Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord

Author: All-nighter Big White

Translator: Superglace

Editor: John Smith

Liu Feng unexpectedly gained the ability to travel between two worlds and got a storage space. He became a second-hand dealer of the two worlds.

When he used a glass cup from Earth to purchase a city in the other world, he began his life as a city lord in the other world.

This is a wonderful world in the cold weapon era. In this world, Liu Feng can see catgirls, fox girls, rabbit girls, and elven princesses any time he wanted to.

Princess: Liu Feng’s city is the world’s most fortunate city.

Princess: I will definitely move in and live there, even if I have to ** the status of a princess. (I did not censor this, it was literally just asterisks in the raw version of the novel description.)

Graduate: The technology and ideas used by Liu Feng’s city surpass this world by a thousand years.

King: That place has the world’s tallest buildings and has the world’s strangest things. That place is the world’s wealthiest and most magical city.

Auxiliary Chapters
Chapters 1 – 50

Chapter 1: Selling Me a City?

Chapter 2: Starting Today, I’ll be a Noble

Chapter 3: Goods from Earth

Chapter 4: Mysterious Gift = Catgirl?

Chapter 5: Temptation

Chapter 6: You Will Let Me Go?

Chapter 7: The Wraith of the Goddess of Ice and Snow

Chapter 8: High Rewards Will Get Brave Men

Chapter 9: Taxes That Scare People to Death

Chapter 10: Returning to Earth to go on a Shoppin Spree

Chapter 11: Fierce Catgirl

Chapter 12: More Noble-like Than Nobles

Chapter 13: Addition of Niu Ben’s Family

Chapter 14: We are Willing to Sacrifice Our Lives For You

Chapter 15: The Beginning of the Elite Soldiers Plan

Chapter 16: The Other World Version Special Forces Obstacle Course

Chapter 17: Three Levels of Soldier Assessments

Chapter 18: The Other World Version Military Camp Rules

Chapter 19: Advent of the Food Crisis

Chapter 20: Nobles are the Biggest Thieves?

Chapter 21: The Difference Between Heaven and Hell

Chapter 22: Mina’s Killing Intent

Chapter 23: A Soldier’s Duty is to Obey Orders

Chapter 24: A Divine Artifact??

Chapter 25: All Elves Are Divine Archers

Chapter 26: We Only Want to be Your Servants

Chapter 27: Other World Education Plan

Chapter 28: Anri Who Wants to Save the Catgirl

Chapter 29: All Taking Advantage of You

Chapter 30: Other World Version City Laws

Chapter 31: 20% Salary Increase For Literate People

Chapter 32: Infrastructure Maniac’s Beginning

Chapter 33: Aren’t You Supposed to Hate Me?

Chapter 34: Venomous Tongue Anri Comes Online

Chapter 35: The Start of the Plan to Rescue the Cat Girl

Chapter 36: Isn’t It Just Ear Cleaning?

Chapter 37: You Freaking Mutated Catgirl!

Chapter 38: Young Master isn’t Human?

Chapter 39: How They View Beastkins

Chapter 40: The Envoy From Bei Feng City

Chapter 41: The Arrogant Tory

Chapter 42: There’s a Good Show to Watch Tonight

Chapter 43: I Swear on My Life That I Will Complete the Mission

Chapter 44: A Divine Item That Could Tell the Time

Chapter 45: Bugs on a Rope

Chapter 46: The Night Filled With Blood

Chapter 47: I am Under Baron Omar

Chapter 48: You Can Try to Believe in Me

Chapter 49: Declaration of Public Execution

Chapter 50: The Right to Buy and Sell Wheat

Chapters 51 – 100

Chapter 51: Other World Version Shopping Mall

Chapter 52: Liu Feng’s Treasure Trove

Chapter 53: The Pissed Baron Omar

Chapter 54: Other World Version Heavy Infantry Armor

Chapter 55: Other World Version Sniper

Chapter 56: So Pissed Their Faces Changed Colors

Chapter 57: Other World Version Elementary School

Chapter 58: Tory Comes Earlier Than Planned

Chapter 59: I’m Someone That Has Eaten Cuisine From the Capital

Chapter 60: Other World Version Shopping Mall’s Grand Opening

Chapter 61: Emergence of a New Currency

Chapter 62: This Is a Place For Commoners?

Chapter 63: Purchasing Martial Products License

Chapter 64: The Father and Son Duo That Want to Buy Back Their Territory

Chapter 65: The Slightly Yandere Nicole

Chapter 66: I Want to Use His Head as a Wine Cup

Chapter 67: Special Tactics Assassination

Chapter 68: A Soldier for Life

Chapter 69: This Path is Off Limits

Chapter 70: Fated Encounter

Chapter 71: I May Marry a Beastkin

Chapter 72: The Conceited Salt Merchants

Chapter 73: A World Where Salt is More Expensive Than People

Chapter 74: Clearance Sale?

Chapter 75: Other World Version Salt Production Method

Chapter 76: Fizzing Beverages

Chapter 77: Registering Identification Cards

Chapter 78: The Injured Beastkin

Chapter 79: Witch Healer‘s Dance of Gods

Chapter 80: Other World Version Medical School

Chapter 81: Rabbit Girl

Chapter 82: Beastkins’ Last Haven

Chapter 83: I Must Still Be Dreaming

Chapter 84: Other World Version Bun Store

Chapter 85: The Sale of Low-Priced Salt

Chapter 86: Fainted From Embarrassment

Chapter 87: The Linen Clothes That Could Be Used For a Marriage Proposal

Chapter 88: The Envoy from Lie Ma City

Chapter 89: Error in Intelligence

Chapter 90: Impractical Idea

Chapter 91: Became True in the Next Second

Chapter 92: Then Be a Teacher!

Chapter 93: Rewarded With a Box of Lollipops

Chapter 94: Sudden Attack

Chapter 95: Other World Version Journey to the West

Chapter 96: The 108 Ways to Squeeze the Author Dry

Chapter 97: Leave Young Master to Me

Chapter 98: Mina is the Real Winner

Chapter 99: Other World Version Military Drill

Chapter 100: Other World Version Farming Plan

Chapters 101 – 139

Chapter 101: Greenhouse Technology

Chapter 102: The Crazy Merchants In North Wind City

Chapter 103: The Start of the Negotiation

Chapter 104: The First Other World Version Surgery

Chapter 105: Draw Mine Draw Mine!

Chapter 106: Sewing the Wound Like Sewing Clothes

Chapter 107: Priceless

Chapter 108: The Most Important Secret Room

Chapter 109: The Real Source of Confidence

Chapter 110: Danger Sense

Chapter 111: Looking at Him Like He Was a God!

Chapter 112: Nobles’ Morning Practices

Chapter 113: Young Master is Actually This Strong?

Chapter 114: The Failed Green Tea Prank

Chapter 115: Spinning Jennies and Looms

Chapter 116: The Heavily Guarded Deparment of Scientific Research

Chapter 117: 6 Grades of Fabric

Chapter 118: The Real Use of Drunken Night Restaurant

Chapter 119: Elf Elisa

Chapter 120: The Dumfounded Merchant From the Capital

Chapter 121: The Merchant That Defecated on the Street

Chapter 122: Hey Hey! That’s the Women’s Restroom!

Chapter 123: The Commoners That Ran Away

Chapter 124: Lure a Few People Over

Chapter 125: Gold Harvesting Machines

Chapter 126: Iron Man Battle Suit?

Chapter 127: West Sun City’s Citizen’s Privileges

Chapter 128: The Intimidating Military

Chapter 129: Other World Version Canned Fish

Chapter 130: The Horse Thieves’ Movements

Chapter 131: The Beastkin Favored By Misfortune

Chapter 132: Bounty Hunters

Chapter 133: North Wind City’s Defenses Got Breached

Chapter 134: The Start of the Interception and Killing Plan

Chapter 135: Horse Thieves Flee!

Chapter 136: Violent Demonic Cowgirl

Chapter 137: Are You a Prince?

Chapter 138: I Want to Follow You

Chapter 139: Just Need to Show His Face

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