Chapter 77: Registering Identification Cards

Buff stared at the glass and the black bubbling drink in front of him blankly. I can’t believe that Young Master carries such expensive glass around with him when he walks out. Is this the lavish life of a noble?

“Cough cough…” Luma put a ceramic cup in front of Buff. Seeing that Buff was standing there in a daze, he softly kicked a chair.

“Huh? Oh oh!” Buff quickly reacted and handed the ceramic cup to Nicole.

Nicole poured the soda from the can into the ceramic cup, and said, “Don’t drink too much with your first sip.”

“Oh, okay,” Buff said, taking back the cup, and staring at the black liquid in it. Why does it look like this? Can you even drink this?

Liu Feng knew what Buff was thinking. After all, the three girls next to him had the same thoughts when he first invited them to drink the soda.

“Ahh! Refreshing!” Liu Feng exclaimed after he drank the soda. He was a bit thirsty after checking 8 different houses.

Seeing Liu Feng had drank the soda, Buff decided that he was going to drink it even if the liquid was poison.


As soon as the liquid got into his mouth, Buff’s eyes widened, surprised by the sweet flavor of the drink and the bubbles stimulating him.

Liu Feng smiled and shook his head. He then gave the rest of the soda to Mina, thinking that the girls were probably thirsty as well.

“Young Master…” Mina wanted to refuse, but Liu Feng forcibly put the glass in Mina’s hand. Mina didn’t know how to refuse Liu Feng, and so the three of them all took a sip of soda.¹ Nicole had only brought one can of soda out with her, and she had planned to let Liu Feng drink all of it. They had not expected that Liu Feng would let all 3 of them to take a sip, and this put warmth in their hearts.

Buff was moved when he saw this scene. Lord Liu Feng only took one sip and even gave me a whole cup of it. Where else can I find such a good master? How can I not work hard for him?

Luma stole the cup, which made Buff stare at him angrily. If you don’t leave me a sip – no, 3 sips of the drink – one for my grandson, one for my daughter-in-law, and one for my wife – then after Lord Liu Feng leaves, you’ll get a serving of the family rules.

“Cough cough,” Liu Feng coughed lightly. “Buff, the housing isn’t a problem, is it?”

“No, there’s no problem. Everyone is happy about it. All that’s left is to register for an identification card and then they can move in to their new homes,” Buff said.

“How are the identification cards coming along? Is it going well?” Liu Feng ask. This was what he cared the most about.

Identification cards were proof of a person’s citizenship in his territory. He planned to issue identifications cards before assigning houses to people so he could get the issue over with. This would make it easier for him to manage and take a census of the population.

The ID cards weren’t as detailed and nice as the ones on Earth- it was just wooden boards with paper on it listing the name, sex, address, ID number, and most importantly, authentication number. The authentication number was there to prevent fraud and prevent people from making fake ID cards. A worker would be able to use a codebook to verify whether an ID card was real or fake.

The words on the ID card were printed with Movable Types². They had thousands of plates with words on them and used the ink that Liu Feng had brought from Earth.

“There aren’t any problems. They’re all talking about how they’re someone with an identity,” Buff said happily. He had made his ID card 2 days ago. He also knew how important the ID cards were. After all, wheat and salt would require ID cards to purchase- without them, one could only buy a tiny amount of the stuff.

A person with an ID card could buy 5 kilograms of wheat and half a kilogram of salt at a time, but a person without an ID card could only buy 1.5 kilograms of wheat and 50 grams of salt at a time.

Liu Feng did this to prevent people from buying and reselling the items to another place. After all, even though the items were cheap in XI Yang City, they were very expensive in other places. If someone brought a ton of the items and sold them somewhere else, and people copied the person, then the market will inevitably collapse one day.

They had stored rock salt for 3 days. Liu Feng hadn’t put out the rock salt since he was waiting for people to finish applying for ID cards. There were only a few days left before the Autumn Harvest, and he wanted to make enough preparations for it.

“Keep a close eye on it. I don’t want there to be a problem during this critical moment,” Liu Feng said. He planned to move the rock salts to the Shopping Mall in 2 days.

“Understood!” Buff said. He had participated in many programs and was no longer an outsider to things.

“Then I won’t bother you guys from moving into your new home anymore,” Liu Feng said, standing up and leaving.

Buff walked Liu Feng outside and hurried back inside. Shortly after, a large scream came from the house.

Liu Feng, who hadn’t walked far away, froze lightly, and then smiled. “It seems like Old Man Buff is still as strong as ever.”

“Seems like Mr. Luma couldn’t hold back,” Nicole said, laughing. The first time her father drank the soda, he didn’t manage to hold back either and drank all of the soda. Her mom was so angry that she made him sleep in the study.

“Because it tastes really good,” Mina said. “It’s the second tastiest food, right behind polished rice porridge.”

“Yeah, it’s right behind egg fried tomatoes and lollipops as the tastiest foods,” Anri said, nodding. She took out her notebook and wrote something in it.

There will be more delicious foods in the future, Liu Feng said in his mind.

Translator’s Note:

¹ Wow, indirect kisses with 3 girls. I see you…

² Movable type is the actual English name, and I’m too lazy to explain, so I guess you can think of it as a printing press? If you’re interested just Google it.

You know how most kids pretend they’re doing work when they’re actually slacking off and playing games? Well, my parents don’t know about me translating, so I’m pretending to slack off and read light novels while I’m actually doing work and translating. I find it funny.

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