Chapter 62: This Place Is for Commoners?

The commoners poured into the Shopping Mall right after Liu Feng went inside. They had long heard about the Shopping Mall, but it had previously always been closed. They had heard knocking, striking, and screaming sounds from the Shopping Mall from time to time. After that, there were rumors about how the Shopping Mall was a place that everyone wanted to go to and that once they went there, they would not want to leave. When they do leave, they would always take something away with them.

That was a simple form of propaganda. Many civilians worked in the Shopping Mall, and they were stunned by it when they were being trained the previous day. The commoners were taken aback when they saw the four beastkin guards, and they even became a bit quieter.

Carter and Fez were also taken aback, thinking, Does Liu Feng not have anyone left to use? How could he let beastkins work here? To let the vulgar beastkins work here, this place definitely isn’t good. But they couldn’t walk back out because of the crowd, and they could only walk into the Shopping Mall along with the crowd. When they got in, they were stunned.

The floor was smooth and made out of concrete, There were several counters in front of the gate surrounded by people. Most of them were children. From time to time, some of the children left the counters and ran to their parents to ask for money to buy candy. There were shops on both sides of the road that sold different things. Many of them were close as they didn’t have enough products to open. There were benches for resting on both sides of the road. There were also wooden barrels spread all over with the words “trash can” written on them.

The commoners were stunned and thought that they had come to the wrong place. They felt that the place should be for nobles, not commoners.

In addition to waiters, there were professional guides that began to introduce the place to them.

“Welcome to the Wooden Fragrance Pavilion. There are wooden bowls carved by carpenters here,” a woman in fine linen clothing said as she led a woman in coarse linen clothing inside a shop. The woman in coarse linen clothing was very restrained and didn’t even know where to put her hands. She looked at the items on the wooden shelves in a daze.

“The wooden bowls and spoons here cost from two dimes, which is two steel coins, to one copper coin. Do you want to take a look?”

“Steel coins?” the woman asked, confused. What kind of currency is that? How come I never heard of it?

The clerk wasn’t surprised, and she explained, “This is the currency issued by Lord City Lord. One copper coin is equal to 10 dimes, which is 10 steel coins. Most steel coins are one dime, but there are also the five dime steel coins.”

“Really? One copper coin can be used to exchange for 10 one dime steel coins?” The woman calculated a bit and thought that it was very good value. After spending six dimes to buy three wooden bowls, she went to other shops and bought a ton of items and only spent one copper coin.

After just 15 minutes, several stores that sold common items had no more products left. There were a dozen carts that constantly put products into the store. The commoners snatch the products the moment the products got into the store.

The more expensive products were on the inside of the Shopping Mall. Only a few people were shopping in a store that sold ceramic products. They cost at least a few dozen copper coins. Not many people could afford to buy them.

The most valuable items in the store were ceramic plates that Liu Feng brought from Earth and had cost about a dozen bucks each. They were being sold anywhere from 1 gold coin to a dozen gold coins. Those were prepared for nobles, as the commoners of Xi Yang City would not be able to buy any of those. Liu Feng had already made plans on how he would attract more people to the city.

More and more entered the Shopping Mall, trying to find the place where wheat was sold. They were uneasy and would only feel at rest when they saw food. After asking the guides, most of the citizens walked toward the Agricultural Products section, which was like a vegetable market on Earth.

Liu Feng couldn’t bring too many things from Earth, as his storage space was only two cubic meters and he could only travel once per day. As such, he had to do things the way that was most suitable for this era.

The Agricultural Products Section was extremely lively. There was meat sold on many platforms. Before, it cost a dozen copper coins to buy a kilogram of meat, but now, they could use one copper coin to buy a few kilograms of meat.

They also didn’t have to purchase meat by the kilogram anymore, because there were weighing tools that could measure the weights of items accurately. They can measure from about 50 grams to a few kilograms.

The tools were produced by the Department of Scientific Research and had the City Lord’s Mansion symbol on them. The citizens believed Liu Feng, so when they saw the symbol, they believed that the tools were accurate.

Liu Feng was using the Shopping Mall to slowly set the rules of the life in Xi Yang City. In the future, the people that had come to the Shopping Mall would have to use products with the City Lord’s Mansion’s symbol on them. Because without the symbol, no one would buy the item.

Translator’s Note:

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