Chapter 58: Tory Comes Earlier Than Planned

After watching the War Wolves’ training, Liu Feng, Mina, and Anri had gone to watch the training of the other soldiers, and before they realized it, the day was already over. It was already evening when they got back to the castle.

“Young Master, this is the situation in town today,” Niu Ben said, greeting Liu Feng and handing him a document.

“Oh? Did something happen?” Liu Feng asked. It was unusual for Niu Ben to be the person giving Liu Feng the documents.

Liu Feng flipped through the documents and soon saw a message saying that several unidentified people had appeared in the city and that Ba Fu’s grandson, Ba Dou, had also shouted that there were human traffickers.

Liu Feng had made a simple intelligence agency and had people pay attention to abnormalities in the city and record the information. Liu Feng used to look at the information to practice his analytical skills. Niu Ben heard about it and got interested in it, so Liu Feng put him in charge of the matter.

“Do you know who they are?” Liu Feng asked, putting down the documents. The answer was obvious as there were only a few people with noble clothes that would come to Xi Yang City at this time.

“They have disguised themselves,” Niu Ben said. He had sent someone to observe the group of people when he first got the message, but he couldn’t figure out who they were.

“Don’t mind them. If their target is us, they will come to us on their own,” Liu Feng said, smiling. “Besides, I have a hunch that we will meet soon.”

Mina blinked and looked at Liu Feng in confusion. She didn’t understand what Liu Feng was saying.

Anri, on the other hand, immediately understood what Liu Feng was saying.”Young Master, who do you think they are?”

“Who have we recently offended? Xi Yang City is changing by the day; who do you think would be most concerned about this place?”

“We recently hanged a few food merchants that were serving Baron Omar,” Mina said while raising her hand.

Anri thought for a while and said, “Who is most concerned about this place? Could it be Carter? Yes, it must be him. Carter had sold the territory and his noble title to Young Master. Everyone knows that he had some sort of scheme, so he will definitely pay attention to what happens in Xi Yang City. Carter is most likely one of the people that had come to Xi Yang City.”

“Good job!” Liu Feng said. “You’ll get extra food as your reward. I’ll tell them to make an extra serving of stir-fried eggs and tomatoes.

“Really?” Anri asked, her eyes shining.

“Really,” Liu Feng said, nodding. Mina and Anri both had a favorite food. Mina’s favorite food was polished rice porridge.

Anri’s favorite food was stir-fried tomatoes and eggs, and she preferred it to be sweet. She said that it was because her previous days were extremely bitter so she had to eat sweet things to make up for it. Eating too much sugar was a burden on the body, so Liu Feng would limit her consumption.

“Young Master, what about me? I also want extra servings of polished rice porridge,” Mina said, putting her hand on top of Anri and looking at him pitifully.

“We have enough polished rice porridge. You can eat as much as you want,” Liu Feng said. He didn’t know why, but he felt that Mina was much more clingy than before. Is it because of Anri? Or is it in cats’ genes?

“I just need two servings,” Mina said.

“Mina! You got heavier again,” Anri said, getting away from Mina. She looked at Mina’s twin hills and said furiously, “They pressed me just now. You definitely did that on purpose.”

“Anri, don’t be so petty,” Mina said, grinning. She looked at Anri’s flat chest and said, “What, are you envious?”

“You… you…” Anri was furious, and she pouted. “Mina, you’re definitely a mutated catgirl.”

“Tsk tsk tsk… Mutated? It feels like a good thing,” Mina said, shaking her body.

“Ahhhhh… Take this! Eighteen Subduing Cat Tickles!¹” Anri screamed, rushing toward Mina.

“You pervert!” Mina yelled, jumping up and running away.

“Don’t run! I still have 17 more moves to use!” Anri took out a feather and chased after her.

Liu Feng smiled as he looked at the two ladies messing around with each other. “It’s good to be young.² Actually, no, it’s the youth with a catgirl and a foxgirl that is good.³”

Mina and Anri would play around with each other at least once a day. It could be that they were aiming to make up for the childhood that they didn’t have. When Liu Feng got to the dining room, Mina and Anri were sitting at the table, staring at the dishes on the table.

“Young Master, welcome back,” Nicole said, smiling and pulling out a chair for Liu Feng to sit in.

“Lil Nicole, you seem to be in a good mood today,” Liu Feng said.

Nicole only shook her head. I can’t say that I’m in a good mood because I’m doing what I like, can I?⁴

Liu Feng didn’t pursue the topic and just waved his hand and said, “Let’s eat!”

Mina immediately started eating the bowl of lean meat porridge that she was holding. Her tail swayed from side to side as she enjoyed the food.

“Hey! Mina! Your tail is tickling me,” Anri said. She hugged her plate of stir-fried eggs and tomatoes with one hand and tried to pick some up with her chopsticks. However, the moment she picked the eggs up, her body shook and the egg fell back into her plate.

“Eat your food! Otherwise, I’ll eat it for you,” Mina said, licking her lips.

“How dare you!” Anri said anxiously. She immediately got up and ran to the other side of Liu Feng with the stir-fried eggs and tomatoes in her hand. She knew that Mina would actually do it, as she herself had often taken Mina’s food and ate them.

Liu Feng knew that this was just a sign of the friendship between the two.

“Young Master, Tory from Bei Feng City is here,” Niu Ben whispered.

“Oh? It hasn’t even been five days yet. It seems like they are quite anxious,” Liu Feng said, smiling. “Invite him over and have someone get an extra bowl and a pair of chopsticks.


Translator’s Notes:

¹ 降猫十八挠. Reference to 降龙十八掌 (Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms), a fictional martial arts skill.

² Says the other youth.

³ Very sus.

⁴ Actually you can.

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