Chapter 82: Beastkins’ Last Haven

The sun had just risen for a short while, but there were already sounds coming from the military camp.

“Start! Turn left! Jog!”

“One two one, one two one, one two one.”

“One, two, three, four.”

The uniform sound of the footsteps paired with the voice gave the people a sense of intimidation.

The sounds also woke Weya up. She, yawned, stretched, and rubbed her eyes. In the next second, she froze. She quickly scanned the room and slowly relaxed after seeing that there was no one else in the room.

“I actually loosened up and fell asleep. Damn it! Weya, how could you let your guard down?” Normally, she would only have done her previous actions in her tribe, but the soft bed and blankets took away most of her viligance.

Weya’s ears straightened up and they twitched from time to time. The noise from outside entered her ears, making her curious about what was happening so early in the morning. Weya sat up and realized that it was much easier to move her body compared to the previous night. It was as if her strength had returned, and her head was only a little bit dizzy.

She turned her head and looked at the door. She got down from the bed and realized that she was wearing a white t-shirt (Liu Feng’s t-shirt).

Weya was 1.8 meters tall, so Mina’s, Anri’s, and Nicole’s clothes didn’t fit her, and so Nicole got one of Liu Feng’s clothes for Weya to wear. Weya was also currently wearing a short skirt and an extremely short pair of pants that only covered her butt, so her long, white legs were fully exposed. It was a pity that no one was there to appreciate the sight.

Weya touched the clothes on her body. These clothes have a light fragrance. I like it. She then walked to the window and looked outside. The sun had just risen, and it was the most beautiful time of the day.

She also realized how naive she was the previous day. The room was about 7 or 8 meters tall, and if she had tried to jump out of the window, her legs would most likely break.

“One two one, one two one, one, two, three, four.”

The noises attracted Weya’s attention and she looked over to the source of the noise. She could see a group of about a few hundred people jogging.

“What are these humans doing? Are they too full from eating and have nothing else to do?” Weya was puzzled as most of the people in her tribe would minimize movement as much as possible to make the food they ate support them as long as possible.

“Crap! What am I doing? I need to get out of here.” Weya grabbed her ears and scratched her head.

But I can’t just walk out like this. I would attract a lot of attention and expose myself. Weya walked over to the bed and grabbed the blanket, wrapping it around herself. This blanket would help. Besides, it would be great if I could bring this blanket back to my tribe.


Weya slowly opened the door and looked around. Good! There’s no one here!

“Hey! Where are you trying to go?”

The sudden sound startled Weya, giving her legs an explosive burst of power and taking her off of the ground. Then a tragedy occurred.


Because of how tall Weya was, she hit the top of the door frame when she jumped up.

“Hiss! It hurts!” Weya rubbed the part of her head that had hit the door frame. She felt that it had swelled up a little.

“What an idiot. You’ve grown so tall for nothing. Of course, I’m not envious that you’re tall.”

“Who’s there? Come out,” Weya said angrily. She ignored the blanket that had fallen to the ground.

“Hey hey, down, I’m down here,” Anri said angrily. What’s up with you and your eyes that only look straight ahead? Is there a problem with your eyes?

“Down?” Weya looked down and stepped backward, startled. “H- how did you suddenly appear?”

Anri’s mouth twitched. How did I suddenly appear? I’ve been at the door from the moment you opened it, and you just saw me? So what if you’re tall? What’s the big deal. When I grow tall, hehe…

“Phew…” Weya breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw Anri’s fox ears and fox tail. Oh, so it’s just a small beastkin. So short. She should be about 12 or 13 years old.

“Hey hey… are you thinking something rude?” Anri asked, her eyes narrowing and her tail swinging.

“No, I wasn’t thinking about how short you are,” Weya said hurriedly, waving her hands. She immediately realized what she had said and covered her mouth. She embarrassingly looked at Anri, who was pointing at her with her finger shaking in anger.

“Huff huff~~” Anri suppressed her urge to use her 18 Subduing Rabbit Tickles and said, “Come. We’ll get your clothes changed and then go eat breakfast.”

“Huh? Change clothes? Eat breakfast?” Weya asked, her eyes blinking in confusion. Weya hurriedly picked up the blanket and followed Anri.

“My name is Anri, what’s yours?”

“I’m Weya,” Weya answered. She scanned the surroundings and didn’t see a single person, so she asked curiously, “Where’s the cat beastkin from yesterday?”

Anri raised her head and glanced at Weya. “You’re talking about Mina, right? She’s with Young Master right now.”

“With Young Master? A human noble?” Disgust flashed through Weya’s eyes. I thought so. No noble would spare such a pretty beastkin. And a few years later, when Anri grows up, the noble probably wouldn’t spare Anri either. Should I bring her with me? She’ll agree, right? After all, all beastkins hate nobles.

“Um, have you ever thought about leaving this place?” Weya asked, trying to find out what Anri would think. “If possible, we can get away from here together and run away to a place without humans.”

Anri’s body stiffened for a second and softened. She said with a soft and relaxed voice, “No, there doesn’t exist such a place. Besides… this place is the last haven for us beastkins.”

Translator’s Notes:

Almost fell asleep while translating. Lol. Went to bed too late yesterday.

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