Chapter 80: Other World Version Medical School

Nicole took the medicine pills and looked at them, with her eyes full of curiosity. It’s colorful and looks so pretty.

“Young Master, will she get better if she eats this?” Anri asked, licking her lips. If it wasn’t for the strong smell of the medicine, she would have asked to get a taste of the medicine.

“It’s… up to god,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head. He wasn’t a doctor- he had just searched up a few medical knowledge online and knew how to cure simple illnesses like the common cold.


Nicole, Anri, and Mina hadn’t expected that answer. That was basically saying that the Weya had already stepped foot in the afterlife.

Liu Feng was a bit helpless. Weya’s wound had been infected for too long and so the viruses had already entered her body. It was currently just a battle between the viruses and her immune system.

“Feed her the medicine. That way, she might have a 60% chance to get better,” Liu Feng said. The faster they feed Weya the medicine the higher the chance of her recovering. He cleaned Weya’s wound with alcohol, put some medicine on the wound, and covered it up with a cloth.

Weya’s body unconsciously moved from the pain, but Mina held her in place, allowing Liu Feng to focus on dealing with the wound.

Liu Feng didn’t know whether or not Weya would survive. After all, he had no idea what the immune systems of the people of this world were like and whether or not the viruses were of the same kind. Anything was possible in this world.

He wouldn’t even be surprised if he saw dinosaurs in this world. If I do see dinosaurs, then I’ll take a picture, post it on social media, and write, “Hi! I’m in Jurassic World right now!”

Well, that was just a random thought he had. If he really saw a dinosaur, he would call people to capture the dinosaur and put it in a zoo and charge a silver coin for the zoo’s entrance ticket.

“Let’s go. We should let her rest. Nicole, go make some rice porridge and feed it to her,” Liu Feng said.

“Okay,” Nicole said.

After Liu Feng left, Mina looked at Anri and said, “She probably got injured by the slave traders.”

“Yeah, her wound does seem to be from a hook spear,” Anri said.

Hook spears were the slave traders’ favorite weapons, as they had a hook at the blade end of the spear¹ and it was really hard to take out the hook once someone had been pierced by it.

“Keep an eye on her. I don’t want Young Master to get hurt,” Mina said. She didn’t want Liu Feng to see the eyes of beastkins that were filled with hatred towards humans.

“Understood, I’ll talk to her once she wakes up,” Anri said.

The atmosphere tensed up after this. If I hadn’t met Young Master, then I might also have been chased by slave traders, Anri thought.

Liu Feng was currently pondering about the medical aspect in his city. Should I set up a hospital in the city?

“Small and weak illnesses and diseases are easy to cure, but the strong and deadlier diseases would be difficult to deal with.”

Liu Feng wrote down the words “Eastern Medicine” and “Western Medicine.”

Eastern Medicine focused on dietary supplements and increasing the immunity of a person, while Western Medicine focused on fast results and quickly curing the disease, but it also depended a lot on medicinal pills and surgeries.

Liu Feng circled the words “Eastern Medicine”. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but as he didn’t specialize in the medical field, he couldn’t really distinguish between the two and only knew what works.

He decided to open a hospital and train a few doctors to be able to treat colds and similar weak illnesses. He decided to use Eastern Medicine as herbs were easier to gather and just a few kinds of herbs could create a lot of different medicinal prescriptions that could cure a lot of diseases.

Liu Feng decided to start from point blank and slowly collect information on diseases, reaction to drugs, and stuff. I should clear some land in the Forbidden Mountain Range for a medicinal garden to grow medicinal herbs.

He was pursuing self-development rather than full dependence on Earth. He would develop both Eastern and Western medicine, and it would depend on the people in this world to see which medicine type develop first.

“Does this world have ginseng, notoginseng², female ginseng³, and other similar herbs?”

Liu Feng picked up a piece of pastry, put it in his mouth, and leaned back in his chair. “If there are those herbs in this world, then I just have to get a couple thousand-year-old ginseng so I don’t have to sell gold next time. There would eventually be a lot of problems if I sell too much gold. I should go and ask Uncle Niu Ben. That would save a lot of work.”

Niu Ben came in right at that moment. He said, “Young Master, this is the territory’s income-“

“Uncle Niu Ben, have you seen these herbs?” Liu Feng interrupted, describing the appearance of ginseng, notoginseng, female ginseng, and a few other herbs.

Niu Ben searched his memory to see if he had seen any herbs that matched Liu Feng’s description. “I think I saw herbs that look like the ginseng you were talking about in the forbidden mountain range before, but I’m not sure if they’re actually what you’re talking about.”

Niu Ben was one of the strongest fighters in Xi Yang City when he was young, and he had been deep into the Forbidden Mountain Range.

“That’s great, can you still find them now?” Liu Feng asked nervously.

“I can,” Niu Ben said, nodding. He had a deep impression of the place, as there lived a…

Translator’s Notes:

206 chapters owed. Ughhh. I guess I’ll stop slacking.

¹ I can’t figure out if this means the hook is with the blade at the tip of the spear or if the hook replaces the blade.

² 田七. Also known as tian qi. Scientific name is Panax notoginseng.

³ 当归. Also known as dong quai. Scientific name is Angelia Sinensis. I prefer the scientific name.

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