Chapter 76: Fizzing Beverages

Today was a good day for the residents of Xi Yang City as some of the new houses had finished construction. As soon as the houses passed the inspections, the residents would be allowed to move into the new houses.

Liu Feng was currently checking the newly finished houses that were designed like community homes. Every one of the houses had some branches inside, which had currently dried up.

Cement houses were smeared with cement so they didn’t look too bad. They were simple, but they were enough to make many of the civilians excited as they were much better than the rammed earth wall houses the civilians had been living in. In Xi Yang City, houses made of bluestones were rare- with the City Lord’s Mansion being one of the only buildings made of bluestones.

Liu Feng chose a random house and walked to it. But before he could even completely open the door, Mina rushed in to check the house. After confirming there wasn’t any danger, she let Liu Feng in the house.

“Relax. You’re too anxious,” Liu Feng said, gently patting Mina’s head. The War Wolves that are outside had already checked the houses. You don’t have to worry.”

“Okay,” Mina said, nodding her head. But only she knew whether or not she took those words to heart.

Liu Feng entered the house and looked around. The house didn’t look very different from the way he had designed it. It had 4 bedrooms, a living room, a restroom, and a kitchen- enough for a family of six to live in.

“So small!” Anri said. The room they were currently in was much smaller than her bedroom.

Rooms in suites were always small- but they were good enough to satisfy the civilians. The suites were sold based on what the buyers needed- there were also suites with 2 bedrooms and suites with 3 bedrooms.

Needless to say, many civilians didn’t really care about the decoration and were satisfied with the plain cement covered rooms. Liu Feng had given many designs for the decorations, but most of the civilians weren’t very interested in the decoration- only a few somewhat wealthy families had asked about the decorations.

It was understandable as most of the civilians didn’t have any money to spare. As such, they wouldn’t care about unnecessary things like decorations and would be satisfied as long their houses had working doors and windows to keep them safe.

“It seems that I have to improve their living conditions first so that they would have excess money to spend on extravagant items,” Liu Feng mumbled. Liu Feng walked out of the house, closed the door, and went to inspect other houses.

As Liu Feng finished inspecting the eighth house he went to, he saw Buff’s family moving their stuff into their new house.

Seeing Liu Feng walking over to them, Buff’s family hurriedly saluted Liu Feng. They had not expected to meet Liu Feng at the door of their new home.

“This is your new house?” Liu Feng asked, surprised. He was just about to go in to expect the same house they were in front of.

“Yes!” Buff said, smiling. He had gotten a 200 square meter¹ house- a benefit for working for the City Lord’s Mansion.

“I remember that your house has decorations. Come on, let’s go take a look” Liu Feng said, smiling. Buff was one of the few people that had asked him about decorations.

“Please, follow me,” Buff said, leading the way.

There were benefits in working for the City Lord’s Mansion. The 200 square meter house was a perfect example- there weren’t many 200 square meter houses built, and only a few people had gotten one of the houses.

The group immediately noticed how different the room was compared to the rooms in the houses they had previously checked. The walls were smeared with fine cement, which made them much smoother than the walls of the previous houses. The floor was paved with wooden boards, and the room was filled with tables and chairs.

The room only had one bed, but it was enough to surprise Mina, Anri, and Nicole because of how comfortable the room looked with such a simple layout.

“Buff, you’re only halfway done with the renovations, right? There’s a lot of things that you still haven’t done yet,” Liu Feng said. He had given Buff a lot of suggestions about decorations.

“Lord Liu Feng, this is enough for me. It’s much better than the house I used to live in,” Buff exclaimed. He didn’t even dare to dream of having such a fulfilling life 20 days ago, let alone such a good house.

“It’ll only get better in the future,” Liu Feng said, nodding his head. He understood Buff’s feelings. He had lived a bitter life previously and was extremely satisfied after just a little bit of an improvement.

“Lord Liu Feng, please sit.” Buff hurriedly moved the chair and kicked his son, Luma who was standing next to him. “Hurry up and go pour some water for Lord Liu Feng.”

“No need. I’ve brought some drinks with me,” Nicole said, stopping them.” She was carrying a cute and delicate backpack on her back. Liu Feng had given her and each of the other girls a small backpack.

Today was the first day that Nicole had carried it outside. She took out a small box from the backpack, opened the box, took out a glass, and put it on the table. She then proceeded to take out a red tin can from the backpack.

“Fizz…” Nicole opened the can and a fizzing sound came out. She carefully poured the black, bubbling liquid into the glass.

“Pour a glass for Buff,” Liu Feng said. He glanced at Mina and Anri and saw them licking their lips, and couldn’t help but laugh in his mind. They had already drank it before. When Mina and Anri first drank the soda, they were extremely surprised at how good it was.

“Everyone can go to the inner vault to get a can when we get back,” Liu Feng said, helpless. The beastgirls would never ask him for anything- they would only stare at him with pleading eyes.

“Yay! Young Master, you’re the best,” Anrin shouted, jumping in joy.

“I want that white bubble one,” Mina said, her eyes filled with joy.

Nicole smiled lightly and nodded and planned to get the soda for Mina and Anri when they get back. She also liked to drink soda.

Translator’s Note:

¹ The author wrote 200 square, but not the unit. I assumed that it was meters.

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