Chapter 3: Chase Him Openly!

Xia Yuan looked at the little girl in front of him, her white face slightly red, and her forehead and nose were sweating due to her nervousness.

She lowered her head slightly, afraid to look at him.

He suddenly felt that she was extremely cute. He had never seen her like this in his past life. Xia Yuan suddenly wanted to tease her. “You want to put nothing in my drawer?”

Hearing that, the little girl in front of him was even more at a loss and lowered her head even more.

Xia Yuan stopped teasing her and said, “You… were you going to send me a love letter?” He was afraid that if he said anymore, the little girl would be even more afraid and would be scared away by him.

Hearing the two words, “love letter”, Ning Qing Yin suddenly raised her head and look at him with disbelief written on her face. Her eyes were filled with surprise, as if she asking how he knew?

Xia Yuan looked at her, who looked even cuter because of the expression. Xia Yuan smiled faintly and said, “If you have one then give it to me, if you don’t have one then pretend that I didn’t say anything.” He wanted to read the love letter his wife wrote!

Hearing his words, Ning Qing Yin felt as if she found her escape path. She rapidly took out the love letter behind her and put it in Xia Yuan’s hands. And then with gratitude, brainlessly said, “Thank you!” After that, she directly turned her body and ran out of sight.

“Thank you?” Xia Yuan held the love letter and muttered the words. This stupid girl, who says thank you to the person they sent their love letter to?


Ning Qing Yin who had escaped went down the stairs and returned to her classroom.

Xia Yuan was in class 10, on the third floor, and Ning Qing Yin was in class 1, on the first floor. Ning Qing Yin kept running and only stopped when she got to the door of her classroom.

Lin Miao Miao saw Ning Qing Yin returning to the classroom and asked excitedly, “Lil Yin, did you do it?”

Ning Qing Yin didn’t say anything, but her face became redder and redder. When she thought about what had happened, she felt that should find a pit and go inside.

Seeing Ning Qing Yin’s reaction, Lin Miao Miao thought that something must have happened. So she became more curious. “What’s wrong? Did something amazing happen?”

It was as if Ning Qing Yin was stimulated when Lin Miao Miao asked her, and she suddenly stretched her hand to cover her face.

“Ah… too humiliating…Wu¹… I was so unlucky… My first time sending a love letter and I actually got caught…”

“And then? Then what happened?” Lin Miao Miao became more and more excited as she listened. To be able to make their little princess so humiliated, Xia Yuan must have done or said something.

Ning Qing Yin told Lin Miao Miao what just happened. After Lin Miao Miao finished listening, she bursted into laughter instead of comforting her.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, Yin ah, you’re going to make me laugh to death, you’re so cute. It’s fine if you get caught the first time you send a love letter, but even the love letter was asked for by the person, ha ha ha ha.”

Ning Qing Yin’s face became redder with embarrassment when Lin Miao Miao said this. “I really didn’t know what to do at the time… I got found out, was I supposed to just turn around and leave?”

“The point is, you even said thank you! Ha ha ha!” Lin Miao Miao couldn’t help but burst into laughter when she said the last 2 words.

“Wu wu… I did such a stupid thing, will Xia Yuan dislike me?” Ning Qing Yin asked worriedly.

“Possibly.” Lin Miao Miao stopped laughing and replied with a serious face.

“Really? Wu wu… too humiliating… My love is already over before I even started chasing…”

Seeing the stupid girl taking it seriously, Lin Miao Miao stopped teasing her. “It’s fine, this is good, you can openly chase him.” “Really?” Hearing this, light filled Ning Qing Yin’s eyes, and she instantly found hope.

“Yes. Before, it was a secret crush, and now it becomes an open love,² so now you can openly and bravely chase after him!”

“Okay!” Affirmed by Lin Miao Miao, Ning Qing Yin’s whole body was filled with energy. Her mind was filled with 3 words: chase Xia Yuan!³


On Xia Yuan’s side, Xie Wen Qi appeared after Ning Qing Yin had left.

“Oh my god,⁴ Brother Yuan, I’ve been looking you for a long time. Why did you run here? You were just behind me and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Seeing Xie Wen Qi come here, Xia Yuan put the love letter in his hand into the desk⁵. But Xie Wen Qi had really good eyesight and immediately saw what he put in.

“Brother Yuan, you came back just to read a love letter? Before, didn’t you just immediately throw them away without even reading them?”

Seeing that Xia Yuan was silent, Xie Wen Qi seemed to have found a clue. “Wait a minute, might there be something special about this love letter? He he, tell me, who sent it to you?”

Xie Wen Qi’s gossip heart was ignited. To be able to make their brother Yuan pay so much attention to them, it must be a special person.⁶

Xia Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly. “Why do you talk so much, are we going to play ball or not?”

“Don’t change the subject, is it the Ru Hua of the class next door? Previously I saw her looking at you with her eyes. seducingly.”⁷

You’re fucking Ru Hua.

His wife was beautiful like flower and jade,⁸ can sink fish and fall goose,⁹ and collapse kingdom and city.¹⁰

Xia Yuan looked at Xie Wen Qi like he was looking at a fool, and he lightly said, “Ru Hua matches with you better.”

“He he… really? She has looks quite pretty… maybe I should try?” Xie Wen Qi couldn’t understand the hidden meaning and just continued Xia Yuan’s words.

“Whatever you want, I’ll go play ball.” Xia Yuan shrugged, and turned and left, leaving Xie Wen Qi alone in the classroom in a daze.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 呜. Crying sound.

² 暗恋,明恋. First one is secret crush, where no one else knows it except you and maybe a few extremely close friends (not likely). Second one is open love, where basically the love is known by many others.

³ It’s 4 words in Chinese.

⁴ 我的天. My sky. Well, in Chinese, sky = heaven. It’s an expression of surprise, it actually is OMG.

⁵ The author actually writes desk instead of drawer but it’s probably the same thing.

⁶ The author wrote, “it must not be a special person,” but I think the not is a typo, so I didn’t include it.

⁷ 眉来眼去. Literally, brow come eye go. Means that a girl is giving someone glances with her eyes to “seduce” the boy with her pretty eyes. That’s the gist of it…

⁸ 如花似玉.Literally, like flower like jade. Basically means that a girl is very beautiful. Originated from a poem in ancient(?) China. The lines were: 美如英 and 美如玉, which meant “beautiful like flower” and beautiful like jade”.

⁹ 沉鱼落雁.Literally, sink fish fall goose. Also saying that a girl is extremely beautiful. Apparently it refers to the two most beautiful girls in the history of China. The story that goes with one was that a fish was so amazed by the girl’s beauty that it forgot to swim and sank down. The story that goes with the other girl is similar. The story says that a goose forgot to fly because of the beauty of the girl.

¹⁰ 倾国倾城.Literally, collapse kingdom collapse city. It means, you guessed it, a girl is extremely beautiful. It also originated from a poem in ancient(?) China. The lines were: 一顾倾人城,再顾倾人国, which meant, one look topples human city, another look topples human kingdom.

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