Chapter 59: I’m Someone That Has Eaten Cuisines From the Capital

Tory requested to see Liu Feng as soon as he came off the ship as there wasn’t a lot of time left for Bei Feng City. He wanted to talk as soon as he saw Liu Feng, but he closed his mouth when he saw that there were other people at the dining table.

Tory was surprised when he saw Mina and Anri. He didn’t understand why Liu Feng, a noble, would let two beastkins eat at the same table with him. I know they look beautiful, have better clothes than me, and have good table manners, but they shouldn’t be qualified to eat at the same table as a noble.

“Sir Tory, let’s eat first.” Liu Feng knew what Tory was thinking. The nobles in this era completely despised beastkins, even the talented or beautiful ones. They think that beastkins are inferior to the commoners.

Mina and Anri didn’t care about the contempt in Tory’s eyes and were only concerned with eliminating the food in front of them. They didn’t care about the opinions of other people. They only cared about Liu Feng. They didn’t want to make Liu Feng lose face, so they had basic table manners when there were other people around.

“Thanks… I…” Tory had wanted to refuse, but when he smelled the fragrance of the rice, he obediently went to the dinner table and sat down. He tried to use the wooden chopsticks by copying Liu Feng, but he was so bad at it and was even worse than children. Tory’s face was red with shame as he knew that he was worse at it than Mina and Anri were.

Are these two wooden sticks the nobles’ newest way of eating? Deciding to not think about it anymore, Tory picked up the knife and fork and started eating.

There was a lot of food that Tory had never even heard of, like braised pork, sweet and sour ribs, and twice-cooked pork.

What? There are beastkins eating at the same table? Who cares! If I can eat these kinds of cuisines every day, I’m willing to stand up while eating and let them sit down instead!

Tory looked worse compared to the time he had eaten pastries, and when he was full, he saw Liu Feng, Mina, Anri, and Nicole look at him with dumbfounded expressions.

“Cough cough… Baron Liu Feng’s meal is very delicious,” Tory said, wiping his mouth with the napkin. Upon seeing the leaves on the napkins, he was ashamed. These leaves were on my face? Oh my god, this is so humiliating. I can’t believe I was worse than the lowly beastkins.

Mina and Anri curled their lips and looked at Tory in disdain. There’s no need for us to treat him highly. This noble is a joke, just like many other nobles.

“Sir Tory, you came back much earlier than planned. What happened?” Liu Feng asked bluntly. I can’t believe this guy is a noble. His table manners are so bad that he reminds me of pigs.¹

The plates were then taken away and they were all handed a serving of a thousand layer cake.


Tory swallowed and tried to move his eyes away from the cake. He stuttered, “You- you see, I- I just wanted to get the hides early- wait, no, no, I just, just wanted to bring over Baron Liu Feng’s cattle, horses, and sheep early.” Under the allure of food, Tory told Liu Feng his real thoughts. After speaking, Tory picked up half of the cake with his spoon and put all of it into his mouth.

Tory ate up the whole cake in just two bites. He even went ahead and licked the plate when he finished. This scene made Liu Feng’s mouth twitch, and he looked at Nicole.

Nicole nodded, signaling that she understood and that she will throw the plate away. She decided to throw away everything that Tory had used.

After finishing, Tory looked up and saw that Liu Feng and the others were looking at him with a dumbfounded expression. He then saw that they had only eaten a little of their cake.


Tory swallowed. The sound was as clear as day, demolishing their appetite.

“Sir Tory, I will trade with you tomorrow. I have prepared a lot of hides, and you will be able to buy a lot of them tomorrow,” Liu Feng said, handing a small spoon to Nicole.

“O- Okay,” Tory said, standing up in a hurry. His fat body accidentally touched the plate and it fell to the ground.


Tory’s face was red with shame. He was ashamed that he had broken Liu Feng’s property after being invited to eat in his house.

“It’s okay. Sir Tory must be tired. Uncle Niu Ben, see him away,” Liu Feng said with a light smile.

Tory followed Niu Ben out of the castle with a half-dazed expression.

“What kind of food, have I, Tory, not eaten in my life? I even ate many delicious cuisines from the capital. How could I be so disgraceful today? What the heck is wrong with me? This happened twice already. Could I, Tory, actually be a country bumpkin? No, it’s because Baron Liu Feng’s food is too delicious. Only the food that his family makes can make me lose my mind. But that shouldn’t have happened though. I’m someone that has eaten cuisine from the capital. It’s like the food was poisoned². Once you start eating it, it makes you eat like a dog, and you can’t stop! But why is it that I still want to eat it?”

Tory repeated these words over and over again, and that was all that Tory’s guards heard as they walked.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 大耳朵的拱食的动物. Roughly translates to big-eared animals that devour their food. Which I assume are pigs.

² I think the more accurate term would be drugged, but I don’t think they have that in the middle ages.

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