Chapter 68: A Soldier for Life

“I heard that the two female beastkins in the castle are very beautiful,” the knight who had finished peeing said. “What do you say we…” He soon felt that something was off and immediately stopped speaking.

“Don’t hide anymore, you two. Today is not a day for pranks,” the knight said in a low voice.

Silence. No one responded, making the knight instantly think about wolf beastkins¹, which his friends had mentioned. Wolf beastkins were extremely strong.

“Hmph. How could there be wolf beastkins. The king’s royal knight squad had already exterminate them,” the knight mumbled, trying to comfort himself. “Those two bastards must be trying to pull a prank on me, just like last time.”

The knight felt someone tap his shoulder, which made his body shake. He then breathed a sigh of relief. “You guys are so boring to pull pranks during a mission. If the leader learns about this, then…” He turned his head while speaking and was greeted with a pair of cold eyes. His eyes widened, and before he could say anything, the person strangled his throat and stabbed his heart. The knight resisted for a short time before collapsing.

“You’re not someone worthy enough to think about Lady Mina and Lady Anri,” No. 6 said.

Whoosh whoosh!

Two arrows were shot, with one piercing a person’s throat and the other piercing his open mouth.

Five meters away from the dead knight, his companion reacted and opened his mouth to shout, but before he could…

Whoosh whoosh!

Two more arrows flew out, and this knight followed his companion’s footsteps.

“Tch! This is so easy! Are they really knights? How come they feel even worse than the soldiers in training?” No. 8 said as he came out from the shadows.

No. 7 walked out from behind him and sneered, “They’re too arrogant. They think that they can do whatever they want to Lord City Lord. One of them was even spying on Lord City Lord in the morning.” He had seen someone staring at Liu Feng and hadn’t expected them to come so fast.

“How could they possibly know what Lord City Lord is capable of,” No. 8 said. He had only used a dozen days to become as powerful as he currently was. All he did was train according to what Liu Feng had said,² and he felt that he could easily solo four or five knights. He could easily solo ten if he included the powerful equipment and solo more than a dozen if he was in a favorable environment.

As time passed, more and more figures fell down without making a single sound.

The War Wolves met up and talked in low voices.

“Killed three,” Xin Ke said, raising three fingers.

“One,” No. 3 said.

“Two,” No. 6 said.

They added the numbers up and found that they had killed 12 knights, meaning that four knights were left.

“There are still four people left. They should be by the creek already and will soon enter the castle,” No. 2 said.

“We don’t need to go there. That’s the area that Lady Mina takes care of. We’ll just waste time if we go there,” Xin Ke said, shaking his head. He shook the blood off his military knife and sheathing it.

They had been abused by Mina a few times and knew how strong she was. After Mina had learned special tactics assassination, it got even worse as they got knocked unconscious without even seeing her.

“That was boring. They’re so weak that they didn’t even react before they were killed. It’s like they were chickens,” No. 3 said.

“Shut up. The enemies weren’t weak. We just became stronger. Arrogant soldiers will definitely lose. Did you forget the lesson from last time,” Xin Ke reprimanded.

The people lowered their heads. The previous lesson was a disgrace for the War Wolves.

“Clean up the battlefield. These people still have some good things on them. We’ll use them to exchange for some military credits. I just need a few more credits to exchange for a military knife,” No. 5 said, smiling.

Liu Feng had made a reward system with military credits. He put up some military supplies that were eliminated and anyone could buy them using military credits. They would get to keep it forever. Of course, important and confidential equipment like crossbows weren’t exchangeable.

“Military knife? Which one are you interested in?” No. 4 asked. “The ones available to be exchanged are all first generation Wolf Teeth, which we all used before. They’re much worse than the ones we’re currently using.” They were currently using the second generation of Wolf Teeth, which were produced by the Department of Scientific Research in the best way they could. The War Wolves were the only people that were using these weapons. They were named Wolf Teeth because they were cool and resembled wolf teeth. The military gave priority to the War Wolves for the equipment. Many other soldiers hadn’t even touched a military knife.

They craved Mina’s military knife the most since they heard that she had the best military knife. Unfortunately for them though, they could only get it in their dreams. Men, especially the soldiers, are obsessed with cold weapons like swords and blades after all.

“Well, I want to get the military knife that I first used as a souvenir and use it to tell my children my story,” No. 5 said.

Then I’ll get mine as well. My knife seem to have a cut in the blade,” No. 6 said.

“What do you guys think of the retirement plans that Lord City Lord talked about?” No. 8 asked.

Liu Feng had told them that anyone that was seriously injured and disabled or had served five years in the military would be discharged from the army and the City Lord’s Mansion would cover their employment.

“You guys are already thinking about retirement?” No. 7 asked. He felt that he could serve in the army for at least 20 more years.

“Who the hell’s thinking of retirement?” No. 5 said. “Anyone that retires is an idiot. I want to be a soldier for Lord City Lord for the rest of my life.”

“Exactly. I don’t care about what others say; I’m not retiring from the army. I don’t care about the five year retirement rule. Whoever retires is a coward,” Xin Ke said.

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