Chapter 54: Other World Version Heavy Infantry Armor

The yellow tree leaves shook under the autumn wind and fell off the trees.

Liu Feng had gotten out of bed later and later every day. At first, he had gotten up around six o’clock in the morning, and now, he got up at around 9 o’clock.

“Have you gotten used to life in the castle yet?” Liu Feng asked. He reached out to catch a fallen leaf with his hand and looked at the leafless trees in front of him.

“Yes, I’m very satisfied with it. It’s very fulfilling,”¹ Anri said, following Liu Feng with her notebook in her hand. If it was before, she would never have dared to imagine a life where she would go out and take a walk after breakfast.

“It’s almost winter now. Finally, we don’t have to hide in the caves while waiting for winter to pass this year,” Mina said, sighing. She played with the military knife in her hand, slicing falling leaves from time to time. Her originally thin and skinny body had slowly gotten a bit more fatter.

“Don’t worry. This year, no one will have to stay holed up in their room doing nothing while waiting for Winter to pass,” Liu Feng said, giving a leaf to Anri. “Put this in the notebook. I want to make this a bookmark when I get back.

“En!” Anri squeezed the leaf in her hand and studied the texture. It was the first time she thought that fallen leaves looked good. Before, when they saw fallen leaves, they knew that winter was near. It would be a signal that they would have to starve for a few months and rely on the dried fruits that they had stored in Autumn to pass the Winter.

“Let’s go. Let’s see if they have made the thing that I’ve asked for,” Liu Feng said, changing the subject. Their feelings would be hurt if the subject was continued. He was an orphan and had lived in an orphanage back then. His food had often been robbed and he had starved quite often. The fact that he was now a noble shows that the world really was unpredictable. I wonder if those orphans that robbed me are doing well this year. They should be good. After all, they get free food to eat, and occasionally, they can… pick up soap?

“It’s a good day today,” Liu Feng said. He didn’t know why he suddenly became happy, but he started to sing a song happily.

Mina and Anri looked at each other. They have never heard that kind of singing before, so they thought that it must have been from Liu Feng’s hometown. However, they thought that the song was pretty good, so they tried to learn it.

At the Department of Scientific Research…

Everyone was excited when they saw Liu Feng arrive. After all, it was common knowledge that there would be a feast for everyone in the department that Liu Feng visited.

“Did you build what I asked for?” Liu Feng asked. Winter was near, and he had to make preparations.

“Lord City Lord, we tried making two types. I’ll bring them over,” the manager said.

Soon, two furnaces were put in front of Liu Feng. One of them was made of ceramic and the other was made of iron. Liu Feng looked at the one made of ceramic. “How long can this ceramic furnace last if used to burn coal?”

His current steel production was currently too low since there were hardly any people digging for iron. Before iron production rose, it would be best to save as much iron as possible. Iron furnaces would have to wait until steel and iron production rose before it became popular. Besides, steel was a rare resource in this period. If he were to sell the iron furnaces, then it wouldn’t take long before the poor people would resell them at a high price to the knights that need iron to make armor.

“Lord, the ceramic furnace can last about half a month. If it is a bit thicker, it can last even longer.”

Liu Feng was satisfied with that. “Then start making more ceramic furnaces according to this one. I want to see 4,000 furnaces before winter comes.”


“I’ll let the chefs give you extra food tonight,” Liu Feng said, walking away, satisfied. With the furnaces and Kang Beds², the winter this year wouldn’t be as cold as the previous years.

“Young Master, what’s the use of the furnaces? For fire?” Anri asked. She didn’t hold back when it came to questions.

“This is one of the secrets to staying warm in the Winter. You’ll know when winter comes,” Liu Feng said smiling. They won’t understand even if I explain to them right now.

Anri pouted, which made Mina smile slightly. “Young Master, are we going to the military camp right now?”

“En! Several of your companions have entered the military camp. It has been two days, so we should see if they fit in or not,” Liu Feng said, nodding. He hadn’t expected that five beastkins would actually be willing to join the army.

Anri and Mina were touched knowing that Liu Feng cared about their companions. When they arrived at the military camp, they saw the beastkins training by carrying five large pieces of wood.

Niu Da saw Liu Feng and immediately came over. “Young master, their basics are good. They are pretty strong and will definitely become a good soldier.

Liu Feng nodded. “You got the Heavy Infantry Armor, right? How many sets did you get?”

“Twelve sets.”

“Very good. Get four sets on and let the beastkins wear them. I want to see the power of the armor.” The reason Liu Feng was so eager to see the power of the Heavy Infantry Armor was that he wanted some assurance.

Niu Da immediately ordered for the armor to be brought up and told the beastkins to rest for a bit and then wear the armor. Fuji was excluded since he was too short – the specially made armors were all meant for people 1.8 meters or taller.

The Other World Version Heavy Infantry Armor³ covered the full body and used the Scale Armor Technique. It put extra focus in the chest, mouth, helmet, and other vital body parts by using thicker steel in those parts of the armor. The lower half of the armor used the Skirt Armor Design. The armor weighed about 40 kilograms⁴, which was twice as heavy as a Knight’s Armor. It was strong enough to defend against the arrows shot from recurve bows, let alone the arrows shot from the bows in this world.

Of course, the downside was that the armor was too heavy- ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to wear the armor, let alone fight in a war wearing them. That’s why Liu Feng had special requirements for the Heavy Infantry Soldiers: they must be at least 1.8 meters tall, able to carry 100 to 150 kilograms, have good endurance, and other special requirements. These requirements were impossible for normal people to reach, but easy for some races of beastkins, including bull beastkins, bear beastkins, and pig beastkins.

10 soldiers made up the Heavy Infantry Squad- six human soldiers (selected from 100 human soldiers) and four beastkins. In all honesty, Liu Feng had made these armors specifically for beastkins. But since he only had five beastkins, with one of them being a malnourished shorty, he had to compromise.

As if he knew what Liu Feng was thinking, Fuji turned his head away angrily and thought, I am only 15 years old. I will grow taller. One of the Heavy Infantry Armors will be mine. Lan Er will be impressed by me when I wear such cool armor. Male beastkins, should, after all, use the heaviest armors.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The question isn’t actually answered in the raw. Anri just said “Very satisfied, very fulfilling.” I twisted the sentence a little. Hope y’all don’t mind.

² 炕床. A Kang Bed is basically a bed that is heatable because the bottom of the bed is like a stove.

³ Well, that’s a mouthful.

⁴ I don’t think I said it before, but 1 kilogram is equal to 2 catties. I’ll go back and change all the catty units into kilograms when I have time.

I’ve made up the 4 chapters that I owed. From now on, every chapter I have to miss will be made up by 2 chapters. If I miss 1, I’ll make up 2 when I can, and if I miss 5, I’ll make up 10. My translation schedule will be 5 chapters a week. Can be more if I owe chapters.

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