Chapter 78: The Injured Beastkin

“Cough cough…” Weya covered her mouth and tried to suppress the sound of her cough so that it wouldn’t attract any humans. She looked at the wound on her arm. The wound had reopened and was bleeding, with the red blood staining the cloth that was supposed to be wrapped around her wound.

Her head felt hot and her feet felt light, as if she was going to fall down any second later. No. I can’t fall down here. I still need to get back to my tribe and lead them to the south. That place is warm and doesn’t have winter or snow.

That was what her parents had told her before they died, and they wanted her to carry the duty of leading the tribe. She needed to get back before it was winter or else everyone in her tribe would starve and freeze to death.

“Cough cough… Am I going to die?…

“I’m… not content!!!”¹

Weya’s vision was blurry as she slowly walked. I can’t fall down here. I just came out of that prison. I need to find out how my tribe is doing. It’s all because of those damn slave traders. If it wasn’t for them, then my parents wouldn’t have had to sacrifice themselves to save me.

Weya didn’t have any tears. She had already cried enough in the past 3 days, and she only had hatred left- hatred for humans, and hatred for slave traders.

Why can’t humans accept us beastkins? Don’t we just eat a little more than humans? Why? Why do you have to treat us like this? Weya’s heart was slowed being corroded by the darkness known as hatred. If she survived, then she might become a beastkin with only revenge in her heart. However, a white light prevent the darkness from completed corroding her heart. The white light in her heart was an image of her parents with them telling her to return to their tribe and bring everyone to the south.

Boom! Finally, Weya couldn’t hold on and fell down to the ground. As she looked at the sky, droplets of water formed in her eyes, until a stream of tears finally trailed from her eyes.

“Father, mother, I, I’ve let you down. I can’t return to the tribe anymore.”

Weya thought that she wouldn’t cry anymore, but the last string that her heart had been holding onto had finally broken and gave her even more despair.²

“Who can save me? As long as he saves me and let me return to my tribe to finish my parents’ last request, I’m willing to serve him as my master, even if…”

Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

The sound of horseshoes rang out, making Weya forcibly awaking her heart. Have the slave traders caught up? Is this the end of me?

“Young Master, this is the last field of wheat in out territory. There’s a wasteland past here.”

This made Weya realize that the people that had came weren’t slave traders but a noble that had came to inspect their territory. Weya had hidden in the wheatfield in order to escape from the slave traders, but she hadn’t expected to be in the territory of a noble.

“En. Seems like there will be a good harvest this year. We can have a good winter this year.”

Hearing that, Weya smiled coldly. You nobles act like you’re kind and good, but who knows how corrupted your lives really are?

“Young Master, does the flour used to make the meat buns come from here?”

No way, Weya thought. Nobles eat polished wheat, which are made by picking the wheat filled with grains in the kernel and grounding them into powder.

“Yes, these are the wheat that we use. It’s just that we use stone mills to grind the wheat, which makes the flour finer than the others, and that’s why the bread we eat tastes better.”

Lies. You’re just saying that to coax and satisfy the girls, Weya thought.

“Young master, can we plant rice next year?”

Why does this voice sound familiar? Did I hear it somewhere before? Weya wondered.

“Yes, we just need to fix the water channel next year to let the water in and then we can plant rice.”

Weya sneered. Rice isn’t that easy to grow. I read a book before and it said that rice had an extremely low crop yield rate- less than 10% of wheat’s yield rate. If you guys plant rice all over your territory, than many people in your territory would starve.

“Cough cough.” Wets failed to suppress her cough, making her pupils shrink. It’s over. They’re going to find me.

“Protect Lord Liu Feng. There’s an ambush.”

“Come out. If you don’t come out, then we shoot you.”

“Young Master, I’ll go and take a look.”

Weya felt the place in front of her darken, and she saw a face in front of her. Ears on top of the head? A beastkin?

Weya’s eyes widened, and then relaxed. It’s fine as long as it’s a beastkin. This feeling of relaxation, combined with her fatigue, made her slowly close her eyes.

“It’s a beastkin!”

“Go tell Lord Liu Feng!”

These were the last words Weya heard. I’m done. I’m either going to have to spend the rest of my life in a dungeon or be played with in a dark room.

The dark filled her eyes as her fatigue and drowsiness cut off her thoughts.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 不甘. Means something like not content/unwilling/unsatisfied. Basically a person losses something but thinks that it shouldn’t have happened. Like a boy has a crush on one of his female friends and the girl ends up with another guy but the boy thinks that the girl shouldn’t have ended up with the guy, that would be 不甘心. I guess? That’s the best I can explain it.

² It is in despair that one finds the fondest hopes… *cough cough*

My wrist hurts. Will try to translate another chapter today. Also, 186 chapters owed. No biggie. 🙂

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