Chapter 53: The Pissed Baron Omar

“What? What did you say? My food merchant servants are all dead? What about the gold coins?” An angry roar came out, scaring the servant that was cleaning in the courtyard away. Baron Omar was the scariest when he was angry. He was the fifth servant that had been chosen to replace previous servants this year. He was also the servant that had lived the longest after serving Omar; his strategy was just to get out of Omar’s sight when he was angry.

“They’re all gone. The people that had been sent to find the gold coins didn’t find any,” the knight said.

“Who did it?” Omar said angrily. His eyes were bloodshot and his breath landed on the knight’s face.

The knight had an indifferent expression and ignored Omar’s breath. “Your servants planned to murder Baron Liu Feng, the new noble of Xi Yang City. Their plan was exposed and they were hanged.”

“What? What do those idiots want? Who gave them the guts to murder a noble? How stupid!” Omar cursed.

The knight rolled his eyes. You’re the one who gave them the guts. How else would anyone have the guts to murder a noble? Your servants have taken after your domineering nature.

“Xi Yang City should be the territory of that Carter, right?” Omar said, his eyes looking around for someone to release his anger. How come I don’t see any lowly servants?

“Yes, Carter sold his territory and noble title to Liu Feng more than ten days ago,” The knight said while looking at a sheepskin scroll.

“Damn it!” Omar said with a dark expression. He remembered that Xi Yang City was a remote place with a little bit of income. He had sent people over to sell wheat and had done it for two years already. He couldn’t accept the fact that he didn’t get any gold coins from the place since he had gotten at least a dozen coins from there every year. There were about three or four small cities in the remote areas, and Omar had interfered with the wheat trading in the area and had a stable income of about 40 or 50 gold coins every year.

“Where is Carter? Deduct the gold coins I lost from his earnings,” Omar said. “Then go and kill that Liu Feng and get my gold coins back.

“I heard that he left two days ago to visit his hometown, since in his opinion, Xi Yang City will no longer be his after 10 days,” the knight said with contempt in his eyes. In his opinion, people that give up their territories and noble titles are the most idiotic people.

“Tch… That idiot old man is the reason why the territory became corrupted,” Omar said. He didn’t think that it was his fault that Carter lose a ton of income by interfering with the wheat trade. After all, Omar’s principle was: my wrongdoing is not a wrongdoing, other people’s wrongdoing is a wrongdoing.

“Lord Omar, that Carter has said that after we should also rob Xi Yang City after we rob Bei Feng City,” the knight said.

Omar froze for a split second and then bursted out in laughter. “Ha ha ha… Interesting, it seems that that old man Carter is a good horse thief candidate. He is ruthless enough.”

The knight felt that Omar was laughing at himself. As Omar’s secretary, the knight knew that Omar was the one that created the largest group of horse thieves.

“Lord Omar, do we stick to the previous plans?” the knight asked.

“Yes! The plan stays the same as before. Give them some time to infiltrate. Also, keep an eye on the beastkins. If someone makes trouble, starve them for 2 days and they will be obedient,” Omar said, raising his hand and clenching it. “We must gather 500 gold coins this year. I don’t want to stay in this remote place anymore, I want to return to the central and.”

“Understood!” the knight said. He also wasn’t fond of the western lands because it was too barren. It was also too cold in the winter and the only thing they could do was stay in their homes. What’s worse is that they have to stay in their homes for four months at a time,¹ which would make them useless when spring came.

Omar was a count’s youngest and most troublesome son. He had been kicked to the west by father and had to earn 500 gold coins in one year before he was allowed to return and participate in the battle for inheriting the title of a count. In the central land, a baron’s territory would earn about 100 gold coins per year while a viscount’s territory would earn about 500 goin coins per year. In this western land, the income would be about one third of the standard income of the central land.

In other words, the baron territories in this western land would only earn about 30 gold coins to return. For Omar, who urgently wanted to return to the central land, it was impossible to earn 500 gold coins in these barren lands. As such, he chose another way to do it. What was the fastest way to do it? Well, last year, Omar got 200 gold coins by robbing people and this year, he planned to gain 300 gold coins by robbing.

“My big brother, if I go back with five hundred gold coins, I wonder if you, the Viscount, will look bad?” Omar said with a cold smile. If it wasn’t because of his oldest brother, he wouldn’t have been driven out and forced to come to the western land. After all, he still wanted to pursue duke’s daughters and maybe even the princesses.

The knight knew that Omar was about to go to fantasy land again and quickly opened his mouth. “Lord Omar, do you want me to send people to take a trip to Xi Yang City?”

“No. Don’t waste manpower on that place first. Wait until we take down Bei Feng City and then send a few people to kill him,” Omar said. He didn’t care about it at all because in his opinion, it was just a small remote city.


Translator’s Notes:

¹ I’m jelly. I wanna stay home all day long and not have to go out 🙁

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