Chapter 47: I am Under Baron Omar


No. 2 kicked open the door of the inner courtyard and walked in with his shield held high. His eyes swept the room and he saw the six food merchants in the corner.

“Who- who are you?” the obese food merchant asked in a trembling voice.

Xin Ke stepped out from behind No. 2 and looked at the food merchants. He grinned coldy, and said, “Good. All the targets are here.”

“What targets? Who the hell are you guys? Horse thieves? Let me tell you, Lord Liu Feng, the City Lord of Xi Yang City, will be here soon,” a food yelled out in horror.

“Yeah, let me tell you, Lord Liu Feng has a guard team of a hundred men. Lord Liu Feng will you if you dare to touch us,” another food merchant threatened.

The food merchants mistook them for horse thieves because they were wearing night clothes and had a black hood on their heads. They also had fine weapons.

With all of their guards killed, they had no choice but to use Liu Feng’s identity as a noble in hopes of deterring them.

Xin Ke and the others looked at them weirdly, since they were sent by the City Lord.

“No, you guys aren’t horse thieves,” the obese food merchants shouted in horror. He had seen horse thieves before. Actually, he had participated in their activities before. Horse thieves robbed for money and valuables. These people, however, didn’t care about money and were instead targeting them, the person.

“What? They’re not horse thieves?” The food merchants looked at each other. Some of them even breathed out sighs of relief. Everything was good as long as they weren’t horse thieves, who dared to do anything for money.

“Who are you?” The obese food merchant shouted. “Let me tell you, I am under Lord Baron Omar. If you dare to touch me, Lord Baron Omar will send troops to kill you immediately.

Xin Ke waves his hand indifferently. “Seize them. Stab anyone that dares to resist.”


No. 5 and No. 6 smiled hideously and went forward while holding their military knives. They immediately tied up the food merchants.

“You… un un un.”

They stuffed the food merchants’ mouths with some rags. They then took out a black bag to put over the food merchants’ heads. No one dared to move as one person who had resisted had one of his finger cut off.

“Take them away,” Xin Ke said, waving his head. He went out fist.

The eight people’s bodies stiffened when they took walked out of the courtyard.


“What- what is going on here?”

No. 2 was in front and had his shield raised. He looked at the dozen of people surrounding them. Each of them had a recurve bow in their hands and were pointing it at them.

“Looks like we’re going to have a tough time,” Xin Ke said. He thought about many things at once. Niu Da had even told him that they shouldn’t be careless after completing a mission.

Clap clap clap…

A burst of applause ran out, and Niu Da, Niu Er, and Niu San came out.

“Really, what should I say to you? I just told you guys yesterday to not be careless and you already forgot it today. So amazing. What? You guys were so excited about killing some trash soldiers that you forgot everything? If it wasn’t us that were here today, but the enemy, you wouldn’t have been alive.”

Xin Ke and the others fell silent. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped over their heads and calmed their complacent minds.

They had indeed been a bit prideful after killing numerous guards.

Liu Feng had guess that, so Niu Da had brought the longbow team to kill the War Wolves’ pride. After all, prideful soldiers would definitely fall.

“Hmph! You guys don’t even deserve to be in the War Wolves if you can’t even deal with the trash soldiers with these equipments,” Niu Da said coldly. He looked around and was a bit satisfied after seeing that no one was injured.

Xin Ke and his squadmates scratched their heads in embarrassments. After all, it was true that it was the crossbows and recurve bows had carried them this far.

“Alright, all of you go back. Remember to not let your guard down next time. The only time you can relax is when you are in the military camp or when you have retired,” Niu Da said.

“Yes!” Xin Ke and his squadmates handed the six food merchants to Niu Da, and they disappeared into the night.

Niu Da looked at the eight people who had disappeared, and his face softened. “They did quite well. Not counting this scene, they are qualified to do other missions.”

“Indeed. They did not hesitate to kill anyone and they all did a good job of killing everyone with one bow,” Niu Er said.

“Young master is amazing. He had accurately predicted that they would come out of the courtyard smugly. It was fortunate that we gave them a warning this time or there will be big problems in the future,” Niu San said.

Niu Da took out a small notepad from his pocket. “There are always prizes for merits. They did today’s mission pretty well. All of them get one silver coin, three big meals, and a third-class merit.”

“I will arrange it. You guys take the people away first. Don’t delay young master’s plan, Niu Er said.


The six food merchants were taken away. Liu Feng had already decided their fate for them.

Translator’s Notes:

I feel a bit sick. I’ll try to make up last week’s 3 chapters, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do all three this week.

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