Chapter 48: You Can Try to Believe in Me


The sound thunder shook in the sky as the rain poured down. This was the last rain before the autumn harvest, which was ten days later.

Liu Feng sat in front of the desk with his eyes closed. Nicole was massaging his shoulders slowly. Mina and Anri were eating snacks on the other side of the table.

Knock knock…

Someone knocked on the door, and Liu Feng opened his eyes and said, “Come in.”

Niu Ben opened the door and walked in. He had already taken off his knight armor and had changed back into his butler’s uniform. He smiled and said, “Young master, the War Wolves completed their mission. After doing as you said, their complacent hearts have been calmed down.”

“Mhmm. Don’t lower their rewards.” Liu Feng smiled lightly. If the War Wolves would fail with the equipment that they had, he would have renamed them Maggot Squad.

“It has already been arranged,” Niu Ben said, nodding his head.

“Have they confessed?” Liu Feng said, crossing his arms. “Tomorrow is an important day. I don’t want any mistakes.”

“Young master, the food merchants are all weak willed. We only used two of the interrogation methods you taught, and they already fainted from fear.

Niu Ben shivered as he thought about the interrogation methods. They included using bamboo sticks to stab nails, cutting the skin and putting in maggots, and even killing by using a thousand knives.

“It’s good that they confessed. I’ll give them the punishment that they deserve.”

The food merchants had thought that their plan was perfect and hadn’t expected to be defeated before they even took action.

One of the food merchants, who had been drunk, said things like kill Liu Feng and stuff. One of the day laborers heard that, and the information was soon sent to Liu Feng.

Day laborers were short term workers. Merchants prefered to use day laborers because they could easily kick them away with money after making them work for a few days.¹

The day laborer who heard what the drunk food merchant said worked for Liu Feng and could eat properly. If Liu Feng died, his family would starve.

Liu Feng has already gotten the heart of the residents of Xi Yang City, even though it was a bit shallow. However, before long, the whole city would be loyal to him.

“Young master, do you really want to do that tomorrow?” Niu Ben decided to voice his concern after hesitating for a while. “The civilians would be afraid.”

Liu Feng looked at the nervous Mina and Anri. “Don’t underestimate the civilians. They’re more courageous than you think.”

“But won’t the sudden addition of beastkins have a large impact?” Niu Ben was shocked when Liu Feng first talked about it. It was unprecedented for beastkins to become part of a city.

Most of the beastkins in the capital were slaves. Free beastkins could only be seen in the shadows.

Niu Ben thought of beastkins as people that eat a lot and looked weird. He especially didn’t like the rude looking ones. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to hate beastkins like Mina and Anri.²

“No. This is a good time. We need beastkins, and they need us.” Liu Feng patted Nicole’s hand and stood up. “I will open the confinement of their minds. I see hope in what they as horror.”

Niu Ben opened his mouth and closed it again silently. He saluted and walked away.

Since Liu Feng wasn’t afraid, then he, as Liu Feng’s butler, would have to go and prepare safety measures.

“Lord Liu Feng, why would you go so far for us beastkins? You should know that with the way you’re doing it, it would be hard for the human race to accept us,” Anri asked. She had broke out in cold sweat when she first heard the plan. The plan was crazy to her.

She had thought that Liu Feng would let her companions live in the territory by giving them a piece of hidden land to live in. Instead, Liu Feng was trying to let her companions live in Xi Yang City openly.

“Because I need beastkins, I need you guys,” Liu Feng said, smiling gently and looking at Anri and Mina.

“Young master, I am always ready,” Mina said, flicking her wrist. A military knife appeared in her hand.

“… I …” Anri lowered her head. Her heart was in turmoil. She couldn’t believe that there were people that thought that beastkins were needed, especially among the corrupted nobles.

“You can try to believe in me at least once. If you don’t even dare to try, then the results will only exist in fantasy land,” Liu Feng said gently.

Xi Yang City has a pretty small population. In this era, human population is also a type of resource. Liu Feng needed a large number of people for many of his plans.

“I- I will let them into the city to- tomorrow,” Anri said, raising her head. “I believe in Mina. If, I’m saying if Lord Liu Feng can allow the beastkins to be incorporated into the city, I, Anri, will be your person.”

My person??? The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched as he looked at Anri, who was so embarrassed that her face became red. What the heck is this?

“Cough cough…” Anri ran out of the study while covering her face with her hands. She reprimanded herself as she ran. Anri, what’s wrong with you? How could you say such humiliating words? Weren’t you supposed to say that you were going to serve Lord Liu Feng? How come the words came out differently? Didn’t you always say that you can’t trust humans?

But Lord Liu Feng does seem to be different. Will tomorrow really be the day where hope starts? My attempt… shouldn’t be a nightmare.

The inner world of the foxgirl was rich with thoughts.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Well, day laborers don’t actually work for a few days for the same person. Instead, they get a new job every day and get paid by the day, but it was the closest phrase I could find. I don’t think there’s something called a week laborer, either.

² So basically, a face-con. Or is it a body-con?

Yeah, no. I don’t feel well enough, so only 1 chapter. I’ll do the chapters I owe once I feel better.

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