Chapter 85: The Sale of Low-Priced Salt

“Come on! Let’s go to the Shopping Mall. There are other beastkins there,” Anri said as she chewed on her bun.

Weya nodded lightly. She looked at the buns in the paper bag, swallowed, and then took out the biggest bun in the bag and bit into it.

“Mmmm~ ahhhh~”

The softness of the bun and the rich aroma of the bread combined with the slight sweetness made the most delicious food that Weya had ever eaten. This tastes even better than the game meat that we hunted in our tribe.

“Mmmm~ ahhhh~”

Weya moaned in satisfaction from time to time, causing the people that walked by to glance at her weirdly.

“Idiot rabbit, can you not make those strange sounds? It’s giving me goosebumps,” Anri said.

Weya, who had been eating with her eyes partially closed, slowly opened her eyes and licked the bread crumbs on her hand. After her hands were licked clean, she asked in confusion, “Why? Isn’t it normal to make sounds when you eat delicious food to show that you’re enjoying the food?”

“Cough cough…” Anri coughed lightly. It’s normal, but you’re reminding me of the time that Young Master was cleaning Mina’s ears! It’s making me think dirty!

“Just don’t make weird sounds alright?” Anri said with a red face.

“Alright, Weya said, nodding. I just have to not make any sound, right? That’s easy. Thinking that it would be more delicious, she picked up a vegetable bun and bit into it.”

“Mmmm~ ahhhh~”

The slight saltiness of the shiitake mushrooms¹ combined with the fresh soup inside the bun created a food that could be said to be one greatest enjoyments in life.

Weya had a blissful expression on her face as she continued to eat.

“Mmm~ ahhh~ Amazing! This is the most delicious mortal food ever! So delicious!” Weya stuffed her mouth with the buns; she couldn’t stop herself. These meat buns are several times more delicious than the plain ones!

“Mmm~ ahhh~”

Anri’s face darkened. You literally just promised to not make any weird sounds and yet you lost to a freaking meat bun in an instant.

“Just wait until you eat the buns Nicole makes. Those buns are way more delicious than the ones you’re eating right now,” Anri said, licking her lips. Those buns had way more meat in them as filling compared to the ones sold by the store. She had ranked those buns as the third most delicious food, just behind lollipops and egg-fried tomatoes.

“They’re more delicious than these?” Weya asked, her eyes filled with expectations.

“Of course. Let me tell you, one of the most famous things in Xi Yang City are the cuisines of the City Lord’s Mansion,” Anri said, lifting her head and tail with Pride.

All of this was unbelievable to Weya. Not only did she get to eat meat buns, which she considered to be the most delicious food ever to exist, but she also got told that there was food that was even more delicious than the meat buns.

“We’re here. This is the entrance to the Shopping Mall,” Anri said, pointing to the gate.

“There’s a lot of people,” Weya said. This was the first time that she saw so many people in one place.

“There aren’t that many people here today. There were way more people on the first day that Shopping Mall was opened,” Anri said, leading Weya inside the gate. She saw four king ko- cough cough- beastkin security guards walking around with wooden sticks in their hands.

One of the beastkin security guards saw Anri and ran over. “Eh? Big Sis Anri, are you here to buy lollipops again?”

Weya’s eyes widened as she looked at the ugly beastkins in front of her. How come beastkins are able to dress and look so fierce?

“Hey! You guys, don’t climb that. It’s dangerous, get down.” After greeting Anri, the guard saw a few children climbing up the pillars, so he quickly ran over to get them down.

The children’s parents thanked the guard and then grabbed their children’s years and dragged them home. As for whether their children were going to get the wooden stick treatment or the shoe treatment, well, only they themselves would know.

Everything looked so harmonious as if the beastkins guards were also humans. Anri had also been surprised when she first saw how things went.

“Big Sis Anri, I knew that you would come. Lord Liu Feng just came by and bought a lot of lollipops. He probably bought them for you. He treats you really well,” Pang Xiong yelled. She then looked around, as if to say, “I know Anri, who’s close to Lord Liu Feng. You all should treat me politely and not try to steal the lollipops all the time.”

Anri’s face reddened and she instantly dragged Weya and ran away. She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, Pang Xiong would spread the news that she had secretly kissed Liu Feng.

“Anri, who are they?” Weya asked. She knew who they were, but she wanted to get Anri’s confirmation.

“Pang Xiong and the others?” Anri said, smiling lightly. “I used to be like you and didn’t believe humans at all, especially nobles, but I changed after I met Young Master. Young Master is the only noble that I believe in. I also believe in the others in the City Lord’s Mansion, but as for the others, hmph…

“Pang Xiong and the others work for Young Master. They get salaries just like other humans, and they could rent houses to live in. Pang Xiong even told me that she wants to save up money to buy a house in the neighborhood.”

Weya quietly listened to Anri’s story, and it made her eyes shine like never before. Can the beastkins in my tribe also find work in Xi Yang City and support themselves?

“We’re here. Look, Young Master is getting on stage,” Anri said, stopping Weya in her tracks and pointing to a small stage in front of them.

Weya returned to her senses. She looked up and saw a good-looking human that was wearing gorgeous clothes and had an air of elegance that she had never seen from anyone else. Is he the young master that Anri had kept talking about, the special noble, as well as the person that saved my life?

As soon as Liu Feng got on the stage, he saw an extremely eye-catching pair of long ears in the crowd. Looking down from the ears, he saw Weya hugging a struggling Anri.

Nodding to the two in greeting, Liu Feng took his eyes off of them and looked at the crowd that had gathered. He raised his voice, shouting, “My name is Liu Feng, and I am your lord. I am here today to announce that we have low priced

Nodding to the two as a greeting, Liu Feng took his eyes back and looked at the crowd gathered, raising his voice and shouting, “I am Liu Feng, your lord, and I am here today to announce that we now have low-priced salt on sale.”

“Bring your ID cards to the Shopping Mall and you can go ahead and buy a catty of rock salt for 5 copper coins.”

“Residents of Xi Yang City who do not have ID cards, please go and get one made as soon as possible.”

Author’s Notes:

Done with all the chapters for today. Don’t worry about knife pieces, no one going to mail any.² ( ̄▽ ̄). I suddenly feel hungry for some meat buns.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The author specifically wrote 香菇, which is shiitake mushrooms, instead of 蘑菇, which is just mushrooms. I didn’t notice this when translating yesterday, so I just put mushrooms. I’ve gone back and changed it.

² Referring to the author’s notes in chapter 83.

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