Chapter 83: I Must Still Be Dreaming

“This place is the last haven for beastkins?” Weya had been thinking about Anri’s words the whole time she was walking. Those words seem like a joke to her. The little fox beastkin must have been tricked by the noble.

Anri had also been observing Weya’s reaction. She knew that Weya didn’t believe her, just like how she didn’t believe Mina in the beginning.

You’ll only understand Young Master’s greatness once you get in contact with him. He’s a noble who’s willing to accept beastkins, and he might be the only one.

Anri and Weya were silent the whole time they were walking. Anri helped Weya change into a Hanfu. This was one of Liu Feng’s clothes, as only his clothes could fit Weya.

It was currently extremely awkward for Weya because of how beautiful the clothes were. It made her look like she was a noble girl that was going to get married.

“Very nice. I’m jealous,” Anri said with her eyes filled with jealousy and envy as she walked around Weya. This new rabbit beastkin is so lucky. She gets to wear Young Master’s clothes. I’m jealous.

“Can I really wear these clothes? It looks very expensive,” Weya, muttered, touching the clothing every few seconds.

“It’s expensive alright. Someone even offered 13 gold coins for one of these clothes,” Anri said.

Tory had offered 13 gold coins to buy a hanfu before. This had shocked Anri as she hadn’t expected that a single clothing could cost so much. Just a single silver coin would be enough to last one year for the average family, and while they might not be able to live lavishly, they could still have a pretty good life for the year.

However, Liu Feng hadn’t sold the hanfu to Tory, and Tory left in regret. Before leaving, however, Tory said that he was willing to spend up to 15 gold coins if Liu Feng ever wanted to sell the hanfu.

Weya’s eyes widened when she heard the cost of the clothes. One gold coin was enough to support her whole tribe for a year, and she had never even seen one gold coin before, let alone 13. The price of the clothes made Weya too afraid to move for fear of damaging the clothing. It felt as if there were a couple thousand kilograms of wheat weighing down on her. She also spread her hands and arms, afraid to dirty the clothing.

Anri looked at Weya and couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She went up and pulled Weya. “You just have to be a bit careful. That clothing isn’t that fragile.”

“…” Weya felt like crying. It’s not a problem of how fragile it is. Do you know how much 13 gold coins is? You won’t earn 13 gold coins even if you sell me 100 times.

Anri dragged Weya to the gate, where she greeted the gatekeeper. “Did Young Master go out already?”

“Yes, he went to the Shopping Mall with Miss Mina,” the gatekeeper said, giving Anri a salute.

“Eh? What’s happening?”

Weya was confused as to why the gatekeeper was saluting her. Is it because of these clothes?

Anri knew Liu Feng’s where Liu Feng was going. She would have gone to the Shopping Mall right after breakfast if it wasn’t because of Weya.

“Let’s go! We’ll go eat breakfast outside. Young Master seemed to have opened a new bun store¹. Let’s go and see how the buns taste,” Anri said, dragging Weya out of the gate.

“An- Anri? Are we just going out like this? We might get kidnapped by slave traders,” Weya said hurriedly.

“See for yourself!” Anri said, stopping and pointing to a crowd of people. “This is Xi Yang City. No one would dare to kidnap us here.”

Liu Feng had created some rules for his territory some time ago. One of the rules prohibited the sale of slaves and capturing people to turn them enslave them. If someone was caught breaking this rule, they would be sent to mine for at least a dozen years. Serious offenses will lead to the person being hanged.

Liu Feng was the only one with power in Xi Yang City, so no one dared to risk their lives to kidnap people. Besides, the citizens of Xi Yang City never even thought about kidnapping others.

“Miss Anri, are you going out to buy lollipops again?”

“Probably. Lollipops are Miss Anri’s favorite snacks. Every time a new flavor of lollipop came out, she would go and buy the lollipop.”

“My kid stole two iron coins to buy a lollipop. He got found out and my husband gave him a good beating.”

“It’s good that he gave him a beating. Whatever they do, they can’t steal. You need to discipline him from a young age or else stealing will become a habit for him.”

A few female women that happened to walk by greeted Anri and left while chatting.

Anri’s face was slightly red. She went out to buy lollipops all the time as Liu Feng didn’t really restrict her consumption of lollipops.

Weya’s jaws dropped when she saw the women greeting Anri nicely. Since when were humans so kind to beastkins? So much so that they would greet beastkins with smiles on their faces? Weya felt as if her worldview had been overturned.

“Am I dreaming?” Weya muttered. She then pinched her ears.

“Hiss… It hurts!”

Weya had pinched her ears a bit too hard, which made her body tremble from the pain. This made Anri roll her eyes. What a stupid rabbit girl, she thought.

“Let’s go, the bun store seems to be in the commercial street,” Anri said, dragging Weya as she jogged to the bun store and greeted people on the way.

Weya was dumbfounded the whole time. Why aren’t these humans fiercely chasing us with wooden sticks? Am I still dreaming? Should I pinch myself again?

“Ouch! You stupid rabbit, why did you pinch me?”

“I- I’m afraid of pain!”

“Huh? Did you think that I’m not afraid of pain? Take this! Eighteen Subduing Rabbit Tickles! Don’t run!”

“No, you pervert!”

Author’s Notes:

I wake up early in the morning just to write this novel. The novel is already doing average and you all still want to wait for the book to accumulate a lot of chapters to binge-read it. Be careful, I might send you guys knife pieces. ( ̄▽ ̄). I was scared when I woke up today and saw the stats for the novel. Then I looked at the comments. Y’all freaking urging maniacs scared me so much that I immediately picked up my phone and started to write. Thank you all for your support!

Translator’s Notes:

¹ I considered bakery but decided against it since according to the later chapters the store only sells buns and no other kinds of baked goods.

Took a ~1.5 hour nap and didn’t feel like getting out of bed and so I wasted 30 minutes just laying on the bed.

Also, I have to finish up a lot of work tomorrow so don’t expect a chapter.

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