and then shook his head. “That’s because I had just become a noble.”

Liu Feng focused his attention back on the study and frowned as he looked at the crooked books.

“So unpleasant,” Liu Feng muttered, starting to arrange the books.

“Much better.” Liu Feng’s eyebrows relaxed, and he opened the wooden window.

As he looked at the situation outside, he frowned again. “Those houses and roads are so unpleasant to the eyes.”

“Kuang dang…”

Liu Feng closed the window, so his eyes wouldn’t see the mess. As someone with OCD, the crooked houses disturbed him a lot. Well, not like the study was much better, so to avoid seeing it, he closed his eyes and sat in a chair.

“You seem more like a noble than most nobles that I’ve seen before,” Mina said, smiling and covering her mouth. Mina didn’t know why, but she felt very comfortable being with Liu Feng, no disgusting smell, no lust-filled eyes that made her uncomfortable.

Liu Feng opened his eyes and looked at Mina strangely, unable to understand why she suddenly lowered her guard against him.

“Are you familiar with Xi Yang City?”

Mina was slightly stunned and asked strangely, “Aren’t you the noble of this city? Why are you asking me this question?”

“Uh… I just became the noble here, so I don’t know anything about this place,” Liu Feng said, a little awkward.

Mina widened her eyes, looked at Liu Feng the way she would look at a fool, and cried out, “You bought this place without knowing anything about it?”

Liu Feng rolled his eyes and said, “The reason you haven’t starved to death is that I bought this place.”

“Cough cough.” Mina was choked by the words and sighed. “Did you forget that it’s almost autumn?”

“What about autumn?” Liu Feng had a bad premonition.

“So stupid!” Mina said helplessly. “Autumn is here, and so is the harvest season, and it is time for the thieves’ festivals.”¹

Liu Feng’s pupils tightened, and he said in surprise, “You mean, people will come to rob the food?”

“Of course. You don’t even know this? Are you from a big city or something?” Mina asked.

“Uh…” Liu Feng shook his head and lied, “I’m from the East.”

Mina was even more surprised. “East? Isn’t that the place with some of the only wealthy human kingdoms? Why did you come to this bitter and cold place? You really are special.”

Liu Feng rolled his eyes. He had come to this place as soon as he transmigrated. Well, he was fortunate that he was in this place. If he was in the East, he would probably be arrested shortly after he took out something like a glass cup.

“Tell me about the situation in this western land.” Liu Feng urged.

“Okay!” Mina nodded and began to give Liu Feng a general introduction.

Mina couldn’t tell how big the western land was and only said that there were many human kingdoms and several beastkin kingdoms. Five years ago, an extremely cold snowstorm descended in the west and affected an extremely large scope of land. One beastkin kingdom and a few human kingdoms were affected. Countless people froze to death.

The extremely cold snowstorm was known as the wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow. For five full years, the wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow did not go away, which directly led to the demise of several countries. Everyone left those countries to look for a chance to survive outside.

Mina came from the beastkin kingdoms, and Xi Yang City was located on the edge of the western land, not far from the area of the wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow. So in winter, the cold wind of the extremely cold snowstorm would blow here, causing the current winter to arrive earlier than it had five years ago and be colder than it was five years ago.

There were more than tens of thousands of cities like Xi Yang City. So the people and the beastkins that had escaped from the ruined kingdoms were homeless and didn’t have enough food. Because of that, they could only be thieves to rob food before winter came.

That was the only way they could survive the long winter.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Not the celebration kind of festival. Just means that it’s the time where thieves appear and take everything. Like, a festival for thieves. Wait… Maybe it is the celebration kind of festival…

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