Chapter 51: Other World Version Shopping Mall

“There is one last thing to announce today.” Liu Feng’s calm and resolute voice rang out, silencing the excited civilians.

Mina’s heartbeat sped up as she didn’t want to see Liu Feng in a difficult situation.

Liu Feng patted Mina’s shoulder and pulled Mina in front of him. “The City Lord’s Mansion will open a shopping mall and hire a group of beastkins similar to Mina to help us work.”

“Eh? What’s a shopping mall?”

“Are they all as pretty as Lady Mina?” someone from the crowd asked.

“No way, right? Lady Mina is so beautiful. How could there be more people as beautiful as her?”

“Lord City Lord is so kind to hire beastkins.”

“What do beastkins look like? I’ve only seen Lady Mina before. Are other beastkins also as beautiful as her?”

“It’s because we worked too slowly. We must speed up; we can’t lose to the beastkins, after all.”

Mina was dumbfounded and Niu Ben was confused. The situation was completely different than what they had imagined. They hadn’t expected these kind of reactions from the citizens and how they didn’t discriminate against beastkins.

In the corner of the crowd, there was a group of beastkins. Anri covered her mouth as tears rolled down her face. She had not expected such reactions from the citizens, either. Fuji scratched his head and silently threw away the wooden stick in his hand.

“Big Sis Anri, what do we do now?” Fuji asked cautiously. This was the first time he had seen Anri cry. Not only him, but the other beastkins also acted obediently.

“Let’s go. It’s time for us to respond to Lord Liu Feng,” Anri said, wiping her tears. Her eyes were red and a pretty smile formed on her face.


The beastkins took off the cloth covering their head as they walked to the platform.

“Fox race beastkin Anri, willing to serve Lord Liu Feng,” Anri said while kneeling on one knee.

“Bull race beastkin¹ Fuji, willing to serve Lord Liu Feng,” Fuji said, copying Anri. The other beastkins quickly followed suit.

“All of you, get up. From this moment forward, you are all my subjects,” Liu Feng said.


The citizens all looked at the beastkins curiously and started chatting.

“Wow! That Anri looks so cute!”

“That pig beastkin with the big ears have ears that don’t even look like pig ears.”

The chatters calmed down the anxious beastkins, as the citizens were different than all the other citizens they had previously seen.

“Everyone, go to work. The shopping mall will open three days later. Everyone can buy wheat and other daily necessities there,” Liu Feng said.

The citizens didn’t know what the shopping was or where it was. All they needed to know what that they could purchase wheat there. The citizens obediently left to do their work. It was almost winter, so they had to hurry up finish building the new houses.

Liu Feng turned his head and look at Niu Ben. “Take Anri’s companions away and do what I told you. They only have three days to learn how to be a clerk.”

“Understood!” Niu Ben said, nodding his head. He took all the beastkins away, and only Anri, Mina, and Fuji were left.

The group of people soon returned to the castle. Mina asked impatiently, “Young Master, how did you do it? How did you make it so that they don’t discriminate against beastkins?”

Liu Feng crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled lightly. “What kind of place do you think Xi Yang City is?”

“Poor and barren!” Mina said

“Remote with hardly any outsiders,” Anri said. She thought for a bit and added, “A very simple land.”

“Young master, quickly spill the beans,” Mina urged.

“You’re right, Xi Yang City is remote and barren. The commoners don’t even have enough to eat, so there would be no way they would pay attention to the rumors about beastkins. Sure, they know about the existence of beastkins, but most of them haven’t even seen one, let alone being brainwashed by the rumors against beastkins.” Liu Feng did some research and realized that most of the citizens of Xi Yang city didn’t even go out, and as such, naturally didn’t hear about the bad things about beastkins. Only people like Ba Fu and Niu Ben, who had gone out quite often, would worry about beastkins.

“So that’s why,” Mina said.

Fuji, who was listening at the side, thought of Lan Er, the human girl who had been nice to him.

“You were the person who rushed in through the window from outside, right?” Liu Feng said, looking at Fuji and laughing lightly. “You seem to be pretty skilled, you should join the army.”

When this topic was brought up, Anri’s face was red all the way down to her neck. Mina face was also red as she thought about her scream that day. It would be fine if Anri hadn’t mentioned it, but since Anri had mentioned it, Mina had also thought about the scream in the dirty way.

“Then can I bring along a few companions?” Fuji asked, a bit anxious.

“Yes, as long as they aren’t females, all of them can go and join the army,”² Liu Feng said.

“Alright! I’ll join the army and kill enemies for you, my lord,” Fuji said, straightening his back. When I’ve gotten big accomplishments, I’ll go see Lan Er; I want to be kind to her!

“Go!” Liu Feng let people take Fuji to the military camp. He now had people for his heavy cavalry and heavy infantry units. Beastkins, who were stronger than humans, were the best source of soldiers.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ I forgot what I put his race as and I also forgot to put it in my notes, so I’m sorry if it’s inconsistent. I’ll go back and change it some time later if I find that it’s inconsistent.

² 除了女兽人,男兽人想去参军的都可以去. Not sure about this one. Not sure if Liu Feng was saying, “not only the female beastkins, but also the male beastkins can go” or ” excluding the female beastkins, the male beastkins can go”.

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