Chapter 2: Love Letter


A determined light flashed in Ning Qing Yin’s beautiful eyes when she heard that Xia Yuan would “get together with someone else.”

“No what? You won’t take the initiative to chase him, but you won’t allow others to do so either?”

Lin Miao Miao looked serious, but she was secretly delighted in her heart. This stupid girl still needs a little more stimulation.

“It’s almost time for the college entrance exam, if you don’t confess now it’ll really be too late, and then your little big brother will be someone else’s.”

Hearing this, Ning Qing Yin immediately became anxious, and her small face was a little red, and not convinced,¹ she said, “I’ll go! Isn’t it just sending a love letter? Who said I don’t dare!?”

“Brother Yuan, are you going to PE class?”

Xie Wen Qi walked in front and Xia Yuan followed behind him. People passing by saw him and directly opened their mouths to greet him. These people looked familiar, but Xia Yuan couldn’t remember their names, nod and smile in response.

When passing by the restroom, Xie Wen Qi turned around and handed the ball in his hand to Xia Yuan.

“Brother Yuan, wait for me, I’ll go release some water.”²

Xia Yuan didn’t go to the restroom, and just stood at the door while holding the ball. He turned around and glanced inside. There was a big mirror in front of the sink. Xia Yuan saw his current appearance clearly in the mirror.

Refreshing short hair, 3D five senses organs features³, and a clean face. The simple short sleeved school uniform on his body looked exceptionally nice.

This… was what he looked like when he was 18!

He returned to 18 years old!?

Was he reincarnated!?

Xie Wen Qi coincidentally came out of the restroom when he saw Xia Yuan looking at himself in the mirror.

“Brother Yuan, stop looking! I know you’re handsome! Come on, go to the stadium!”

Xie Wen Qi wanted to quickly go play ball and urged Xia Yuan. He was a little confused. Why is brother Yuan a bit weird today?

Previously, when it was time to go to PE class to play ball, he ran faster than rabbits.

“Brother Yuan? Are you okay?” Seeing that Xia Yuan hadn’t moved, Xie Wen Qi asked, a little worried.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Xia Yuan put aside his doubts and didn’t think about these things anymore. It was already like this, and there was no point in thinking about it so much. Besides, why wouldn’t he be happy to be young again?

The two went downstairs, preparing to go to the playground.⁴

However, when Xia Yuan came downstairs, he inadvertently move his vision and saw a familiar figure on the other stair.

That figure…

Was his wife!

To be precise, it was his future wife.

Xia Yuan directly turned around, walked up the stairs, and followed Ning Qing Yin. Xia Yuan looked at Ning Qing Yin, who had stopped at the door of his classroom.

At the moment, all the student in the class were in PE class, so there wasn’t anyone. Ning Qing Yin walked into the classroom with something in her hand, then familiarly walked to his seat. She bent down to put the thing in her hand into the drawer.

“What’s in your hand?” Xia Yuan was quite interested seeing his future wife being sneaky, and he immediately became interested in the thing that she was holding.

Ning Qing Yin was frightened when she heard a sound behind her, and her hand shook, making the thing in her hand fall to the ground. However, Ning Qing Yin quickly reacted and picked up the thing and hid it behind her. At this moment, her nervous face was red, and she didn’t dare to look at Xia Yuan directly.

She stammered in a small voice, “No… nothing.”

Xia Yuan saw what was on the ground. It was a pink envelope with a small butterfly bow tie and a small heart on it. Looking at the decoration… it seemed to be a love letter.

Afterwards, a scene appeared in his mind, and he was shocked.

In his previous life, he saw a love letter with the exact same decorations as this one in his drawer. At the time, he had even complained about the decoration, and then he directly threw it in the trash can.

He didn’t even look at it and didn’t know who sent it. It turned out that… it was sent by his wife. It turned out that his wife had actually liked him since high school.

But he had always thought that they developed feelings for each other when they got in touch after university.

The first time they met was at a high school reunion. Previously, Xia Yuan had only heard her name, and his impression of her was that everyone agreed that she was the school beauty.

They later added each other’s WeChat during the reunion and got in touch more. She took the initiative to chat with him, showed concern for him, and maintained a friendly distance with him.⁵

Until a time later, when he fell ill and stayed in the hospital for half a month. And for the half month, Ning Qing Yin had been staying with him and taking care of him in the hospital every day.

He felt that this woman’s kindness to him was beyond that of friends, so he half joking said, “If you aren’t my girlfriend after this, then it wouldn’t be worth all the trouble you went through these days.”

Unexpectedly, she just lightly smiled, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

Just like that, the two of them got together. There was no vigorous confession and no tearful emotions.

Two years after they got together, something happened to Xia Yuan’s family. During that time, Xia Yuan was at the bottom of his life.The sudden death of his father forced him to take on the important task of supporting of his whole family. The company his father worked so hard on also faced the risk of bankruptcy.

Therefore, at that time, Xia Yuan could have become someone that had nothing at all and could not accomplish anything.

But Ning Qing Yin always stayed with him, encouraged him, and supported him, and they finally passed the most difficult time in their life.

Later, when his health and financial situation stabilized, the two of them got married.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 服气. Convince or succumb. Like when Person A beats Person B in something and asks, “Are you convinced?”

² Surprised by the creativity of the Chinese authors. They always find interesting ways to say stuff. This is just a fancy way to say, “I’ll go pee.”

³ 五官. Five senses organs. Four of them refers to the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.The fifth one depends on who you ask. Most people either say the eyebrows, body, or tongue. I think the fifth one is body, for the sense of touch. Mouth is taste, not tongue.

⁴ Authors writes playground instead of ball stadium this time, not sure if it was a typo or if it was intentional.

⁵ 不近不远的友好距离. Literally, not close not far friendly distance. Basically a relationship as friends, not lovers and not strangers.

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