Chapter 67: Special Tactics Assassination

There was a hill at the back of the castle. There was a forest there, but the tree leaves have fallen, leaving leafless trees and a field of untouched yellow leaves.

There was a stream that flew from the back of the hill into the castle, giving the garden in the castle a source of water. The weird thing was that although the plants in other places had already withered, the garden in the castle was still full of green, lively plants.

Carter’s knights knew that the castle’s backyard was the easiest place to infiltrate. 16 knights stood on the hill, looking at the place in the castle with candlelight. That place was the castle’s study, which was on the tallest floor in the castle.

“There’s less than 10 people in the castle. Do we really need all 16 of us?”

“Is there something wrong with Old Master today? Was his mind clouded by anger? I don’t think there’s going to be a big harvest today.”

“Shut up. A mission is a mission. Don’t always think about getting rich,” the leader of the knights said. He was a very cautious person.

The knights smirked. We were always like this and had never failed. Besides, that noble’s servants were a disabled person’s son. Plus, the soldiers that just ran all day instead of doing actual practice are all trash. They’re just good for show. We can kill all of them easily.

“The moon isn’t that good tonight. It’s going to be a bit difficult to sneak in tonight,” a knight said, looking at the moon. He then looked at the leafless trees and the yellow leaves on the ground. He didn’t like Autumn, as it signalled that winter was coming.

“Don’t complain. Let’s go in separately. The task tonight is easy. Don’t get hurt, or it will bring shame upon us,” the leader of the knights said. He went into the woods first.

The knights went into the woods in groups of two to four people. There was no order; they just went with the people they got along well with.

The knights clutched their swords as they walked into the woods. They paid extra attention to the parts of the trees that were hidden.

Creak. Crack. Creak. Crack.

The sound of people stepping on branches could be heard constantly.

“Sigh, I could have found a woman to play with tonight, but instead I have to come out here to kill. I hope the women in the castle will feel good,” a knight complained. He didn’t pay too much attention to his surroundings. Maybe I should quit. I should go to a small city and marry a wife and live a good life. I’m tired of seeing blood every day, and I have already earned enough coins.

When he stepped on a branch, a hand came out from the ground and grabbed his ankle. Before he could scream, a hand hit his throat, and his neck got twisted.

Did I get first blood? Xin Ke thought. He wore camouflage clothes made by the Department of Scientific Research. It was made by using the juice from the leaves. His face had also been dyed in yellow color. His mission tonight was to kill all the intruders.

He buried the knight he had just killed and silently walked toward his next target. Anyone that tries to do something against Lord City Lord will be killed! This is the War Wolves’ territory, and it would be a dereliction of our duty if we let you disturb Lord City Lord.

“I’m going to take a piss. I drank too much wheat wine earlier,” a knight said.

“Okay, we’ll go first. You should hurry. You won’t earn much if you’re too slow.

“Careful, don’t get attacked by wolves. I heard that there are wolf beastkins around here.”

The knight waved his hand. “Scram! You think you can scare me with things used to scare little children?”

His companions laughed and walked around. They were still about 3000 meters away from the castle, so they didn’t need to be quiet.

“That guys is lazy as hell and shits a lot. Why did Old Master even recruit him?”

“Who knows? He’s also very horny. Last time, he took a woman that I had already played with. Disgusting.”

They didn’t see the leaves in front of them as they talked with each other.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The knights reflexively lay down when they heard the sound. Immediately afterwards, two figures went over and covered their mouths. Before they could struggle, they felt a pain in their chests and fell unconscious.

“I’m done,” No. 5 said, releasing the knight’s mouth. He didn’t pull out the military knife in the corpse as that would strengthen the smell of blood. He would come back and retrieve it later.

“No problem here, either,” No. 6 said, raising his eyebrows. “These idiots really thought the arrow was shot at them and lay down. It saved us a lot of effort.”

They had shot arrows, but they had purposefully missed. This was because they knew the knights would definitely scream in pain when they got hit.

“Let’s go. There are still a dozen people left. I wonder how the others are doing,” No. 5 said, taking out another military knife.

“I’ll take care of the one back there,” No. 6 said, waving his hand and walking away.

“I had never imagined that I would be able to live a life as amazing as this one. How dare you scumbags try to go after Lord City Lord’s things. You all deserve to do,” No. 5 muttered, looking at the direction of the castle. He was currently like a lone wolf that was hunting. He wanted to kill all the knights before they entered the castle’s backyard so they wouldn’t disturb Liu Feng.

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