Chapter 61: Emergence of a New Currency

Liu Feng walked around with Mina, Anri, and Nicole. They looked like a CEO walking out with his secretaries to do inspections. And then there was Tory, who looked like he was a lapdog.

They saw four male beastkins at the door of the Shopping Mall. They all held a two-meter-long wooden stick and were wearing leather armor. They were the security guards of the Shopping Mall. They looked ̶a̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶ ̶u̶g̶l̶y̶ so fierce and evil that people could not stand to look at them.

In the end, it didn’t really matter, as Liu Feng just wanted them to be able to scare people with their looks.

“Welcome to the Shopping Mall!” the four beastkins shouted. They were extremely nervous as they would never have imagined that they would be doing this kind of work. To them, a security guard was a job that was highly sought after, evident by the people in the crowd looking at them in awe.

“Good job. If anyone causes trouble, arrest them,” Liu Feng said, patting one of the beastkins’ shoulders. “For the people that try to steal, put them in the small black room.

“Understood!” the beastkins shouted, shivering. They had experienced the small black room before and didn’t want to go there again.

“Do your job properly or else I’ll tell Mina to ‘fix’ you,” Anri said, trying to make a fierce-looking face. But it was more cute than fierce. She cherished her life right now and the opportunity to change the way the humans thought about beastkins, so she didn’t want anything to go wrong in the first step.

“Un- understood!” The beastkins said. Seeing Mina look over, they immediately straightened their body, afraid that they would be “fixed” by Mina. After all, if they did get “fixed”, they would have to lay in bed for a few days.

“Let’s go.”

They saw a few counters at the entrance filled with small objects as soon as they entered the Shopping Mall.

“Huh? What are those?” Anri asked, looking at the lollipops on the counters.

“That’s a lollipop. It’s made with sugar, wheat flour, and dried fruit,” Nicole said while taking out her notebook. “A chef in the castle had made this according to Young Master’s requirements. It’s delicious.”

That was the other world version lollipops. It only had a little sugar and would only taste a little sweet, as sugar was scarce in this era. Liu Feng had brought sugar cane from Earth, but they could only be planted the following year, so the 100% sugar lollipops¹ could only be made next year.

Liu Feng did not know how the shopping malls on earth were planned. He planned the Shopping Mall according to his own ideas and experiences.

He didn’t understand why shopping malls put jewelry and cosmetic items in the place where people enter, and he didn’t need to understand. He just needed to know that the citizens place food above all else, and so he just needed to put counters for selling snacks in the Front End Department and it would get famous very quickly.

“Sugar? I want it!” Anri said, looking at Liu Feng with stars in her eyes.

“Then go and buy it,” Liu Feng said, smiling lightly. He pulled out a handful of steel coins from his pocket and handed them to Anri. “Buy it with this.”

“Eh? What’s this? It’s not copper coins. Can it be used to buy lollipops?” Anri asked, taking one steel coin and holding it up in the air. She found that the coin had very delicate carvings on it with “1” in the middle and “dime” on the side.

“A dime? When did this currency appear? How come I’ve never seen it before,” Mina asked as she looked at the steel coin.

“It can! You’ll see when you go and try it,” Liu said, laughing lightly and pushing Anri forward. “Let’s go and try it.”

Anri was pushed forward all the way to the counter. There was already a female beastkin waiting there. She was a beargirl, and she was tall and robust.

“Welcome. What do you need?” the beargirl said, resisting the thought of greeting Anri and Mina. She had trained for two days and could not afford to mess up in front of Liu Feng.

“Eh? Pang Xiong, you’re the one selling lollipops, huh. How envious,” Anri said, pouting. She envied people that could look at candy all day.

Pang Xiong knew that Anri loved sugar. But she was only an employee and had just started working. Not only did she not have any money, but she also depended on the City Lord’s Mansion for her food and housing! Otherwise, she would have already bought a ton of candy from her own pockets to give to Anri.

“I want a lollipop,” Anri said expectantly.

“A lollipop costs a dime, which is the same as a steel coin,” Pang Xiong said, taking a lollipop from the cabinet and handing it to Anri.

“A dime?” Anri asked, looking at the steel coin in her palm. She began to understand the purpose of the steel coins. She took out a steel coin and handed it to Pang Xiong. How many steel coins can you get by using one copper coin? That is, how many dimes is a copper coin?”

“One copper coin can be used to get 10 steel coins,” Pang Xiong said. She had been taught this in advance and even had a simulation the previous day.

“I see. I understand now. Citizens would not be willing to spend one copper coin to eat one lollipop. But if it’s a tenth of a copper coin, then the citizens would definitely be willing to do so,” Anri said.

“If the lowest price of the items in the Shopping Mall is a copper coin, then the citizens would not be able to afford many products from the Shopping Mall, and the Shoping Mall would soon have to shut down,” Liu Feng said. He knew that the commoners in this era were very frugal. None of them would be willing to buy a lollipop for a copper coin, because not only were they expensive, they were not needed.

Even a dime for a lollipop was quite expensive, as a dollar could buy a lot of things even in the 1800s and 1900s.

Liu Feng considered the steel coin as his attempt to change the currency of the world. The Shopping Mall was his testing place. If it worked, it would spread out into the world by itself without needing him to do anything. He would then spread his own currency to replace the copper, silver, and gold coins so he could monopolize the monetary market.

Of course, that was a long term plan, and Liu Feng needed to have enough strength.

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