Chapter 52: Liu Feng’s Treasure Trove

“Young Master, what about me? What do I do?” Anri asked since everyone else had something to do.

Liu Feng froze when he heard Anri call him young master. After all, it meant that Anri was really willing to follow him. “You can also be my assistant. Nicole has way too much work to take care of.” Liu Feng looked at Nicole’s slightly wrinkled eyebrows, which was a sign that she had been overworking.

Nicole was his Chief Secretary and Chief Internal Affairs Manager and had too many things to do. She was so busy that sometimes she didn’t even have time to take breaks.

Nicole blushed when she heard Liu Feng’s words. She didn’t expect that Liu Feng had been paying attention to her.

This made Mina, who was eating snacks at the side, pause for a bit. I might be the only that doesn’t have anything to do aside from guarding Young Master. Wait, no, eating is considered work. After all, delicious food will go bad after being left out for a long time- yep, eating is also a job.

“Okay, I’ll work hard,” Anri said, nodding her head. She glanced at Mina, who eating quite ferociously.

“Then Nicole, you can hand over some of the documents first and then take Anri to get some stuff from the inner vault room.” Liu Feng took out his notebook, wrote a few things, and tore off the page and handed it to Nicole. “Just get these things.”

“Okay!” Nicole took the paper and looked at the words on it. “Lady Anri, please come with me.”

Anri froze for a bit and then immediately followed Nicole. “Lady Nicole, what is the inner vault room?”

“The inner vault room?” Nicole smiled faintly and whispered, “It’s Young Master’s treasure trove. Only four people has ever entered it.”

“Ah?” Anri’s eyes widened when she heard that. Then she…

“The four people are Young Master, me, my father, and Mina,” Nicole said proudly. “You are the fifth person that’s allowed to enter the inner vault. She had been the person who had been managing the inner vault room. To be honest, she would rather handle internal affairs for Liu Feng than doing chores in the territory.

Anri hadn’t expected Liu Feng to trust her so much and her heartbeat sped up. Was this Young Master’s charm?

The two arrived in another study, which was the originally Fez’s study. When Mina found a hidden room in the study, Liu Feng ordered a remodel and added protection, making the hidden room the inner vault room.

Nicole pushed opened the bookshelf in front of her, revealing a door made of steel with three huge locks on it. They were high security locks that Liu Feng had brought from Earth.

Nicole took out three keys, opened the door, and took Anri inside. The inner vault room gave Anri the impression of a miscellaneous warehouse. There were a ton of boxes and shelves with strange things.

“What is that? Is that also a treasure?” Anri asked, pointing to a corner with something that had 2 circles. “It has a strange appearance.”

“Oh, that thing? I asked Young Master before. He said it was a type of transportation tool that could allow people to travel quickly. It’s called a bicycle,” Nicole said, putting her hands out. Although she was the one managing the inner vault room, she probably didn’t even know what 90% of the stuff were.

“What does transportation tool mean? Could it be that this bicycle could move by itself? But it doesn’t look like a car at all!” Anri said, staring at the bicycle with curiosity in her eyes.

“Uh… To be honest, I don’t know either,” Nicole said, shrugging. She had learned this move from Liu Feng.

“Wow! That armor is so cool!” Anri exclaimed, rushing to an armor. There were stars in her eyes as her fingers gently touched the armor.

“That’s the armor worn by generals in Young Master’s hometown. I think it’s called Bright Light Armor. It’s pretty heavy,” Nicole said. She came over and stroked the armor. “Do you think it’s more beautiful than the armor worn by the knights?”

She felt the same way as Anri did when she first saw the armor. Niu Ben had been way more excited than they were. He had been so excited that he had stayed in the inner vault room to look at the Bright Light Armor for the whole day and even ate his meals in the inner vault room. Nicole wanted to laugh whenever she thought about it. Liu Feng had even wanted to let Niu Ben wear the armor, but Niu Ben kept refusing and saying that he was satisfied with just looking at it. After that, Niu Ben move his set of knight’s armor the most visible place in his hall and into his room.

“It’s so beautiful. If those big nobles know about this armor, they would probably be willing to spend thousands of gold coins to buy this armor,” Anri exclaimed.

“Well, it’s time to get the things Young Master asked for.” Nicole took out the paper and started to take things according to the numbers on the paper. “Box 1, one notebook. Box 2, one ballpoint pen…”

Anri held the notebook with both hands. Mina had one and refused to even let her see it and said that she would snatch it away. Hmph! I just wanted to use it for a few days.

Now she no longer needs to, as she also had her own notebook and a ballpoint pen, which was way better than the quills that the nobles used to write with, especially since there was no need to use the stinky black ink to write.

Most of the nobles use quills or sharpened reed pens, both of which required to be dipped in ink to be able to write.

“Box 7, a bar of soap. Box 9, a set of toothpaste and toothbrushes…”

Anri followed Nicole as she took the items. Her breathing sped up every time she took an item.

“Am I going to live a better life than high nobles?”

“Yes. My father once said that Young Master is living a life comparable to that of a prince,” Nicole said, nodding her head.

Anri’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Really?”

“Yes, really. Come on, here’s box number 13, a pack of sanitary napkins…”

“What is this?”

“Cough cough… ask Mina at night!” Nicole said, blushing. She remembered how she had hid from Liu Feng for two days when he had first explained to her how to use that thing.

“Huh? Nicole, why is your face red?” Anri asked, confused.

Author’s Note:

When I first started writing this novel in Faloo, a friend asked me if there was something wrong with my head. ( ̄▽ ̄) After all, Faloo has such a small readerbase. But because I have all of your support, I can continue to write with something wrong with my head.

Translator’s Note:

I usually won’t include author’s note, since most of the time he’s just asking for collections and likes and stuff. I’ll include them when the notes are more than just that, I guess. Also, does Lady Anri and Lady Nicole sound weird? Should I use Mrs. and Mr. instead or keep using Lady and Sir?

Oh, and I have an exam 2 days later, so I probably won’t be translating tomorrow to study. Which means I’m gonna be back to owing 4 chapters. *Slams head on table*.

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