Chapter 79: Witch Healer‘s Dance of Gods

Liu Feng was a bit helpless. He had only planned to check the wheat before they were harvested to make some preparations. He had not expected to find a beastkin.

“Is she a rabbit beastkin?” Liu Feng asked.

“Yeah. She’s a rabbit beastkin. But she’s so tall,” Anri said, a bit salty. She was only 1.5 meters tall and looked like a child.

Even though it made her cute and adorable, it made her seemed like Liu Feng’s little sister- which she didn’t want. And if Young Master grows a bit more in the future, won’t we look like father and daughter?

At this point, the words father and daughter were the only things in her mind, and Anri pulled on her ears and shook her head in order to throw the words out. No, no, that’s way too horrendous. It can’t happen.

Liu Feng looked at Anri, smiled, and patted her head. “You’re pretty cute the way you are right now!”

Anri froze, and she slowly turned to look at Liu Feng. “I- I’m not jealous that she’s taller than me.”

Nicole covered her mouth and laughed lightly. Aren’t you just admitting that you’re jealous? You’ve even asked me about how to grow taller before.

“Yeah, you aren’t jealous, you’re envious,” Mina said.

This line broke Anri’s defense. “You, you freaking mutated catgirl!” If it wasn’t for Nicole holding her back, she would have immediately rushed over to Mina and give her a taste of her Eighteen Subduing Cat Tickles.

Liu Feng smiled, shook his head, and looked at the rabbit beastkin with pink hair in front of him. She was quite tall- even Mina, who was 1.6 meters tall, only reached her shoulders. Her face was dirty, so it was hard to see what she looked liked. What attracted Liu Feng’s attention the most, however, was the bloody red cloth on her arm.

“Quickly get her back to the castle. Her wound is still bleeding,” Liu Feng said.

“Okay!” Mina said. She immediately got the rabbit beastkin onto the carriage and stood next to her so she could immediately react if there was a problem.

Even if we both are beastkins, I won’t let you hurt Young Master. To Mina, the only beastkins she knew and acknowledged as friends were Anri, Fuji, and the other beastkins in Xi Yang City. Everyone else were strangers.

She and Anri had been betrayed by beastkins before. Some beastkins would rather become slaves than to live in freedom with empty stomachs.

As the group returned to the castle, the War Wolves expanded their scouting area to a few kilometers and eliminated anything that could potentially be dangerous.

“Everyone go and take the punishment when we get back,” Sinke said. “I don’t want this situation to happen again.”

“I didn’t think to check that place. I’ll take double the punishment when I get back,” No. 2 said.

“Remember to write the report when you get back,” Sinke said, patting No. 2 on the shoulder.

They were talking about Weya’s sudden appearance. She was only 20 meters away from Liu Feng, and that distance was very dangerous- someone shooting an arrow from that distance could fatally injure their target.

The whole War Wolves squad was punished if even a single member made a mistake- that was what built up their trust and teamwork.

Liu Feng’s safety was the War Wolves top priority, and none of them dared to be careless for the mission.

The group quickly got back to the castle. Mina and Anri washed Weya and changed her clothes before telling Liu Feng to take a look at her.

Liu Feng untied the cloth on Weya’s armed and immediately smelled something bad. “The wound is inflamed. Looks like it has been infected.”

“Inflamed? Infected?” Mina asked. She had never heard the two words before. When she got injured in the past, she pretty much just lightly took care of her wound and would get healthy and active again after a few days.

“She didn’t clean her wound properly after getting injured. She didn’t get enough rest either,” Liu Feng said. He touched Weya’s forehead, touched Amina’s forehead, and gave Anri, who move her head towards him, a flick on her forehead. Weya’s forehead’s temperature was obviously higher than normal.

“She has a fever. We need to get her temperature down. Go and prepare a cold and wet towel,” Liu Feng said. “Nicole, go to my room and bring over the box with a red sign on it.”

“Okay,” Anri said. She went to get a towel.

“Understood,” Nicole said.

The two got back after a short moment. Liu Feng made Anri put the towel on Weya’s forehead, and said, “This is to decrease the temperature of a person with a fever. Otherwise it would burn the person’s brain and kill their brain cells and make them become idiots.”¹

The girls nodded their heads. They didn’t know what brain cells were, but they understood that a high temperature on someone’s forehead was an illness called “fever” and needed to be treated with a cold and wet towel.

Liu Feng immediately opened box Nicole had brought him. It was a premium version of an emergency kit that Liu Feng had spent a couple ten thousand dollars on to buy.

“Feed her these medicines,” Liu Feng’s said, giving Nicole inflammation and fever medicines.

In this world, the medical knowledge was basically nonexistent. People that got injured or sick only knew how to invite witch healers to do their “Dance of Gods”.²

Lucky people with strong immune systems would be able to live after fighting off the illness, while unlucky people with weak immune system would die. Witch healers loved it when that happened, as they could just lightly prepare a funeral and earn money.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Not likely. Most fevers won’t cause brain damage, only fevers that are at least 108° F can cause brain damage.

² Dance ritual.

Cough cough. Said I would try to translate 2 chapters yesterday. Never promised that I actually would.

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