Chapter 49: Declaration of Public Execution

“Chirp chirp chirp…” It was the morning after the rain. The sun was bright, the air was fresh, and the birds were chirping cheerfully.

Liu Feng opened his eyes slowly. He scanned the surroundings with his drowsy eyes. To him, rainy days were the best days for sleeping.


Nicole opened the door and came in with a maid that was carrying a basin of water.¹ The maid then left with the other maids.

“Good morning, young master,” Nicole said.

“Good morning, lil Nicole,” Liu Feng said, yawning. He got up and came to the basin. Before he could do anything, Nicole softly wiped his face with a towel.

Liu Feng had completely fallen. Before, he would wash his own face, but now, he let Nicole do the job for him. Using Nicole’s words, he was a real noble and should not have to deal with these pesky tasks.

When Liu Feng first heard that, he wanted to say something. However, he chose not to when he saw Nicole’s eyes start to water.

Every time he thought about it, Liu Feng wanted to say that the only things the nobles in this world do are to enjoy, to be on the way to enjoy, and think of more ways to enjoy. Of course, he had no choice but to follow the custom.

“Are they prepared?” Liu Feng asked.

“They went out of the city last night. Mina came back around 4 in the morning?” Nicole answered.

“Oh? Anri didn’t come back?” Liu Feng said, raising his eyebrows. That was out of his expectations.

“No, Anri seems to want to go in the city together her companions,” Nicole said. SHe helped Liu Feng fix his clothes as she talked.

“That fine. Let’s witness it together,” LIu Feng said, stretching his arms and going into the dining room. The change happening today would start after breakfast.

One hour later, Liu Feng finished his breakfast and came to the plaza outside the castle. A simple platform with a gallow had been set up in the plaza in the night before.

There was another platform in front of that platform. It had been there for a long time and had been used by the city lords to make speeches.

All 3,000 citizens of Xi Yang City had gathered in the plaza. The residents that had been outside the city had also returned in the past few days.

The citizens were all talking and waiting for Liu Feng’s speech. They no longer needed someone to go and make them come to the plaza to listen to the speech. They came to listen to the speech as soon as Liu Feng’s announcement came out.

It was already 10 o’clock in the morning by the time Liu Feng got to the platform. He was a bit nervous seeing all the people with various hair and eye colors below.

After being in this world for more than a month, Liu Feng found that he was the only one with black hair and back eyes. Everyone else had black hair with green eyes, yellow hair with black eyes, or other combinations.

Mina stood next to Liu Feng. She held a military knife under her sleeve. She would throw the knife at anything that would threaten Liu Feng’s life.

Mina didn’t dare to relax even though the War Wolves had already guarded the surroundings, as Liu Feng was her and Anri’s source of hope.

Liu Feng raised his hand and silenced everyone. The civilians all stopped talking and waited for him to speak.

“My citizens, I am your city lord, Baron Liu Feng. I have gathered you all here today because I have three things to announce.” Liu Feng was a bit nervous at first, but became relaxed after he started speaking for a while. “Everyone should know what happened a few days ago. Those unscrupulous food merchants tried to make a profit before the autumn harvest and had raised the price of wheat by several copper coins, taking everyone’s hard earned money.

“Even though there was a chance that people would starve to death, the unscrupulous food merchants still raised the price of wheat. All they cared about was their income. They didn’t care about anyone else’s life.” At this point, Liu Feng looked at the people below him, who eyes were filled with hatred. This made him know that he had obtained the atmosphere that he desired.

“Everyone knows that I recruit people to work for me because I want to change Xi Yang City. Because the City Lord’s Mansion didn’t have a lot of copper coins, I could only pay people by with wheat.”

After Liu Feng said that, many of the citizens started to cheer.

“Lord City Lord is a good noble!”

“We like city lords like you.”

“Lord City Lord, leave the work to us, we’ll whip whoevers slacks off.”

Liu Feng knew it was time for the main point as he looked at the excited citizens. He waved his hand to calm the crowd. “Because everyone could receive wheat as a salary from me, those unscrupulous grain merchants couldn’t sell their overpriced wheat, and they blamed everything on me.”

“They even went as far as to try and murder a noble so that everyone would lose their jobs and would go back to buy their expensive wheat at the price of six copper coins per pound of unpolished wheat.”

Sounds of surprises bursted out from the crowd. Everyone was surprised by the high price of wheat. At the price of six copper coins per catty, hardly any family would have enough money to eat wheat for a few days.

“What? They actually dare to try and murder a noble, and a good noble like Lord City Lord at that?”

“Damn black-hearted food merchants! How dare they try and scheme to murder Lord Liu Feng!”

“Lord, hang those food merchants. They must be punished. Dig out their black hearts and feed them to wild dogs and let them live as dog shit in their next life.”

“I agree! Hang them!”

“Hang them!” The citizens shouted in unison. Niu Ben, who was at the side, made a gesture with his hands, and someone immediately brought over the six food merchants to the execution platform. They all had black cloth bags over their heads.

Liu Feng wanted to use public execution to establish his authority as the lord of the city.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ A bit confused on this part as to whether it was Nicole that was carrying the water or the maid that carrying the water. I assume it was the maid because there would have been no reason for her to go in the room if she hadn’t been carrying the water.

Alright, let me explain. I was in the middle of translating yesterday when I remembered I had an exam today, so I started studying for the exam. It would have been fine until the teacher announced today that the exam had been moved back. Well, not that I’m really complaining cause I do prefer a later exam time. Although that means I gotta restudy for the exam.

Well, that’s 4 chapters I owe now. Hopefully I can do at least 2 chapters over the weekend.

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