Chapter 86: Fainted From Embarrassment

“…” The citizens all stared at Liu Feng, dumbfounded. They thought that they had heard him wrong. After all, a catty of salt cost 30 copper coins in Xi Yang City and cost 32 copper coins in other cities.

A few merchants had brought the news that Salt City had been attacked by pirates and had caused the destruction of many salt-making tools, so they no longer supplied salt to western land. And yet, Liu Feng told them that they could purchase a catty of salt with just 5 copper coins.

“Lord Liu Feng, did you say that we can buy a catty of salt for 5 copper coins?” someone asked.

“Yes, you heard right. It’s 5 copper coins for a catty of salt. However, only people with ID cards can buy 1 catty of salt at a time,” Liu Feng said. This is a good reputation to increase my fame. I can’t miss this opportunity. The reason that Liu Feng had decided to announce the sale himself rather than just posting a notice on the bulletin board was so he could to increase his fame.

“Yay! We can afford to eat salt now!”

“Long live Lord Liu Feng! Long live Lord Liu Feng! Long live Lord Liu Feng!”

The citizens were all shouting excitedly. In their minds, Liu Feng, who could give them good food to eat and good places to live in, was akin to a god.

As for what kind of god, well, it depends on the person. Someone who wanted a son would pray towards the castle¹ to wish to be able to get one.

This time, Niu Ben hadn’t placed anyone in the crowds, which meant that these were the people’s actual feelings.

This was what Liu Feng wanted. He wanted the hearts of the people so that even if he messed around, the people would still follow him.

The salt store behind Liu Feng soon opened, and the people immediately went to line up, as taught by their children. They had said that a civilized, educated person shouldn’t be like a dog jumping at a bone. Liu Feng had requested that every time the kids went home, they would teach their parents a few things that they learned at school.

Now that their lives were getting better, none of the citizens wanted to be called a dog, so they all tried to remember their manners.

One person pushed his way through their crowds to get inside the shop.

“Hey! Did your kid not teach you that you should line up to buy things? You rushing to eat shit or something?” someone in the line yelled.

“My kid didn’t teach me.” The man’s facial expression changed and he immediately walked away, mumbling, “You little kid, watch how I deal with you when I get back.”

The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched. Who the fuck taught it that way? I freaking said that civilization creates new styles, so we shouldn’t litter, we shouldn’t be like a dog and poop or pee anywhere, we shouldn’t throw our trash on the ground after we finish eating…

“It seems that education still has a long way to go.” Liu Feng decided that he should create some new teaching materials when he get back so such things wouldn’t happen again.

He looked at the citizens walking in to buy rock salt. They were all happy to be able to buy salt. Some even ripped open their paper bags, picked up some salt with their fingers and put it in their mouths.

“It’s salt! It really is salt!”

The salt in the store were prepacked into two types of paper bags- a small bag that contained 50 grams of salt and a large bag that contained 1 catty of salt.

Ying Ya stared at the crowd of people lining up to buy salt. It was as if he had lost his soul. The people that were walking by with their bags of salt held high and whistling made his heart sank.

Ying Ya had originally been strolling through the Shopping Mall to find something to buy, but what he saw was something that made him despair. He was done. There was still 2/3 of the salt that he had brought with him left, and the price of 5 copper coins per catty of salt would make him go bankrupt. He couldn’t sell it for 5 copper coins per catty as he had bought the salt at a price of 10 copper coins per catty.

“What should I do? Do I have to leave Xi Yang City?” This was the only solution that Ying Ya could think of. He didn’t consider trying to conspire against Liu Feng as that was akin to suicide.

Ying Ya sighed. “It seems like I have to leave.” There was a complicated expression on his face. He had seen all the changes in Xi Yang City, so he had decided that after he sold all his salt, he would retire or find some other jobs in Xi Yang City.

“What a pity. I should go and buy a house before I leave. Otherwise, it would be too late when I come back.”

Ying Ya left with his carts of salt. He decided to sell them at a low price and come back to Xi Yang City to retire or maybe even find a new job. He didn’t know how Liu Feng got such low-priced salt, and he didn’t want to know. He knew how competent Liu Feng was and knew that Liu Feng would definitely not lose money.

Ying Ya’s departure didn’t have an impact. Not many people even knew that he had left.

Weya looked around quietly and thought, Humans aren’t that scary after all. They’re just like beastkins, worrying about their meals. There was still something different about this city compared to the other cities- no one felt superior to the other. Weya knew that Liu Feng was the one who made it all possible.

Anri hugged Weya’s waist, trying to look at the stage. She looked at Weya and smiled mischievously. She got close to Weya’s years, whispering, “Weya, let me tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“The clothes that you’re currently wearing are Young Master’s clothes. Oh, and he had worn them before.”

“Wh- what did you say?”

Weya froze. Her face turned red, her ears straightened, and she slowly turned her face to look at Anri. Her eyes watered, and while trembling, she said, “Anri, you’re joking, right?”

“No, it’s true. The clothes you wore last night were also Young Master’s clothes. They were tight clothes and stuck to his body!”

“St- st- stuck to his body?”

“Hey, hey, don’t faint! Oh my god… this idiot rabbit actually fainted from embarrassment!”

Author’s Notes:

Since we’re going the relaxing, daily life, farming route, read with a happy heart. Let’s not be so bloodthirsty and just forget about sending knife pieces. ( ̄▽ ̄).

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The author never specifically explained this, but I think that the castle is part of the City Lord’s Mansion. The castle could also be the entire City Lord’s Mansion but I think that’s unlikely.

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