Chapter 66: I Want to Use His Head as a Wine Cup


Liu Feng had been thinking for the whole day about what action Carter would take. He hadn’t expected Carter to try to buy back the territory with the glasses. Even if the glasses became 20 gold coins per glass, it would still be within his expectations. After all, this world didn’t know the difference between glass and crystal. On Earth, a real crystal glass would cost at least 10 million dollars.

I can’t believe Carter tried to buy back the territory with the glasses that I sold him. How idiotic and naive! But Carter endured it when Nicole brought up the glasses. He must be scheming something.

“The storm is coming,” Liu Fang said, looking out the window. He has felt that something was wrong when he was at the Shopping Mall earlier in the day. He knew that it was going to come; he just hasn’t expected it was going to come so early. He had overestimated Carter’s and Fez’s patience and hasn’t expect them to make a move after just a tiny change in Xi Yang City.

“Tell the War Wolves to get ready. I want them all dead.” Liu Feng wanted not only Carter but all of Carter’s forces dead. He didn’t want to deal with them coming to his house to seek revenge every day. Besides, Liu Feng thought that they would be good experience points for hoods soldiers.

“Understood,” Niu Ben said, nodding. He had already arranged everything. If it wasn’t because he was uncertain how many people Carter had, he would have already told the War Wolves to arrest Carter.

Mina wiped the knife in her hand. It has been a long time since she attacked someone, and she almost forgot that she had the title of “Ghost Walker.”

Anri had a lollipop in her mouth and was constantly writing something down in her notebook. She was thinking about what else needed to be added to the Shopping Mall.

No one was worried about anything, because Carter and Fez were just clowns in their eyes.

Carter and Fez were temporarily staying in a courtyard in Xi Yang City.

The sound of things breaking came from inside the courtyard, causing the knights outside to look at each other in dismay.

“What’s wrong with Old Master today? Why is he so angry?”

“I’m not sure, but I Herr’s that Liu Feng has made him angry. I think that we will have to do something tonight.”

“It’s been a long time since I last killed someone. It’s been two or three days since I last killed someone.”

Inside the courtyard, Fez was hiding in the corner with the glasses in his hands. Has he not done so, Carter would have most likely smashed the glasses.

“Cough cough.” Carter was tired and started to cough violently. His face was pale, and it was as if he would die any minute.

“Lord Father, please call down. Your body won’t be able to handle it.”

“Scram!” Carter shouted. That little shit actually dared to curse me to die early. And that crystal glass that he used! It looked better than the ones I have!

Fez felt that his father, who was normally very smart and calculator, was currently like a gambler. What he thought was a smart decision now seemed like an idiotic one. But it didn’t matter anymore. Because after today, everything will go back to how it was before, and we will get the Shopping Mall that would give us tons of gold coins every day.

Carter took a few deep breaths. “Are they all here?” Carter asked with a dark expression. “Deal with anyone that isn’t here.”

“They’re all here,” Fez said quickly. He knew that his father was thirsty for some blood.

“I remember that there are a lot of people in the castle. I want Liu Feng’s, Nicole’s, and the two beastkins’ head. Since they like wine cups so much, I will turn their heads into wine cups.

“Un- understood,” Fez said, trembling. Although he was also ruthless, compared to his father, he could be considered “kind”. Fez carefully put down the glasses in his hand, went outside, and looked at the knights there. They were the knights that were most loyal to them. Every time they went out, these knights would secretly protect them. Even if Carter and Fez died, they would kill Fez’s and Carter’s enemies before dispersing. That was why Carter and Fez dared to go to the castle- they knew that if Liu Feng wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t kill them.

“Your task tonight is to kill everyone in the castle,” Fez said, grinning. “Bring back Liu Feng’s and the beastkins’ heads.”

“No problem. As long as we can kill, there is no problem. Killing them is as easy as killing lambs.”

“Let’s have a competition. The loser will have to send a girl to the winner’s room.”

“I’m definitely the winner. I saw a pretty girl today. You guys help me send her to my room tomorrow.”

“You’re not winning! I also saw that girl. Plus, my sword is faster than yours…”

They left the courtyard in the dark, going towards the castle. They had thought that they would only be able to enjoy themselves when they become horse thieves. They hadn’t expected that they would be able to enjoy themselves today and kill a noble. Today, a bunch of devils were released from their cages.

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